"Then what do you want?" Old Hu intentionally did not move, and stared straight at her.

Wu Wu was embarrassed, she bit her lips, and said with a voice that sounded like she was squeezed out from between her teeth, "Elder, can you please feed me?"

This voice was especially charming, causing Old Hu to be unable to resist the waves in his heart. However, when he thought about how bad this Little Girl was before, he steeled his heart.

"I can't feed you if you're lying down. Just sit up and drink." After Old Hu finished speaking, he placed the medicine to the side, "If you can't sit up, I can help you sit up."

With that, he placed his hands under Wu Wu's arms and pulled her up, leaning her against the wall.

During this time, his large palm seemed to have touched something, it was especially soft and tender.

"Come on, you can drink now. Although girls need to be cared for, you still have to be strong when necessary." Old Hu once again handed the medicine over to her, then watched as Wu Wu passed it over with a face full of unwillingness, and took a sip as if she was on the execution ground.

"Pfft – what is this, it's so bitter!" Wu Wu couldn't swallow a single mouthful, and immediately vomited, to the point of almost shedding tears of pain.

"Little girl, it's hard to say what the good medicine is, not to mention that it's a traditional Chinese medicine. It already tastes terrible, but you're so sick, if you don't want to run away again, you'd better drink it quickly." Otherwise, if this poison stays in your body for too long, it will affect your skin's condition.

Old Hu's lie came up anytime soon, scaring Wu Wu again.

Once Wu Wu heard that it would affect her skin, no matter how bitter the medicine was, she had to drink it all.

"Great sir, is it okay after drinking the medicine?" After all, Wu Wu had run to the toilet many times, so she was still weak when her body was seriously dehydrated.

At this moment, even her words were weak and she looked extremely pitiful.

"That's not enough. If you want to expel the poison, you'll have to go through my finger massage." Old Hu stood up and carried the medicine bowl away, speaking casually.

"What?" "Fingerprint massage?" Wu Wu leaned weakly against the wall, not understanding what Old Hu meant.

"Yes, it is through the strength of my fingers that I massage your special acupuncture points, opening up your meridians and helping you speed up the detoxification process. This way, you will be better for a bit faster." Old Hu stretched out his hand and shook it, meaning that this was not an ordinary hand, but a Godly Doctor's hand, a tool to cure illnesses.

"But, there will definitely be some physical contact during this period of time. If you don't mind, we don't need to do it. The time when the poison leaves will depend on your physical fitness."

The Old Hu added. He didn't want to leave Wu Wu with anything else to say, so he wanted to make things clear in advance.

"Uncle, I'll do it. As long as I can expel the poison as soon as possible, any massage is fine." Wu Wu just wanted to get better, so she did not care what Old Hu said.

"Alright then, let's enter the massage room. It's not convenient here." Old Hu was overjoyed. He walked over and carried Wu Wu, "Your body is so weak, let me carry you over."

"Thank you, sir." Wu Wu said obediently, as her small face rested on Old Hu's chest.

On the way to the massage room, Old Hu took advantage of a few of them. For example, he placed his left hand under Wu Wu's armpit and caressed the soft ground while pretending to carelessly touch it. His right hand placed on his hip and gently caressed it a few times.

This girl was annoying, but her figure was indeed impressive.

After entering the masseur, Old Hu placed Wu Wu on the massage table and started taking off her clothes.

Although Wu Wu was mentally prepared, she still grabbed onto Old Hu's hand, preventing him from moving.

"Great sir, what are you doing?"

"Didn't I say it earlier? There will be physical contact. I need to help you take off your clothes and use my fingers to press down on your skin. Even through clothes, the efficacy will be greatly reduced."

Old Hu stood at the side, looking a little impatient.

"Alright, alright then." Wu Wu released Old Hu and laid on the bed obediently.

"Then I'll begin. After the real treatment starts, don't yell. It will affect my skills." The Old Hu warned her coldly, but in his heart, he was looking forward to it.

Old Hu naturally swallowed his saliva and lectured Wu Wu, "Little Wu, you can easily get inflammation if you wear this kind of thong often. I advise you to change into a loose-fitting cotton one from now on."

"Alright, I understand." Wu Wu's face flushed red, her shy voice as soft as a mosquito.

"Then, my treatment will officially begin." Old Hu rolled up his sleeves and helped Wu Wu prepare for death.

Her waist was very slim, without a trace of fat. Because of her love for fitness, there were also obvious lines on her waistcoat. It was so exquisite that it made one want to stroke it back and forth.

"It might hurt a little later, you have to hold it in." Old Hu yawned, rubbed her hands together, rubbed her hands together until they were warm, then placed on her lower abdomen.

"Do you feel better?" Old Hu rubbed it a few times, then raised his head and asked her.

"Yes, it's a very warm feeling. My stomach is already warm." Because she was nervous, Wu Wu had closed her eyes since long ago. She thought that Old Hu's hands would naturally become hot, and he believed in him even more.