"Director Jiang is too polite, this gift is too valuable, I don't dare to accept it." The Old Hu was afraid that he might have ill intentions.

"Big brother! "If you don't accept it, then my heart is truly sorry. You should feel sorry for me, and accept it!" Jiang Xiaolin started to act the same as Wu Wu.

Old Hu scoffed in his heart, this was truly not a family that did not belong to one family!

At most, he could just give it to Zhang Jian to drink in the future.

"Alright, then I'll accept it. Don't be too concerned about this. What should we do in the future? Don't be too restrained." Old Hu said generously, this was his own will to reconcile, of course Jiang Xiaolin was willing to do so.

However, in his heart, the Old Hu did not really accept Jiang Xiaolin.

After sending Jiang Xiaolin off, Old Hu was very satisfied. He thought that in the future, he would be able to hold his head up high in school. Li Baowei was even more respectful to him, let's see who would dare come and find fault with him.

That night, the Old Hu slept very peacefully.

Over the next week, Old Hu took paid leave, and all sorts of teachers in the school came to visit him, making him look like some kind of leader.

The news of Hu Jianping being his nephew had already spread throughout the entire school.

Su Fei and Zhao Yali had also come to visit, but they were different from the others. They came because Old Hu was injured, out of concern.

On this point, Old Hu was very pleased, as it proved that he had not seen the wrong person.

When they received their punishment, Zhao Yali was also equally happy. Hearing the Old Hu talk about Wu Wu's miserable state, she simply couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear.

After a few more days, Old Hu's injuries were completely healed and he could now patrol normally.

That night, after getting off from night study, Old Hu was patrolling around the school. When he arrived at the back mountain, he coincidentally saw a pair of lovey lovers in the small forest.

He had originally wanted to leave, but they had caused too much commotion, causing Old Hu to suddenly have a sudden impulse. He could not help but peek and eavesdrop for a while.

"Darling, look at the time, it's already so late. Will you be scolded by Mother Lou when you go back to your dorm?" The boy clung to the girl's waist, his body close to hers, his intentions obvious.

"Yeah, it's already past bedtime. What should we do?" the girl asked delicately, as if she hadn't realized what the boy was thinking.

"There are still lessons tomorrow. Why don't we go out and get a room so we can have a good night's sleep?" The boy finally said what he was thinking.

"Ah …" Is this really okay? "I'm very shy, and we just got together ~" The girl's face immediately blushed, refusing him even if she didn't agree.

"Don't worry, I'll definitely be responsible for you. Moreover, I promise that I'll just hug you and sleep. I won't touch you, little fool ~"

"You said it!" The girl still agreed. Old Hu could tell that she was going with the flow.

"Then let's go." The two of them tightly embraced each other as they left, not forgetting to give each other a French kiss halfway. If it wasn't for the fact that they were at school, they would have taken off all their clothes by now.

Old Hu thought, is this girl really stupid? Can you believe a man's words? What a man says before he goes to bed! When he returned to his dorm, Zhang Jian came over to find him for a drink. Old Hu was not stingy either, he immediately took out two bottles of Maotai.

"Whoa, Old Hu, this is really different. He started with Maotai Wine!" Zhang Jian had never seen any kind of good wine before. When he saw the straw hat, his eyes went straight to the point, and he lovingly touched it with his hands.

"If you like it, you can drink one bottle and you can drink another." The Old Hu didn't find the alcohol attractive, unless one said that he was in a bad mood or that he was in a good mood.

"You are so kind!" Zhang Jian smashed Old Hu's chest, it was not in vain that he took the risk of being expelled to Old Hu, he never expected him to have such a strong background.

The two of them ate and drank for a long time, then brought up what happened that day again, Old Hu probed Zhang Jian, "After knowing that Hu Jianping is my nephew, you don't have any other thoughts? Those people at school are trying to curry favor with me every day. "

"Hey, Old Hu, you know who I am very well, why are you digging holes for me like this! "I'm different from others. I don't have any lofty ideals. It's fine as long as I can just live a normal life. That high and mighty CEO has nothing to do with me." Zhang Jian drank a little too much, but what he said was the truth.

He had never thought of getting anything from the Old Hu. The reason he had helped him that day was purely because of their relationship.

After the Old Hu finished listening, he smiled without saying a word. It was already not bad to make such a bad friend in this school.

Seeing that it was not too late, Zhang Jian started to think of the wrong idea.

"Old Hu, I went to a good place that day. And it's so exciting to know that kind of touch dance! " Zhang Jian thought back to the scene from that day, his eyes glowing.

"What's a touch dance?" Although Old Hu was also very perverted, he wouldn't go to such a messy place, so he naturally didn't know as much as Zhang Jian.

"Haha, it's that kind of dance where you take off your clothes and touch yourself at the same time! If you have enough rewards, you can touch it together with me! " Zhang Jian smiled obscenely.

"That relationship is not bad. Where is this good place? Hurry up and take me there. " Old Hu agreed with him immediately, and the two immediately decided to look for fun.

These two bachelors didn't have any hobbies. Besides going to work and sleeping, they also coveted beauty. Very soon, they arrived at a ballroom in the development district called Free and Unfettered Ballroom. The tickets were very cheap, only 20 yuan.

Once he entered, the ballroom was filled with all kinds of colorful lights, causing Old Hu to be unable to open his eyes. However, this kind of cheerful atmosphere quickly brought him to his senses, and he also walked onto the dance floor with the young people, twisting his body.

Although the Old Hu's dance moves were outdated and funny, it still attracted a lot of young girls.

These girls, as long as you take the money, don't care about your career or your age or your social status.

"Hey, uncle, do you want to come along?" Old Hu turned around to see a girl wearing a miniskirt, tight-fitting T-shirt, and black fishnet socks. She had a very eye-catching appearance with smoky makeup.

"Sure …" Old Hu looked at her from head to toe. Because her makeup was too thick, her real face could not be seen, but her body was extremely hot.

Zhang Jian had told them on the way here that the girls here would be separated into three different prices: 199, 299, 399. The higher the price, the higher the quality.