"Great sir, you … "What are you standing there in a daze for …" Su Fei didn't know about the conflict between them, and thought that Old Hu and Wu Wu didn't know each other.

When that happened, she was sent to school, so she didn't know.

"From the looks of it, she seems to be quite serious." Old Hu stroked his chin and said with a stern expression.

Wu Wu immediately raised her head and exclaimed.

She felt like she had just eaten too much. How could it be so serious!?

Seeing her reaction, Old Hu felt really good. He thought that this bad girl had finally fallen into his hands.

"Sir, what's wrong with her? Can you tell? Is it really serious? " As a counselor, Su Fei started to get nervous. If something happened to the students in the class, it would be related to her.

"There are many causes of diarrhea, which can be divided into infectious and non-infectious factors. Infection factors include viral infection, bacterial infection, fungal infection, etc. Non-infectious factors include indigestion, food protein allergy, lactose intolerance, etc. We have to judge the cause of her diarrhea before we can get it right. "

The Old Hu spouted nonsense, causing Su Fei and Wu Wu to be completely confused.

"Then... Is she serious or not? "What is the cause of this?" Su Fei looked at Wu Wu who was squatting on the ground, and became even more nervous. Wu Wu couldn't even lie down on her bed, and said that this was the only way for him to feel better.

"I'll have to ask her before I know." Old Hu answered Su Fei and then asked Wu Wu, "What did you eat tonight?"

"I... We went to a buffet and I ate so much that I forgot what was there. " Wu Wu was in so much pain that her forehead started to sweat profusely. Her face turned pale white, and even her speech became intermittent and weak.

But the more she felt, the happier Old Hu became.

"Is there anything cold? Or something high in protein? Or is it spicy, do you drink? " The series of questions from the Old Hu s nearly stunned Wu Wu.

"I... I drank some beer and ate some seafood. " Wu Wu squeezed out a few words from between her teeth, making it seem exceptionally difficult.

"You can't eat this beer and seafood together, it will cause the uric acid in your blood to increase. The lighter ones will make you constantly have diarrhea, which will lead to you being dehydrated and fainting, and the worse ones will cause you to have gout. You won't be able to cure it for your entire life, why are you so careless, child?" The Old Hu pretended to be helpless and spoke in a serious tone, scaring Wu Wu to the point that tears started streaming down her face.

Then what should I do? I won't die! I don't want to die!" Wu Wu Wu wuwu — — "Wu Wu Wu burst into tears; her strength was much greater than before.

Su Fei became anxious and pulled Old Hu's sleeve, "Uncle, is it really that serious? "Then what should we do? We can't just sit by and watch …"

She wanted to say something, but stopped, her eyes filled with tears, making her look pitiful. Old Hu felt that it was about time, if she continued, Su Fei would probably cry.

"Take her to my clinic first. I'll show her." Old Hu looked at Su Fei and patted her shoulders, signalling to her not to worry too much.

Su Fei nodded and quickly called for her two classmates to carry him to the clinic.

On the way, Wu Wu did not stop, she kept on yelling Ouch Ouch, it was so noisy that Old Hu was annoyed, but because Su Fei was by her side, he could not complain.

"Great sir, great sir, you have to save me. I don't want to die. I'm still so young, and I still haven't caught up to senior. I really can't die!" Wu Wu burst into tears. She didn't look like an sick girl at all. Old Hu saw that she was simply pretending and didn't feel that bad at all.

But the Old Hu couldn't think of a suitable reason.

"Don't be afraid, it's not that serious. "I'll let you have a look later, just open up some medicine and eat it. If it doesn't work out, we can still go to the hospital, don't worry." Su Fei pulled her hand and comforted her very gently. Old Hu felt touched by her actions.

Not many minutes had passed, but because Wu Wu had been tormenting himself, they finally reached the clinic after walking for almost fifteen minutes. Su Fei had arranged for the few students to rest while she stayed behind to accompany Wu Wu in the treatment.

"Teacher …" "I'm so scared …" Wu Wu tightly held onto Su Fei's hand, preventing her from taking even a single step away from him.

She knew that Zhao Yali normally had a good relationship with him, and so she wanted to bridge the gap between her and Su Fei.

"Don't be afraid, it's okay. You have to believe in Grandpa Hu. He will definitely be able to cure you." Su Fei patted the back of her hand, still as gentle as ever. On the way here, no matter how Wu Wu struggled, she didn't show any sign of impatience.

"Uncle, how should we treat her?" Su Fei asked the Old Hu, his eyebrows filled with worry.

"I'll get some medicine for her to eat first, and then I'll remove the poison from her body." Old Hu sat in front of the table, using a pen and paper to write a few names, but in truth it had nothing to do with the illness, he walked into the pharmacy, said that he had gone to boil some medicine, and asked Su Fei to accompany him for a while.

He quickly went online to find out what he should do with the food. He quickly found a solution and used some herbs like the honeysuckle flower to make a medicinal soup. Then, he added the granules from the Western Medicine Capsule, which he had prepared beforehand.

When he went out, Su Fei was waiting for him anxiously.

"Elder, I have something to take care of at school, so I'll leave Wu Wu with you. Please take care of her for me!" Su Fei held onto his phone, as though there was something wrong, the Old Hu did not reject and allowed her to leave.

This was perfect, so that he wouldn't be unable to let go of her when she was here.

"Come on, drink this." Old Hu walked to Wu Wu's side and handed the bowl over to her without any intention of feeding it to her.

"Elder, I-I can't sit up …" The reason why Wu Wu was acting so coquettishly was because she wanted the Old Hu to feed her.

The Old Hu understood and nodded in agreement, but he wouldn't feed her the medicine so nicely. Today, he must definitely teach Wu Wu a lesson and let her know what it means to be a good person!