"It's really like a clandestine love affair." Old Hu couldn't help but laugh as he looked at her fleeing figure.

Lying on the bed, he turned his body into a big word. Hu Lao Er was still very excited, especially thinking about Chen Bing's beautiful body just now, he couldn't calm down no matter what.

He picked up the blanket on the side and covered himself with it, realizing that it was the fragrance off Chen Bing's body.

Although he had never seen her before, he had never observed her body at such a close distance. No wonder Sun Longbo was so engrossed in her beauty, there really was a reason!

That night, Old Hu also did not sleep well, his mind was filled with Chen Bing's figure.

It wasn't easy for him to fall asleep, and he had all sorts of beauties come to see him. In short, there were all sorts of diseases, but they all required him to take off his clothes to have a look.

As for him, he could only watch as these beauties took off their clothes, but he was unable to touch them, let alone take advantage of them.

After waking up, Old Hu felt waves of regret in his heart. He felt extremely empty, and it couldn't be filled.

As usual, he went to the duty room for a day. In the evening, there were several young female teachers who came to look for him!

"Uncle Hu, we heard that you know Chinese medicine!" So I'm here to consult you. " The leading female teacher was called Mo Lan, she was pretty and pretty, with a good figure, but compared to Su Fei and Chen Bing, she was still lacking slightly.

However, all of the guests were guests, so the Old Hu did not mind.

"Great sir, you are truly amazing. Not only are you proficient in martial arts, but you also know Chinese medicine!" One of the female teachers praised Old Hu, but before Old Hu could see her face clearly, Mo Lan started to speak again.

From six to eight, Old Hu was surrounded by these young female teachers.

Old Hu was grinning from ear to ear. With so many beautiful women's hands being touched by her, how could she not be happy!

Fortunately, these female teachers were not really ill, and were just a few headaches and headaches. Old Hu had indeed learned some disciples in the Chinese Medical School, so he had remembered some things. It was not a problem to deal with them.

He even tried to trick them into treating him like a godly doctor, completely believing in his words.

After they left, the Old Hu calmed his mind and thought, this should be what Chen Bing said, otherwise how could this news be spread out.

In the past when he was treating Su Fei, not many people knew that he knew Chinese medicine. This Chen Bing really had a big mouth!

He didn't know if she had told the details of the treatment to someone else, but if she scared away some of the girls, it wouldn't be worth it.

For the next few days, a little girl came to look for him. Old Hu was happy but also a little pleased with herself, as she really thought of herself as a genius doctor. This was because even the school's doctors in the infirmary came to ask him.

But Old Hu did not say anything, because what he said was wrong. If what he said was exposed, it would be too bad.

In the evening, Zhao Yali came to look for Old Hu again, and even brought a lot of fruits.

"Yali, I've said it so many times already. Come at me, don't take anything. If you do this again, I'll be angry." Old Hu pretended to be serious.

"Got it, got it. I won't bring it next time." Zhao Yali replied obediently, but she would still bring some things back next time.

"That's more like it. Say it, what's the matter? Are they just chatting, or are they having emotional problems? " Old Hu took the initiative to guess that he was in a good mood today, so he was happy to see anything.

"I'm looking for you to review!" "Great Lord!" Zhao Yali looked at him, and said word by word.

"Review?" Old Hu was a little confused. When was the last time he saw Zhao Yali? What kind of illness was she looking at now?

Recently, I have been too busy and have completely forgotten about it.

"I was at a loss of what to do previously. Last time, you looked a bit better, but recently, you started to mess things up again. I'm so worried, so I came to look for you again."

Zhao Yali sat on the chair, her small face filled with worry.

Recently, she had lost her vigor due to the menstrual irregularities. She was even sickly from the classes and usually did not have much energy. She felt completely powerless in her limbs.

"Then it's really serious." Old Hu's face changed, he was truly worried for Zhao Yali, the girl's body could not be delayed because of him.

"Come, let me show you again." The Old Hu seriously checked Zhao Yali's pulse. Although he still didn't understand anything, but after sitting in front of the table for a long time, he took out a pen and wrote on a piece of paper.

"Uncle, is my illness serious again?" Zhao Yali stared intently at the paper, but she could not really tell what it was written on.

"Do you often stay up late these days?" And it's also very stressful? " Old Hu raised his head and looked at her.

"Mm …" I haven't slept at all for the past twelve o'clock, but there's really nothing I can do about it. Teacher's homework is too much, and we've already had several plans, but teacher didn't agree to them. Speaking of that, Zhao Yali couldn't help but sigh.

"That's right. This is related to your sleeping condition and mental condition. Although studying is very important, your body is more important. You have to learn how to adjust yourself." Old Hu spoke sincerely and earnestly with Zhao Yali.

"I'll try my best, but …" There are many times when I am unable to control myself. " Zhao Yali was also very vexed. She had been like this for a long time now and wanted to take a good rest.

However, everyone else was doing their homework in groups of a few, so no one was willing to work with her. Therefore, she could only do her own projects, and everything else had to be settled by herself.

"Ai, how about this, you need to properly treat this illness. I've prepared a prescription for you, try eating some Chinese medicine." You don't need to catch the medicine yourself, I'll catch it for you. Come back tomorrow at this time to get it. "

Old Hu let out a long sigh. He really cared about Zhao Yali and was able to endure this much pressure at such a young age.

"How can I be embarrassed? Uncle, I think it's better if I go by myself." Zhao Yali wanted to receive the prescription, but was rejected by the Old Hu.

"There's no need for you to be polite with me. Hurry up and go back to rest. Finish your business early and go to bed early. Come find me tomorrow." Old Hu waved his hand, telling her to leave quickly.

Seeing that, Zhao Yali could only thank her and then leave.

After she left, the Old Hu realized a problem. He could not just fool her, he had to show her some of his true abilities.

Thinking about it, Zhao Yali's condition was indeed serious, that same night he went to the Chinese Medical Hospital in the city and said that her daughter's menstrual irregularities, but she did not have the time to see a doctor, and got the real Chinese Medicine for her.

The doctor quickly prescribed the medicine and Old Hu intentionally lied and took the prescription into his hands, then returned back to school to study it.