"Second Uncle, are you alright? I'll call an ambulance for you. " After Hu Jianping settled the Old Hu down, he turned around and ordered people to attack the one hundred and twenty people, but the Old Hu waved his hand, "It's fine, I can still hold on to my old bones."

Although he was beaten up quite badly, he didn't have any fatal wounds. He would be able to survive after a few days of rest.

"How can that be! We have to call 120, we have to! " Zhao Qiankun came over from the side. He had been completely dumbfounded just now, and couldn't react at all.

"Vice President Zhao, today's matter..." I think you'll give me a reasonable explanation. " Hu Jianping stretched out his voice, his tone was calm as he looked at Zhao Qiankun coldly.

"Director Hu, I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" We were blind, but we never expected that comrade Old Hu was actually yours … Second Uncle! We were wrong about him! And they even wrongly accused him of molesting the female students. This is a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding! " Zhao Qiankun panicked and incoherent words, and his forehead was covered in a few layers of cold sweat.

"So according to you, if he had nothing to do with me, you could have been wrongly accused?" Hu Jianping raised his eyebrows and shouted, causing the entire house to become silent, even if a needle was dropped, it would still be heard.

"No, no, no, no, no. Sigh, I was also misled. I didn't find out the truth and let them do whatever they wanted. Comrade Old Hu, I apologize to you on behalf of the school! " Zhao Qiankun wiped the sweat off his forehead and rushed towards Old Hu to bend his waist, but was caught by him.

"Don't, I don't dare ask you to apologize to me." Old Hu sarcastically said. His entire body was still aching, how could he just apologize and be done with it?

"My Second Uncle is injured to this extent, can you just apologize and forget about it? Besides, who do you think you are? An ordinary Vice President dares to represent the school? " Hu Jianping added. He was extremely confident, and would spend a large amount of money for the school every year to wait for Hu Jianping to finance. Zhao Qiankun would absolutely not dare to offend him.

"Director Hu, please calm down. I was deceived by this guy!" "Also, this female student, her acting is too pitiful. I did not find out the truth. Please be magnanimous and spare me once. I promise that there will never be a next time!" Zhao Qiankun nodded his head and bowed, his tears almost falling out. It was just a sentence, and it had nothing to do with him.

"Don't worry, I won't let anyone who is involved in this matter off the hook." Hu Jianping looked at Old Hu, telling him to be at ease.

The next second, he took out his cell phone, "Principal, I'm in your school's duty room. I think you need to come and settle a matter."

Hu Jianping's attitude was very unyielding, but he was not lacking in manners, the Principal was still entertaining outside, after he hung up the phone, he quickly ran over.

This Hu Jianping was not only a rich young entrepreneur, he also had a good relationship with the government. As a mere principal, he really did not dare to offend him.

The reason why Old Hu was able to come in and be his guard, was because Hu Jianping had found him a job.

To a normal person, with such an amazing nephew of his, who would still want to work, much less become a gatekeeper?

However, the Old Hu was a low-key person, he did not want to rely on his nephew. As long as he could live comfortably, it would be fine.

Hu Jianping had a good relationship with the Old Hu since he was young. The Old Hu didn't have any children, so she treated him as his own son.

However, the Old Hu did not want to give him any trouble and would usually solve everything by himself. This time, he had no other choice but to find him.

The moment Hu Jianping received the phone call, he felt that something was amiss. He thought that the Second Uncle must have met with big trouble, if not they would not have come looking for him.

Soon, the principal arrived at the duty room and greeted him as soon as he entered, "Boss Hu, if you have any urgent matters, please come over personally to speak to my big brother on the phone."

"Ask him." Hu Jianping was too lazy to be polite with him, he directly pointed at Zhao Qiankun, "Oh right, there's still him, right?"

He finally saw Jiang Xiaolin, who was trembling in the corner. With just a finger attack, Jiang Xiaolin almost fell to the ground.

He had originally relied on Zhao Qiankun's connections to get in, but now that he had offended such a big shot, even Zhao Qiankun was unable to save himself, so his job was already unbearable.

"Little Zhao, what's going on? How did comrade Old Hu get injured? And who were those young people? They don't seem to be students here! " Principal Li Baowei glanced at the room and roughly guessed what happened.

Principal, it's this female classmate Wu Wu who said that the Old Hu molested her and caused a ruckus at the Security Office. Director Jiang came out to settle this issue and told me to come take a look, those young people said that they were her cousins and we were all waiting outside for them to come negotiate. Zhao Qiankun cleared up the matter completely, hoping that Li Baowei could protect him.

He had only sat for a few years as the vice president, so he couldn't be pushed off the stage because of this.

"Ridiculous! Did I promote you just to make you work like a fool! " Li Baowei's face instantly fell, "Enough, you have been suspended for three months.

"Principal, I …" Zhao Qiankun's tears were about to fall, she never expected herself to be in so much trouble today.

"If you continue quibbling, I'll fire you!" Li Baowei glared at him. If he did not solve the problem like this, how could Hu Jianping agree to it?

Zhao Qiankun did not dare speak anymore, and silently stood to the side. Seeing that, Jiang Xiaolin also retreated, but he was still discovered.

"And who are you? Why haven't I seen you before? " Li Baowei hadn't really stayed at school to work recently, so he naturally didn't know about such a small matter as changing his Security Office for a director.

"Principal, I'm Jiang Xiaolin, the new Security Office Master." Jiang Xiaolin laughed awkwardly. When he spoke, his voice was trembling, and he could not help but glance at Old Hu and Hu Jianping.

"When did the Security Office Master change people?! Zhao Qiankun, you don't want to work anymore! You didn't even inform me about such a huge matter! " Li Baowei knew that it was the Old Hu before, and this result made him very angry.

Zhao Qiankun did not dare to speak anymore. With Hu Jianping here, he could not possibly say that the Old Hu was fired because of a disciplinary violation, right?

"Alright, you can suspend me for half a year!" You are not allowed to participate in any school activities during this period! " In order to satisfy Hu Jianping, Li Baowei had made up his mind.

"You, Jiang Baolin, I haven't even seen your hiring documents, so your duties are also invalid!" The Chief of Security Office was also a comrade from Old Hu! He is the great hero of our school! Have you all forgotten about it? "

Li Baowei still remembered the story of how he saved the beauty as a hero. In front of Hu Jianping, he had to reveal the fact that he had his eyes on the Old Hu.

Unexpectedly, the Old Hu heard this and actually opened his mouth to reject, "President Li, I appreciate your kindness, but I'm really not used to working as the chief of Security Office. Director Jiang, you just need to give me the captain of the defense team, and those youngsters still need to train themselves."