"I think it's good! That was right! This kind of scum is not worthy of being called a person. Furthermore, he's causing trouble in our school, it's simply worthy of expulsion! "

Jiang Xiaolin looked at the Old Hu in the corner and scolded happily.

This was what he wanted to do the most, but now that someone had done it for him, he was naturally happy.

Zhang Jian heard some noise coming from outside and rushed in again. Seeing Old Hu leaning against the wall motionlessly, he immediately ran over.

"Get out of my way! If a person's life is involved, I want to see what you do! "

He carried Old Hu on his back and placed him on a chair. He probed around and found that he had just fainted, so he quickly poured Old Hu a cup of water.

"You guys are really going too far! You didn't even do anything before injuring him!" Zhang Jian was indignant, he walked over to Jiang Xiaolin's side and reminded him in a low voice.

"Don't be too excessive, Old Hu is not an ordinary person." He wasn't very familiar with the background of the Old Hu, but he knew that he wasn't an ordinary person. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to turn the tables around the previous few times.

"Heh, a mere gatekeeper really thinks of himself as something!" Jiang Xiaolin was disdainful, he did not plan on letting Old Hu go.

"It's fine if I let him go, but give me thirty thousand yuan as compensation and we'll write it off, how about that?" Jiang Xiaolin was confident that the Old Hu wouldn't be able to take out that much money, which was why he said that.

"Thirty thousand?" Director Jiang, you're too... This is too black-hearted! "

"Thirty thousand dollars to be unscrupulous? He was molesting a female university student! If this matter gets to Police Station, it might be too late to end it, and might even end it with a penalty! " Jiang Xiaolin knew that Zhang Jian did not have much of a culture, he could be easily tricked, so he made this matter sound especially serious.

Old Hu had already woken up and heard their conversation. He stood up with difficulty from his chair and said, "Thirty thousand. Alright, I'll give it to you.

He was still feeling a little dizzy. He didn't know which brat kicked him in the head just now, but it caused him to feel a bit dizzy.

Hehe, Old Hu, if only you had been like this earlier, you wouldn't have suffered so much! Jiang Xiaolin walked over, laughed dryly, and patted on Old Hu's shoulder.

He just wanted to use the money to settle this issue, wanted to make the Old Hu pay a little bit of blood, and extract a little bit more commission.

"Uncle!" How can we let this matter go like this! " Wu Wu was not happy, the Old Hu was not beaten badly, but he could still stand up, and it was hard to vent!

"That's enough, Little Wu. I know you've been wronged, but now that he's beaten up and you have to pay him back, what else do you want?" really send him to the Police Station? What if the police say you're framing him? " Jiang Xiaolin had actually already guessed it before, this Wu Wu just wanted to take this opportunity to take care of Old Hu, since she was the one acting on her own. But in order to vent his anger, he could only cooperate.

He looked at Wu Wu, his eyes conveying a message, "That's enough!"

Wu Wu's family did not lack money, so they naturally did not care about the money, but if Jiang Xiaolin did not help her, it would not end well.

"Alright, then that's the decision. Old Hu, when are you going to pay the mental damages to Little Wu?" Zhao Qiankun didn't forget to stand in the center and preside over the matter.

"I can do it right now, but I don't have that much money on me. I'll get my family to send it off." Old Hu took out his phone and wanted to make a call.

The others did not have any objections, only Zhang Jian squinted his eyes, Old Hu did not have any other family members, he was just a bachelor!

Could it be that the Old Hu was going to make a big move? Zhang Jian muttered in his heart. He knew that it was impossible for the Old Hu to take such a loss, and he also believed that the Old Hu must have been framed by this little girl.

"Little Ping, hmm, I have something to do here. Come over and bring thirty thousand yuan." Old Hu made a call. He spoke calmly with no expression on his face, making it hard for people to tell what he had just experienced.

"Mm. Fine, I'll wait for you." The other side probably agreed. Old Hu answered a few times and then hung up.

"Good job, old thing. I didn't know that you had some background." Bald Brother came forward with a mischievous smile on his face. Although he did not enjoy himself to his heart's content, it was much better than last time.

It was just that he did not think that Old Hu would be so rich. This time, he had set his sights on Old Hu and included him in the list of people he could extort.

"Thirty thousand dollars is enough for a foundation?" "He really has never seen the world before!" Wu Wu sat down on the sofa. She was the most unhappy person in the room.

In order to frame Old Hu, she had even given her breasts to him, but in the end, she was still not satisfied.

"That's enough, sis. You don't have to go back on your words. It's almost time. You see, he also has a heart of regret, so just let him go this time. If there's a next time, I'll chop off his hand!" It wasn't the first time Bald Brother met Wu Wu, nor was it the first time he was ridiculed. It was just that people like him only cared about money, as long as they paid it, everything was fine.

Seeing that Wu Wu was so stifled, Zhao Qiankun walked to her side and comforted her, "Little Wu, don't be angry.

"Who wants to lose face!?" If he is shameless, I will be even more shameless! " Wu Wu stomped her feet in anger, she felt that all the people here were trash snacks, not a single one was powerful.

Zhao Qiankun was humiliated and did not speak anymore. Ten minutes passed and there was a burst of disturbance at the door, they all looked in, and when they saw it, they were shocked.

There was a Rolls-Royce parked at the entrance, followed by six Maserati. All of them were filled with people.

The next second, a young man walked down from the Rolls Royce. He was wearing a well-groomed suit and an expensive watch, and every move he made exuded the aura of a successful person.

He walked into the school with eight bodyguards behind him. They were all wearing the same black uniform and black sunglasses, which made the passersby scream in fear.

He did not look at anyone and directly walked into the duty room. Seeing Old Hu in a sorry state, he took off his jacket, walked to his side and put it on for him, "Second Uncle, I'm sorry I came late!"

Everyone present was stunned, one look was all sufficient to tell that this man was noble and not ordinary, why would he call Old Hu Second Uncle?

And when Zhao Qiankun looked carefully, he was completely stunned.

This was actually the school's honorary principal, Hu Jianping! In recent years, he had contributed tens of millions to the school!