"Absolutely!" Bald Brother made an 'ok' gesture with his hands and surrounded Old Hu with his subordinates.

"Old thing, you ruined my good fortune last time. This time …" We have to return it. " He took out a steel whip from his pocket, and with a flick, it turned into a meter-long weapon.

"This is the school, you have to take responsibility for injuring them." Old Hu 'kindly' reminded him, he was not sure if Bald Brother had the guts to think that he was just putting up a wall in front of the girl.

"So what? Aren't the two leaders outside our people? What are you afraid of? " Bald Brother slapped the steel whip in his hands with an arrogant attitude.

"Old thing, today I want you to kneel on the ground and call me grandpa! Last time, I was too careless. This time, my brothers and I will take revenge, right! " Bald Brother shouted, and the others immediately followed, taking out their daggers from their pockets.

Zhao Qiankun and the others could not see any of these.

Last time, Old Hu beat them so badly that they couldn't get out of bed for a few days. The reason why he prepared his weapon, was because he did not dare to underestimate Old Hu.

"Hehe, grandson, I didn't expect you to have so much courage and still dare to come find me. What, do you think you can knock me down just because you have something in your hand?" Old Hu was not willing to show weakness. Although he was still hesitating in his heart, whether he should make a move again at school.

He had suffered losses the previous two times. If he were to continue fighting this time around, what would the outcome be?

He could guess that as long as he made a move, the price would definitely not be light. When the time came, he would have to pay the medical fees as well, and that would be too much of a waste.

But looking at Wu Wu's expression, she had a feeling that he was going to kill him.

"You still dare to be stubborn? Watch how I take care of you!" Bald Brother was enraged, he kicked Old Hu on the stomach.

Old Hu was caught off guard and immediately fell to the ground, sliding a few meters back. When Wu Wu saw this, she cheered and jumped up from the sofa.

"Well fought! Bald Brother, don't forget our agreement! " She had once again used himself as bait to lure the Bald Brother.

At that moment, Old Hu felt that she was truly pitiful. She was willing to sacrifice herself to teach others a lesson, it was simply too foolish. When she grew up, she would definitely regret her actions today!

"Wu Wu, you will definitely regret it!" The Old Hu opened her mouth, but her voice was not loud, causing Wu Wu to not be able to hear him.

"Old thing, how dare you look at my sister!" Whichever hand you use to take advantage of her, I'll cripple that hand of yours! " The Bald Brother was more interested in Wu Wu, so as long as he succeeded, he would immediately stop taking Wu Wu seriously.

But right now, he still had not succeeded, so he felt that Wu Wu was a heavenly treasure. As long as someone dared to covet her, he would fight with whoever!

"Hit him? He was the one who touched my chest!" Wu Wu directly jumped onto the sofa, she was extremely agitated.

"Damn you, I haven't even touched her, yet you dare to touch her breasts!?" Brothers, beat him to death! " Bald Brother felt that his dignity was being challenged and immediately became anxious. Five or six people rushed forward at the same time.

Old Hu decided not to make a move, but he could not continue being beaten up, so he started to dodge.

His movements were extremely agile, he had already dodged several of Bald Brother's ruthless moves, and Old Hu was still a little proud of himself.

"Why are all of you so useless? Even so many people couldn't defeat an old man!" Wu Wu watched anxiously in her heart, afraid that Bald Brother and the others would suffer losses today.

"Good, old thing, I didn't expect you to be so powerful, but this time I will definitely not let you off lightly!" Bald Brother learned his lesson from last time, so he came this time fully prepared.

If the Old Hu was easily defeated, they would still be fine, but if it was very hard to deal with, he would have to use a special trick.

With that, Bald Brother took out a paper bag from his pocket and threw it onto Old Hu's face when he wasn't paying attention.

Immediately, Old Hu was covered in white mist, his eyes could not even open, and he started to cough while squatting on the ground.

"Brothers!" "Come on!" Bald Brother and the others had already prepared a hood long ago, and if there was nothing wrong, they would go up and punch and kick Old Hu. Old Hu could not see anything and could not dodge anymore.

Old Hu was well aware of this principle and knew that it was impossible for him to get away with it every time.

"Well fought! Keep fighting! " Wu Wu jumped on the sofa to cheer them on. Bald Brother looked at her beautiful smile and became even more motivated.

Not long later, the Old Hu stopped moving. Wu Wu looked like she had vented her anger, and was still unwilling to have the Bald Brother stop, but a few of her subordinates had already started to hesitate.

"Brother, let's not kill them. We are the ones who are going to the prison." He poked Bald Brother's arm, indicating him to stop.

Bald Brother felt that what he said was reasonable, even if he wanted to pick up girls, it wasn't enough to get himself involved.

"Why did you stop? Hurry up and continue fighting!" Bald Brother, don't forget! Otherwise, don't blame me for turning hostile! " Wu Wu was unhappy, she had not seen enough.

"Darling, look at how he's not moving, we can't let anyone die here." Bald Brother scratched the back of his head, embarrassed.

"What, you're scared now? His bones were so hard, how could something so easily happen to him! Hurry up and do it! " Wu Wu stomped her feet in anger.

Bald Brother did not have any other choice. In order to make the beautiful smile, he had to continue fighting. However, before he could fight much, the door to the duty room was pushed open.

"How was your discussion …" Jiang Xiaolin pushed the door and entered, suddenly he saw a group of people surrounding Old Hu, with sticks and daggers in their hands, scared to the point of gulping down their saliva. Just as he wanted to leave, they remembered that he was at school, he did not need to be afraid of them, so he walked in.

"Wu Wu, what are you doing?" Zhao Qiankun also walked in, seeing the scene, he gasped for breath, he did not expect there to be a fight inside.

"Uncle …" "It's him that's bullying me. My cousin couldn't stand watching this any longer, so he hit him a little bit to teach him a lesson …" Wu Wu's tears flowed down so easily, the two leaders felt for her and focused their attention on her.

"Don't cry anymore, there's still us." Zhao Qiankun took the initiative to hug her close to his chest. In order to curry favor with him, Wu Wu didn't dodge this time and even burrowed into his embrace, causing Zhao Qiankun to be even more elated.

"Quickly put them away." Jiang Xiaolin walked to the side of the wall and whispered to Bald Brother. They quickly put the things in their pockets and then there was no more evidence.

"Chief Jiang, look at this …" Zhao Qiankun touched Wu Wu's hair and looked at him with difficulty.