The two of them continued eating and chatting until midnight. Only then did Old Hu reluctantly return to the dorm.

Su Fei's leg had recovered quite well. Although her wounds had not completely healed, she was finally able to walk normally.

But one day, when she went downstairs to fetch hot water, she felt her calves go weak and she almost fell down the stairs. She even twisted her feet.

When Old Hu heard the news, he immediately rushed over to take a look.

"He's already so old, why is he so careless when walking?" Old Hu felt his heart ache when he saw her bulging ankles, so he quickly checked them for her.

"I... "At that time, I felt that my legs were too weak, so I stepped on them …" Su Fei felt wronged, she was not hurt on purpose, she had no way of working now.

"This useless leg! This is too disappointing! " Su Fei anxiously used her fists to smash, and was grabbed by the Old Hu.

"Such a childish temper. Didn't you hurt yourself by smashing it?" While pinching Su Fei's hand in passing, Old Hu took off her shoes and socks to take a closer look.

"I'll make a cold compress for you first. We'll see how it works tomorrow. If it doesn't work out, we can go to the hospital to make a film. I don't think that's a big problem."

Old Hu pretended to look and pinched it, then asked Su Fei if it hurt. Su Fei said that it didn't hurt, so he went to find ice.

He then came back and made a cold compress for Su Fei. The swelling had subsided a lot, but Su Fei said that she felt very itchy all over her body. She had been doing it for a few days already, and it was especially severe today.

When the Old Hu heard this, he felt that his chance had come.

"That can't be delayed. Let me take a look." Old Hu pretended to be serious, but he was actually considering how to take advantage of Su Fei.

Hearing Old Hu's explanation, Su Fei hurriedly pulled up his sleeves and showed them to Old Hu. There were a few red spots on her skin, but they were not very obvious.

"Do you have any other reactions?" Old Hu looked at her skin carefully. It was white and tender, making people unable to resist kissing it.

"It's just that I have nothing to do during the day and always feel itchy when I come back at night, especially after taking off my clothes." Su Fei was troubled, seeing that the Old Hu was so serious, she thought that she had contracted some kind of skin disease.

"Ah, you, you... It's a bit serious, but it looks like it's a bacterial infection! " Old Hu began to tell lies with his eyes wide open.

Through Su Fei's explanation and her own life experience, this should have been caused by a cold and a hot wind.

Furthermore, the weather was unstable due to the change of seasons. As long as he didn't catch a cold during normal times, it would be fine.

"Really? I didn't do anything, then what should we do, Uncle! " Su Fei panicked a little and subconsciously grabbed onto Old Hu's arm, his entire body falling into his embrace.

"Don't worry, let me think." Old Hu tidied up her clothes, rubbed his chin and pretended to think.

"You need to bathe all over your body and use a massage to expel the poison at the same time. This way, I'll go back and get some medicine and then you can eat it. I'll help you take the rest."

After the Old Hu finished speaking, without waiting for Su Fei's reply, he returned to the dorm, took a few pieces of Bremin and returned back to Su Fei's home.

Su Fei was still sitting on the sofa, he took the initiative to pour water for her to eat, this was a common allergic medicine, after eating it, she would be drowsy and it would be convenient for the Old Hu to take action.

"Great sir, my wound …" "Don't touch the water." Su Fei only reacted after taking the medicine. Her wounds had not completely healed, and her own walking was inconvenient. How could she bathe?

"If you don't mind, I can help you, and there doesn't seem to be a better way." The Old Hu shrugged and observed Su Fei's expression.

"But that's embarrassing." Su Fei didn't move, but she was still very hesitant in her heart.

"If you don't want me to treat you, then I'll take you to the hospital tomorrow." The Old Hu said, that was why he said this, knowing that Su Fei was short on money and did not want to go to the hospital.

Indeed, when Su Fei heard about going to the hospital, she frowned, "Is it really that serious?"

"Fungal infections can only be cured by a hot bath, probably because you stuck something dirty in the forest last time, but if you miss the time and the development gets serious, you'll have to go to the hospital for surgery."

Old Hu did not tell her the truth, but seeing that she was cooperating, he started to scare her.

"Then I'll have to trouble you to help me." Su Fei said with a red face, thinking, it's not like I haven't seen him naked before, I'll just have to be shameless again this time.

She felt that the Old Hu was a serious person, so she did not put too much thought into it.

"Alright." Old Hu agreed readily and carried her into the bathroom.

There was a bathtub in the bathroom, but Su Fei rarely used it.

"Sit here first. I'll clean you up so that you won't get any more serious." Old Hu placed Su Fei on a stool at the side. Then, he found a brush and a cleaning agent for himself, and began to wash the bathtub.

Ten minutes later he was finally finished, but sweating profusely.

Seeing him being so considerate, Su Fei was moved in her heart and felt that she did not choose the wrong person.

After that, the Old Hu filled the bathtub with water and turned to Su Fei after the water temperature had been adjusted, "Xiao Fei, I'll help you take off your clothes, don't touch the wound. In a while, your leg will be hanging on the bathtub. I'll help you hold onto it and try not to get wet. "

Seeing that Su Fei nodded and did not refute her, she started to unbutton Su Fei's shirt.

When he bent over, he could clearly see the spring colors in the undergarment. His face was extremely close to Su Fei's little face, and it was so close that they could kiss each other when he raised his head.

Old Hu could clearly feel that Su Fei's breathing had quickened, and his hands could even faintly touch her tender skin, unwittingly trying to seduce her.

With his shirt removed and a pink Bra on his head, Old Hu gulped a mouthful of saliva. His voice sounded exceptionally loud in this small space.

He did not know if Su Fei heard it, but she did not react at all, so Old Hu would not feel too awkward.

Old Hu's hands were just about to reach for the buckle at the back, when he took the initiative to pull it back.

"You do it yourself." He told Su Fei in a soft voice that this wouldn't show any intentions in his mind.

"Oh." Su Fei was stunned, she quickly replied and quickly took off her undergarment.

Just as Old Hu was about to squat down, he felt something soft bounce on his face. He subconsciously raised his head to look, and saw that it was the two big white rabbits that had been liberated.

Being glanced at in such a way, Su Fei's face turned red, and the Old Hu hurriedly lowered her head.

When it was the lower half of her body, Su Fei wore a floral dress. Old Hu placed both of her hands on her waist, and helped her to take off her skirt, while pulling on her inner dress.

"Grandpa is going to take it off too?" Su Fei swiftly grabbed onto the last barrier.

"If you weren't injured, this leg would have fallen off as well." That meant he had to get rid of everything.

Su Fei didn't say anything and released her hand.

Then the pink interior slipped between her feet and was torn off with her skirt.