When he was checking out his peers, Old Hu found that there were many massage jobs in many of the clinics. He thought that it was very good, so he considered bringing them in.

I believe that when the time comes, with the name of traditional Chinese medicine and the skills of massage, I won't have to worry about those women coming to my door.

As for the acupuncture, he did not participate. He had not mastered it yet, so he did not dare to mess with the patient.

He decided what to do when it was his turn. He would work during the day and go to the Chinese medicine clinic at night, but the security guards had late shifts. What if it was his turn?

This meant that he needed to talk to Jiang Xiaolin about it.

In the morning of the second day, Old Hu came to Jiang Xiaolin's office.

"Aiyo, big brother Old Hu, why are you here!" The moment Jiang Xiaolin saw Old Hu, he took the initiative to sit up and greet him. His face was full of smiles, making Old Hu extremely disgusted, but he had no way of saying that he shouldn't laugh.

"Director Jiang, I'm here to discuss something with you." Old Hu was still very polite when he spoke. Ever since that incident last time, Jiang Xiaolin had taken extra care of him and was especially polite as well. He even felt a little embarrassed.

However, the Old Hu did not drift off just because of Hu Jianping's attitude, he only felt that he had become more confident in front of these people, who told them to look down on him!

"Big brother, look at what you said. If you have something to say, just give me a call. Why did you come over yourself?" Jiang Xiaolin called Old Hu over to sit on the sofa, but he did not sit down, instead he went to the side and brewed a cup of tea for Old Hu.

"Come, drink some tea. This is my new Longjing West Lake. It's very new!" Jiang Xiaolin looked like a dog, there was nothing he could do, no matter how much he hated Old Hu, he could not offend him.

His backer, Zhao Qiankun, had already been suspended from duty for half a year. If he did not curry favor with the Old Hu, he would not even be able to keep this position.

The original job had already been lost, this couldn't be lost any longer!

"Director Jiang, you don't have to be so polite with me, I'm just a boorish person, I just need to drink some water." Although Old Hu felt good about his flattery, he still felt a little uncomfortable about it.

His purpose of finding Hu Jianping was not to get them to please him, but to suppress them.

"That won't do. You don't have to be courteous to me. It's just a cup of tea." Jiang Xiaolin used all of his skills to please Old Hu, he was afraid that Old Hu did not mean what he said, and said that he did not need it, but in his heart, he was insulting him.

"Yes, I came here this time to discuss about the schedule." Old Hu did not want to get entangled with him anymore, so he directly revealed his purpose.

"What's wrong?"

"It's like this. I plan to open my own Chinese Medical Clinic. I want to go to work during the day and then watch at night, so you see if you can arrange for me to be there during the day and be on duty during the night."

Old Hu asked calmly, as if he didn't care at all. But in his heart, he was very sure that Jiang Xiaolin would definitely agree to it.

Indeed, after Jiang Xiaolin heard this, he laughed, "Big brother, this is a heavenly good thing! You don't need to discuss it with me. Just tell me directly. I will arrange a day shift for you from now on! "

Following that, he lowered his voice and whispered into Old Hu's ears, "Even if you don't come, it's fine! I'll give you your salary as usual! "

It was not because Jiang Xiaolin was too arrogant, but because if Old Hu had not rejected the Principal's suggestion back then, the Director would be the Old Hu himself.

"Heh heh, then we have a deal. "Thank you, Director Jiang." Old Hu smiled inwardly and did not reject Jiang Xiaolin's good intentions, but he would definitely not do so in the future.

He only felt that rejecting Jiang Xiaolin's good intentions right now seemed to show that he was a noble and noble person.

"Big Brother Hu, I will call you big brother. In the future, if there is no one else, you can just call me Xiao Lin. There is no need to be so polite." In the past, I was insensible. I thank you for not remembering that I was forgiven, and for being so polite with me. "By the way, if there's anything I can help with at your clinic, I promise I'll be able to find it whenever I need it."

Jiang Xiaolin's expression was very cordial, causing Old Hu to be a little surprised. However, he still couldn't truly be at ease with this kid.

"Alright, no problem. If there's nothing else, I'll be leaving first. You stay busy." After Old Hu finished speaking, he stood up and prepared to leave.

"Sigh, Big Brother Hu, wait a moment." Jiang Xiaolin walked to the desk and took out a can of tea from the drawer, "These tea leaves are really not bad, bring it back and drink."

Old Hu smiled, took it and left.

Since he wanted to curry favor with her, why didn't she give him the chance?

Walking out of Jiang Xiaolin's office, Old Hu felt refreshed. Now that he had a job in the school, he did not need to worry about losing the security of being able to age. With Jiang Xiaolin's approval, he could do whatever he wanted outside.

Coincidentally, the dormitory conditions at the school were also not good, so he could move to another place with a good environment.

In the next few days, Old Hu would circle around the school when he got off work, searching for a place to rent. He did not want to be too far away from the school, so when the time came, it would be inconvenient for Su Fei and the others to look for him.

After searching for two days, he finally found the place opposite the east gate of the school.

This was a family therapy shop. Since the students in the vicinity of the school didn't come over to massage their body, the business wasn't very good. After a few months, they were unable to persevere any longer.

However, the lease of the house had yet to expire. The Lady Boss was really afraid of losing everything, so she decided to sublet it.

Old Hu came to visit according to the address. A white and fat woman opened the door, thinking that he was here for a pedicure. Her attitude was very warm.

The Old Hu did not poke any holes, after all, he had to inspect this place closely, and only if he was present, he had to pretend to be a guest.

"Boss, I can tell with one look that you are someone who knows how to live!" Our service department is complete. I guarantee you that after you finish massaging, you will miss it a second time! It will definitely make your body and mind happy. It will be a piece of cake for you! " The Lady Boss's mouth was very talkative. She had taken good care of herself, so it was hard to tell her exact age, but she should be in her thirties.

Although her figure was slightly plump, it did not cause anyone to feel disgust. Instead, it gave off a feeling of fullness and beauty.

The main thing was that her facial features were very attractive.

Old Hu thought to himself, if this was not near the school, just for this Lady Boss, the business would be very good.

"You're right, what if you don't meet my requirements?" Old Hu's face was full of playfulness, purposely making things difficult for the Lady Boss.

"That's impossible. Since you've come, you'll definitely be satisfied!" The Lady Boss was very confident, "Xiao Cui, there's a guest, what are you waiting for!"

She shouted into the back room, and soon a young and pretty girl came out, petite and wearing a wide staff uniform that made her body hard to see.