After an unknown period of time, Old Hu finally passed out. During this night, nothing unexpected happened, and Zhao Yali slept very peacefully.

Originally, Old Hu had planned to wake up naturally and take Zhao Yali to eat breakfast. However, he didn't expect that Zhao Yali would disappear the moment she woke up in the morning.

He looked around the room, and finally saw a slip of paper, which was left behind by Zhao Yali. It read: "Master, thank you for taking me in for the night, you are really a good person, a good person will definitely be rewarded!"

When Old Hu saw this, he felt a little ashamed. He had taken advantage of her last night but was still treated as a good person. Then again, he was definitely a good person because he held back from touching her yesterday.

Seeing that it was still early, Old Hu went back to take a nap. This time, he had a beautiful dream, where many of the female protagonists with fair skin and beautiful long legs also had Zhao Yali, Su Fei, Chen Liyun and even Chen Bing.

Amongst the four of them, Chen Bing was the most shameless, wholeheartedly wanting to squeeze the Old Hu dry but was constantly being begged for mercy by the Old Hu.

In his dreams, he was rather arrogant. He fought four against one, and he didn't feel tired at all. He also persisted for a very long time. Old Hu felt that he was dreaming, but he didn't want to wake up.

In fact, Zhao Yali left around 5 o'clock. Because she was afraid that others would see her leaving, she set her alarm clock in advance and quietly left.

When Old Hu fell asleep, it was already noon. After washing up, he went to the cafeteria to eat breakfast, then came to the basketball court. He used to come here often to play basketball with those young men, and he felt that he had returned to his youth.

There were too many people on the basketball court today, so he came to the back of the mountain because he felt crowded.

The back of the mountain was made up of several fake mountains. There were also small ponds here, and lotus flowers could be seen in the pond during the summer. The scenery was pretty good, and many couples liked to come here to date.

Old Hu strolled around, and then he heard the sounds of a young couple quarreling.

"Tell me, how am I inferior to that village girl? "Why do you like her? She doesn't like me!" This woman's voice was very sharp. Old Hu frowned, wondering where he had heard it before.

"Can you not speak so harshly? What village girl!?" I don't think she is at all! " The boy tried to defend himself. From the content, there should be a third party between the two of them.

"She is a country girl! Furthermore, it was a lousy village girl! You have to like her no matter who you like! Don't you know she's my nemesis? " The girl started to shout again, her voice was loud, Old Hu finally remembered who she was, it was the young miss of a rich family, Wu Wu!

The Old Hu became interested and hid behind the fake mountain, not too far away from them. However, he could completely hear the contents of the mountain without worrying about being discovered.

"What nemesis, Yali never took you seriously, you were the one who refused to give up. You were the one who instigated the last match, why don't you admit your defeat?" The boy spoke towards Zhao Yali, causing Old Hu to be unable to resist looking at his appearance.

He was a good boy, but he did not know what kind of character he had. Listening to his tone, could it be that Wu Wu was his girlfriend?

"How can you speak to her! I obviously liked you first! I asked her to give you that love letter. I wrote it myself! Why did it turn into you liking her in the end? She must have done something in the middle of it, yet you're still defending her like this. You don't even know her true appearance! She is every green tea bitch! " The more Wu Wu spoke, the angrier she got, but her tone was still aggrieved and tearful.

A love letter? Old Hu had never heard of this matter from Zhao Yali, could it be that there was some trick to it?

"Wu Wu, can you not be so childish? I have never opened that love letter before, before you came to the Chinese department, I already liked Yali. She said that it was a love letter for a student, and I threw it away." The boy tried his best to explain, but he didn't know that this would only make the person on the other side angrier.

"Lin Yuhao!" Aren't you going too far! You can't bully me like this just because I like you! " Wu Wu stomped her feet in anger.

"I'm not, I'm just speaking the truth. From the start, you were the one who directed the show, and no one else participated. How could you not understand? I still have a lesson, so I'm leaving." The boy was about to leave after saying that, but Wu Wu grabbed his wrist.

"Senior!" Don't go, you are the first person I have ever liked so much since I was young. I fell in love with you at first sight, that village girl is not worthy of you, you should belong to me! "

"You like me, so I must like you?" Clearly, he had no interest in her at all.

What's so good about Zhao Yali! Do you like her big breasts? " As Wu Wu roared, Lin Yuhao was first stunned, and then his eyes became a little evasive. After that, he calmly said, "Right, he's older than you, I just like him!"

Old Hu's heart thumped. He did not know if he said this in anger, or if it was because he had secretly told Zhao Yali something.

"I will not let Zhao Yali go! "Ahhh!" Looking at Lin Yuhao's resolute back figure, Wu Wu gritted her teeth in hatred. Old Hu felt that something was wrong, this guy was not protecting Zhao Yali, he was obviously harming her.

Wu Wu called him senior, and Zhao Yali also mentioned a senior before. She also said that the male student she was close to recently was this Lin Yuhao, right?

Old Hu felt a little sour in his heart. It was as if someone robbed him of a toy he didn't really love.

Wu Wu stomped her feet in anger. After a while, she took out her phone and made a call.

"Hey, Bald Brother, I have something that I need your help with …" Wu Wu's voice was very coy as she spoke a string of words.

Her voice was too soft, making it hard for Old Hu to hear what she said. However, from her expression and tone, it could be seen that this matter was related to Zhao Yali, and it was definitely not a good thing!

Old Hu thought that he should find an opportunity to remind Zhao Yali to be more careful. "Bald Brother" was not a good name.