After Jiang Xiaolin heard this, he broke down in tears of gratitude to the Old Hu, and almost kneeled down to him.

When Li Baowei heard it, he praised Old Hu profusely, saying that as expected of a veteran, awareness was high, and in the end he agreed to his request.

Wu Wu was so scared that she could not move, she did not dare make a sound, afraid that she would be expelled.

There was no need to mention Bald Brother, when he saw Li Baowei questioning Zhao Qiankun earlier, he had already sneaked his way out with a few brothers, but Old Hu had only pretended not to see it.

He did not want to make this a big issue, he only needed to stop there. He still needed to stay in this school as long as these people were polite to him and did not ask for too much.

"That female classmate, come over here and explain what happened." Li Baowei still did not let Wu Wu go.

"Principal, I..." I... I don't dare to do it again! " Wu Wu did not even finish a word before she started to wail, making Li Baowei a little embarrassed.

"Why are you crying? Since you said that the Old Hu molested you, then you must take out solid evidence so that we can administer justice for you. What can crying prove?" Are you admitting that you framed our comrade, Old Hu? " Li Baowei's words were very organized, he could tell with a glance that Wu Wu was not a good girl.

Although he did not know why she framed Old Hu, Li Baowei still did not believe it even if he said that Old Hu was molesting her.

"Principal, I was wrong. I lied. Grandpa Hu didn't molest me. I couldn't bear to see him act like this, so I did it on purpose …" Wu Wu said the truth while crying.

After Li Baowei finished listening, his expression was still very serious, "As a university student, how can you do something that goes against morals and even the law? It's really unreasonable. I've remembered it to you once. If there's a next time, you should go home and reflect on it! "

Wu Wu cried even more intensely, she did not think that she would suffer such a setback. If she knew that Old Hu had such a background, she would not even have the chance to curry favor with him.

After Li Baowei took care of all these people, he looked at Old Hu with a smile, "Comrade Old Hu, is there anything else that you are not satisfied with? I'm really sorry for causing you to suffer so much this time! It's all because of my mismanagement! I will also reflect on myself! "

"Principal, you're too polite. Thank you for helping me seek justice. I have no objections." The Old Hu was very polite, he did not want others to think that he was relying on his nephew's power to bully others, what difference was there between him and Zhao Qiankun?

"Alright, let's settle this first. If you have any other questions, you can call me anytime. I'll help you deal with it as soon as possible." Li Baowei took out a name card from his pocket and handed it over to Old Hu.

Hu Jianping laughed, "Then I'll have to trouble Principal Li to take care of my Second Uncle."

"Boss Hu, you're too polite."

"Xiao Ping, I'll have to trouble you this time. It's the Second Uncle that's useless, to think that you would even help me clean my butt when you are so young." Old Hu patted Hu Jianping's shoulder. He really did feel a little guilty.

"Second Uncle, you are saying these words too indiscriminately. You are my father, if I don't show you filial piety, who else could I show you? "In the future, if you have any problems, don't carry them yourself. Just let me know." Hu Jianping expressed his determination. Li Baowei saw this, and in the future, he would not dare to do anything to Old Hu.

Not only was he related by blood, his relationship was also very deep!

Very quickly, they walked out of the duty room together. Li Baowei had suggested to invite Hu Jianping and Old Hu out for a meal, but they rejected them.

Hu Jianping was busy with work, after finishing up he returned to the company, while Old Hu went to the school infirmary to get some medicine, then returned to the dorm to lie down.

That afternoon, Wu Wu took a lot of things to apologize to Old Hu.

"Great sir, please don't hold a grudge against me. I am truly young and insensible. Please forgive me for your magnanimity!" Wu Wu cried miserably.

"Alright, stop crying here and let others see you. You still think that I did something to you." Old Hu's attitude was not very good. She said that she was cold and that it was hot. In short, he did not want to bother with Wu Wu right now.

Who knew what kind of evil scheme this girl was hiding in her heart?

"Great sir, can you not speak to me like that? I truly know my wrongs! " Then, he took out an envelope from his pocket. "This is the medical and nutritional compensation that I gave you. There's no respect for a little kindness, so you should accept it!"

"No need, I'm not that poor. Take it, I won't take your money." The Old Hu didn't even look at Wu Wu. If he wanted to avoid this trouble and find him, he could only stay away from her.

"Great lord …" Wu Wu had thought that the Old Hu would forgive her for acting coquettishly. Seems like she had underestimated her enemy.

Then, she wiped her tears, "Grandpa, you don't have to take the money, but you have to take this thing, or else I won't be leaving today."

"Why are you so …" Old Hu wanted to say that she was so thick-skinned, but after thinking about it, this was a little girl after all, so he couldn't say things too ruthlessly.

"Alright, I'll take it. Go back to your work." The Old Hu waved his hand, telling her to leave quickly, but before she left, he said to her, "Wu Wu, it's not that I'm blabbering. Since you're so young, it's best if you don't interact too much with the society. For a trivial matter, it's not worth it! "

"Great sir, I'll remember …" It will definitely change in the future. " Wu Wu nodded and then left.

As for if she really changed his mind, Old Hu was not in the mood to pursue this matter.

After Wu Wu left, Old Hu slept all the way until dusk. Zhang Jian had brought him a lot of delicious food, and the moment they finished eating and drinking, Jiang Xiaolin came!

Seeing him, Old Hu's first reaction was — Weasel pays his respects to the chicken, you have ill intentions!

"Big Brother Hu, I'm here to apologize to you!" When Jiang Xiaolin entered the door, he was all smiles, although it was very hypocritical, but if he did not hit a smiling person, Old Hu would not be able to directly kick him out.

"How can I accept this, Director Jiang." Old Hu continued.

"Sigh, Big Brother Hu, don't call me that. If it wasn't for you being so magnanimous today, I wouldn't even be considered a piece of dog shit! You were the one who gave me this bowl of food! I remember your great kindness. " Jiang Xiaolin said in an exaggerated tone, practically praising Old Hu to the skies.

To be honest, the Old Hu did not pity him, but was really not interested in that position at all. If it was another person, who knew what kind of tricks he would play, and since he was already punished, the Old Hu thought that he could behave for a few days.

"I brought two bottles of Maotai wine. I'm sure you're used to people with big scenes. You don't care about this, but no matter what, it's still little brother's favor, so just accept it!"

Jiang Xiaolin placed the two bottles of well-packaged wine beside Old Hu's bed. There were still a dozen of wrinkles on his face.