He took another look around and discovered there was a black colored notebook on top of the bed. It looked very similar to the notebook that Su Fei had previously used, it should be a diary.

At first, Old Hu didn't want to look at it, he felt that he shouldn't look at other people's secrets, but in the end, he couldn't suppress the curiosity in his heart. He reached for the notebook and quietly opened it.

From the very first page, he discovered that Chen Liyun was actually an orphan!

Hence, she grew up in an orphanage. When she turned 18, the orphanage no longer cared about her life, and had to bear all the costs of living. At that time, Chen Liyun had lived a difficult life, and she had to go to school every day to earn money for her living.

Looking at the words written by Chen Liyun, Old Hu felt his eyes turning sour.

"Do you think what you inhale every day is oxygen, or what you inhale is pressure?"

"Do you think you're vomiting carbon dioxide every day? You're vomiting out of helplessness."

"Why is this world so profitable? Is it because of the plastic friendship between friends?" She was screwed by her best friend during one of her homework because the teacher of this department was a very famous professor. Everyone said that as long as they could get his appreciation, they could guarantee their research in the future. That girl had copied her homework for the sake of getting a higher score, and then handed it in earlier, saying that she copied him. In front of her teacher, Chen Liyun's excuse was too weak, so she directly hung the last subject.

This was a life that she had written down personally. It could be seen how difficult it had been for her at that time.

"It's easy to be happy today. Maybe it's because I'm paying."

"Everyone has an attitude that has nothing to do with them. As a result, society is becoming more and more miserable."

"I'm a very vulgar person and all I think about is money. I don't have such a noble soul. If I could make money without breaking the law, I would be willing to take opportunistic measures. I am not afraid of criticism, because people who do not lack money will never understand this feeling. "

It was unknown whether these words were spoken in dark or positive terms. At that time, Chen Liyun seemed to be extremely depressed every single day, but she was also inexplicably happy sometimes. In short, she was very happy once she had money.

It was all classes during the day, and he had to work until midnight. Often, because he did not have time to eat, Chen Liyun's stomach would not be good to eat.

However, her grades were still very good and she was often ranked among the top three in her class. She was also good-looking, so she had the title of "School Beauty" in high school.

Afterwards, with the help of her loved ones, Chen Liyun went to the Public Security University, where she performed even better than before. Not only did she exempt the tuition, she was even subsidized regularly.

"Thank the people who helped me. I will definitely not let you all down. I want to be the strongest person so that I can go back and help you all." After Chen Liyun entered university, she became more cheerful and active.

And between the lines, you could see that she had fallen in love with a big sunny boy who had changed her a lot, given her a lot of pleasure, and given her her her most precious thing, but the good news had not lasted long, and the boy turned out to be a central air-conditioner, and they broke up.

"Other people can easily obtain it. I have to give my all in order to obtain it, and it is not perfect. It is said that one would treasure something difficult to obtain. I treasure it greatly, but it will still escape."

That was her conclusion about the relationship, but then she relaxed and became a little sun again, radiating heat all the time.

"What you have lost, will come back in another form."

Her content had become positive, as if she had thought through a lot. Old Hu looked at it, and the corners of his mouth raised, but there were tears in his eyes. This girl was not easy to deal with.

After separating, Chen Liyun was still very strong, she was even more focused on her own studies. She had received many awards, and in the end, was assigned to the city's Police Station, and even became the captain of the police force.

No wonder her first time was gone, she was actually tricked by a man. Old Hu had mixed feelings when he finished reading her diary.

This girl was really strong, so strong that it made people feel sad. Old Hu originally thought that she was a girl who submitted to the secular world, but she never expected that she was a girl who conquered the secular world.

Old Hu placed the notebook back to its original place. Seeing that Chen Liyun was sleeping soundly, he felt that she would probably not wake up anymore. He quietly walked out and closed the door for her.

The driver was still waiting downstairs. Because it was almost midnight, he almost fell asleep, and was very happy to see the Old Hu come down.

"Big brother, you've really got it. Otherwise, I really would have gone up to look for you guys. This old district is too scary. I don't dare to be alone."

"Hurry up, you can go back and rest early as well." Old Hu got on the car and told the driver to leave quickly. He was not far from the school and quickly returned to the clinic.

After sending the driver away, Old Hu entered the clinic. Before entering, he found the lights in the bedroom on the second floor were on! And there was movement! But it was too far away to hear anything.

Old Hu suddenly became much more awake, thinking that some kind of thief had entered, or maybe Liu Gang and the others were not too angry previously, and came back to collect their protection fees. Anyway, Old Hu was more vigilant, he picked up a wooden stick from downstairs and held it tightly in his hands.

That damned thief! His clinic was already so poor, yet he still dared to steal from them. It was truly unreasonable. Today, he must teach these people a lesson.

Old Hu was afraid of alarming the thieves, so he quietly went up to the second floor. When he opened the bedroom door, he found that there was the sound of water flowing in the bathroom.

Was there no one here? Just forgot to change the faucet? Old Hu was a little hesitant, not knowing what had happened.

The sound of something dropping could be heard, causing Old Hu to become even more vigilant. He was certain that there was someone inside, otherwise, it would be impossible for him to make such a noise.

He approached the bathroom step by step and realised that the door was not tightly shut. Opening the door to check, he was shocked.

It's actually Zhao Lei bathing inside!

At this moment, she was completely unaware that there was someone outside. Rubbing her hands here and there, she was very carefree. Furthermore, she was humming a small tune in her mouth, as if she was in a good mood.

Old Hu's mood was even betterHee had never thought that Zhao Lei still hadn't returned home at such a late time, did he not let her go back? She was even bathing in his bedroom. This was to seduce people!

Seeing Zhao Lei's beautiful figure, Old Hu could not help but be impulsive, and his body also had an instinctive reaction.