The Old Hu already had some background, but he was not proficient in martial arts. Now that he was forced into a corner by those little girls, he had no choice but to learn.

On the second day, Zhao Yali came over to get the medicine according to the time, and Old Hu followed the doctor's instructions.

"Remember, you must work and rest regularly. If you don't stay up late, then don't stay up late. Otherwise, the damage to a girl's body will be too great. Look at your dark circles. Isn't it more obvious than before? "

Faced with Old Hu's reprimand, Zhao Yali lowered her head in embarrassment, "I understand uncle, I will definitely pay attention in the future."

"Also, eat less spicy and cold food, these are common sense, you have to really do it. If you have nothing to do, you should just take some hot water to soak your feet, don't add too much cold water, and slowly get used to the temperature of the water. If you can persevere for a few months, you'll find that your skin is getting better. "

Old Hu added, this was something he had found on the internet today and had learned and sold on the spot.

"When you have nothing to do, go outside and pull some wormwood and soak it in the foot water. Slowly, you won't have any pain." Old Hu would say one thing whenever he thought of that.

Zhao Yali didn't go online normally, so she didn't really understand much about this knowledge.

"This is a week's worth of Chinese medicine. You can go back and drink it for a week and then see how it is." Old Hu passed the herbal medicine to her. Zhao Yali was extremely touched.

This old man was too kind to him. Not only did he treat him for free, he even concocted medicines for him for free.

Zhao Yali left emotionally and the Old Hu heaved a sigh of relief. He hoped that Zhao Yali would have some effect after eating it, if not he would not be far from being found out.

For the next week, Zhao Yali did not come to look for Old Hu. Old Hu waited anxiously while he checked through all kinds of pathology knowledge on the internet, in order to answer their questions.

Finally, a week later, Zhao Yali arrived.

"Uncle, you really are a genius doctor. I only took a week's worth of medicine, and now my aunt is here. Moreover, it doesn't hurt at all!" Zhao Yali ran in through the door, she was extremely happy, and she was practically dancing with joy.

The menstrual irregularities had always been a big problem for her. This time, it was not only normal, but it also did not hurt at all!

Old Hu smiled faintly as he listened, thinking that the old Chinese doctor had some skills. Fortunately the medicine was effective, otherwise, he would be too embarrassed.

"No matter what, you have to rest your body properly in the future. Although the medicine is effective, it has three parts. If you can't eat it, then don't eat it!" Old Hu did not forget to remind Zhao Yali as well. Zhao Yali nodded and said that she remembered it.

Then, she suddenly thought of something, and looked at Old Hu excitedly. "Uncle, you said that your medical skills are so good, why don't you open your own Chinese medicine clinic?"

In Zhao Yali's eyes, the Old Hu was no different from a genius doctor. Many illnesses that couldn't be treated in many hospitals were easily solved by him, wasn't that amazing?

"Hey, stop bullshitting. How can I open a Chinese medical clinic? No, no." Old Hu subconsciously refuted, but in truth, Zhao Yali's words caused quite a bit of ripples in his heart.

"Why not!" "I think you're pretty good, completely not inferior to those doctors in the hospital. You don't have to resign from this school, you can just be a part-time Chinese doctor. It will be much more convenient for me to see you when the time comes." Zhao Yali caught onto this idea and felt that it was really good, so she wholeheartedly wanted to convince Old Hu.

"It's fine if I show it to you, but to others …" I almost lost my strength! " Old Hu shook his head the entire time, he just did not agree, causing Zhao Yali to be a little disappointed.

"Ai, alright. If you don't want, I won't say much. I'll go back first. Have a good rest." Zhao Yali stood up and left. Old Hu could see her disappointment, but he had no other choice.

He had been muddling his way through these past few days. To be able to cure them of a blind cat or a dead mouse was not really a medical skill. If he opened a Chinese medical clinic, wouldn't he soon be found out?

But Zhao Yali's words were like a cat's paw, scratching at his heart from beginning to end.

That night, Old Hu thought for a long time. Actually, opening a Chinese medical clinic wasn't impossible, as long as he had a fake proof of qualifications, he could also muddle his way through. As for his medical skills, he could learn them while visiting the doctor the day after tomorrow. He had some basics anyway, so it should be faster than those who did not have any basics.

In the past, he would have to let them go to his dorm every time he treated an illness. It would be alright for a short period of time, but if it were to continue on, there would definitely be rumors about it. By then, he wouldn't be able to eat any meat!

If he opened a clinic and brought them all there, then he could do whatever he wanted! And he could play however he wanted! Wouldn't that feel great?

Thinking about it, Old Hu decided that he really had to open a Chinese medical clinic!

After thinking about it, the Old Hu was so excited that he could not fall asleep and started to plan how he could open this clinic. He checked through a lot of information online and found that it was quite troublesome to open a Chinese medical clinic.

First, he had to rent a house of no less than 60 square meters. Then, he had to set up at least three departments, such as a clinic, a Chinese pharmacy, and a Chinese medicine decocting room.

Old Hu calculated, according to his own standards, if he wanted to open up this shop, it would need around 300 thousand yuan.

This number made Old Hu hesitate. Although he had the funds, if he used them all to open a shop, then he had really spent everything he had! How could he marry a wife in the future?

Old Hu threw away the calculator, his heart was at a loss. Was he going to open a clinic or marry a wife? This was a huge problem!

After going over and over again for the whole night, Old Hu still decided to open a clinic. He could make money after marrying his wife, but without this clinic, it would be inconvenient for him to socialize with these young and beautiful female teachers and students.

Just as he said, Old Hu got busy early the next morning.

He knew too little about it before, so he specifically asked for a leave of absence. He even visited several Chinese medical clinics in the city and inquired about a lot of information.

Nowadays, people believed in Chinese medicine even more than western medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) was something left behind by the Old Ancestor. Although western medicine worked quickly, it could not cure the root of the illness. Nowadays, more and more people believed in TCM, and this was also his market.

After all, spending so much money to open a clinic wasn't just for the sake of picking up girls. It was also good for him to earn money as well!

Thinking about it this way, Old Hu became much more relieved.