Looking at Su Fei's red eyes, Old Hu felt his heart ache.

"Silly girl, tell me, how much grievance did you suffer in this relationship? What do you need a man like him for? Are you waiting for him to give you a green hat one by one? " The Old Hu asked, after she drank a cup of wine, Su Fei kept quiet and also drank a cup, it seemed that her mood was extremely bad.

The two of them clinked their cups, and in a short while, they drank a lot of wine, and started to get a little drunk. Especially Su Fei, who was already starting to get confused.

Old Hu still had a lot of alcohol, so he took the opportunity to hug Su Fei in his arms. She did not refuse, which made Old Hu feel encouraged, as he thought that his time had come.

"Xiao Fei, you are just a fine lady, why do you have to suffer such anger! Listen to my advice, such a man, break up as soon as possible! It's good for both of you! "It's good for me too …" When she said that last sentence, the Old Hu's voice was extremely soft, to the point that it was almost inaudible.

Su Fei raised her head, and looked into Old Hu's eyes. "Break up? You want me to break up with him? Sigh … I can't bear to part with it! Otherwise, I would have broken up a long time ago! "

In the face of feelings, Su Fei was indeed not a very shrewd and decisive woman.

"You can't make that decision, can you? Good! Let me help you! Silly girl, take a good look at just what kind of rubbish this Huang Hailong is! " Old Hu still took out his phone, found the video of Huang Hailong being taken at the bar and handed it over to him.

Although the video was short, it was still fairly clear. Furthermore, the male and female hosts were both naked, so it was easy to tell what was going on.

Su Fei could not believe her eyes. She looked back and forth a few times before she covered her face and cried in pain.

"Why!? Why would he do this to me! " Su Fei muttered this time and time again, and felt as though her heart was about to break.

He was the little sun in Su Fei's life from the beginning, the hope for her feelings. However, she did not expect that the things he did later on, one after another, would hurt Su Fei's heart.

"Is it because I didn't give him my first time that he wanted to get even with me?" Su Fei looked at the screen of her phone, and her tears flowed down. Seeing her persistent look, Old Hu was a little angry.

"You really are a silly girl. Even now, you still can't tell what kind of trash he is? He is just a philanderer, and has many connections with women behind his back. You are just one of his goals, there are not that many people around, so what is he afraid of! " Old Hu only shouted it out towards Su Fei. Women in love were never unreasonable.

Su Fei broke down and cried loudly, falling into Old Hu's embrace and releasing his emotions.

"Alright, silly girl, you still have me, kick this useless man out. Don't let yourself be so cheap, there are too many good men in this world …" Old Hu comforted Su Fei, while praising herself. It was unknown if Su Fei heard it, but she gradually calmed down.

After a long time, when she felt that she was tired from crying, Old Hu finally carried her out of the bar. Su Fei quietly nestled into Old Hu's embrace.

After leaving the bar, Old Hu did not send Su Fei back. First, because it was not good to be seen too late, and second, because he felt that he should eat this piece of meat.

After finding a hotel near the bar, Old Hu specifically opened a couple's room, and carried Su Fei all the way to his room.

When he opened the door, there were all kinds of rose decorations, especially romantic.

Old Hu was very satisfied with this atmosphere. He looked at Su Fei who was in her embrace, and before he had the intention to wake up, Old Hu gently placed her on the bed and covered her with a blanket.

The corner of his mouth raised a little. He did not look that sad, and this attracted more attention from the Old Hu.

The pure female teacher was finally brought to the hotel by him. If he did not do anything tonight, he would feel that he would be letting himself down, and Huang Hailong who had worked so hard to make Su Fei hate him.

Thinking about it this way, Old Hu immediately took action. He laid on the bedside, carefully examining Su Fei with her exquisite little face and then looking at her collarbone. She was also very sexy.

Seeing this, Old Hu did not feel satisfied, so he simply took off Su Fei's clothes, leaving behind only a set of underwear. He did not know when Little Girl had changed his style, but he no longer wore those sexy underwear.

However, these simple style undergarments were also incomparably sexy when worn on her body. Her protruding front and back, and not a single one of them could not not not attract Old Hu, as he finally couldn't endure it anymore, taking off all of his clothes and pouncing onto the bed. Regardless of whether Su Fei was aware of it or not, she started to move her hands up and down towards her.

Just at that critical moment, Old Hu suddenly realized that there was no condom on this bedside table. He quickly got off the bed to look around and found that there was none in the entire room!

What should she do now, go straight to the front? Old Hu felt that this was not good for Su Fei, he had to take some measures.

After some thought, he quickly put on his clothes and went downstairs. He bought a box of condoms from an adult shop nearby and hurried back to the hotel.