On the way, Old Hu had all sorts of delusions, that he could finally fulfill his wish, it was simply too exciting!

Su Fei's beautiful figure could not be forgotten, the Old Hu increased her speed, and in a moment she was inside the inn.

"Hey, what are you doing!" Old Hu ran too fast, the front desk girl saw that he was suspicious and immediately stopped him.

After Old Hu stood still, she impatiently waved his hand, "Let's go."

The front desk clerk's attitude was bad, but Old Hu did not care about it anymore, and immediately got on the elevator.

"You're already so old, and you still want to do such flowery stuff?" The front desk girl couldn't help but complain as she watched him leave in a hurry.

Previously, when he carried Su Fei here, the front desk girl did not want to open a room for him at all. It was because the moment she saw the girl, she immediately drank too much.

However, there was also a rule that as long as customers had all the necessary documents, they had to serve as usual.

Right now, she could only hope that the girl had volunteered. Otherwise, it would be hard for her to wake up!

Old Hu rushed all the way to his room. When he entered the room, he was shocked because the scene inside the room was very charming.

Su Fei lied on the bed on her side. Her clothes were all naked except for a set of pink undergarments that covered her protruding forward and backward.

Old Hu was so engrossed in watching the door that he forgot to walk over.

Su Fei's body was glowing white. On top of the round pink bed, she looked like a sleeping beauty.

"Mm …" She suddenly groaned and slightly frowned, as if she was feeling a bit uncomfortable.

Then he turned over and reached for his underwear belt, but he couldn't pull it off even after a long time. He placed his hand on his chest and fell asleep again, probably because he was uncomfortable wearing his underwear.

These series of actions caused the Old Hu to burn with desire. He was already at the edge of collapse, and with Su Fei's unintentional seduction, he became even more impatient. In a few steps, he arrived in front of the bed and threw himself onto her.

"You've really made me wait too long!" Old Hu whispered as he pulled on her shoulder belt.

Su Fei drank too much that she did not realize there was a person lying on his body at all. She thought it was a figurine that she carried around too much in her sleep, so she pulled Old Hu into his embrace and sat on one of her legs on Old Hu's waist.

"You're really a little demoness!" Old Hu was immediately ignored by her as she untied the strap on her back with both of her hands and threw the pink Bra onto the ground.

Old Hu took out the condom he bought a moment ago and chose the largest condom he could find.

He gently pulled Su Fei's legs apart, causing Su Fei to feel a chill beneath him, and even reached out to block him. This action of her was really bad for Old Hu, he pulled her small hands away, and even played with her head for a while.

"I'm here." Old Hu felt that her body had completely opened and he could now move.

Su Fei moaned a few times, she did not resist, her mouth was holding onto one of her fingers, as though she was looking forward to it.

"This time, I'm really here. I'll make you comfortable." Just as Old Hu made his declaration and was about to make a big move, Su Fei said something that chilled him from head to toe.

"Hai Long, be a bit more gentle …"

Boom — —

Second Brother Hu immediately deflated. Old Hu collapsed on the bed like a deflated ball.

What did Su Fei just say?

She was actually shouting out Huang Hailong's name from underneath him!

Old Hu looked at Su Fei's little face, her cheeks flushed red. The lust in her made her look even more feminine, her two long legs recklessly spread open, as though she was waiting for an important guest.

Old Hu laughed at himself. He had thought that she was taking the initiative because he was being teased, but now it seemed that she had mistaken his for Huang Hailong!

That trash had already gone too far, how could she still think about him?

Old Hu was extremely angry. He really wanted to wake Su Fei up and then directly reprimand her, but he stretched out his hand and retracted it.

He really couldn't do it.

"Sea Dragon …" Su Fei had not been able to wait for someone to nourish him for a long time, and then pouted with dissatisfaction. She was a very lovable person, but Old Hu was not interested in him at all.

If he took her now, it wouldn't be impossible for him to cook the cooked rice directly, but he really wouldn't be able to live with that knot in his heart.

He used to have sex with other women, and even if they didn't like him, he was the only one in his heart when he did it.

Now, although Su Fei was by her side, she was thinking about other men.