After the injection, because Su Fei's body was too weak, she slept on the sickbed. When she woke up, it was already in the middle of the night, Zhao Yali had already been sent back to school by the Old Hu, and the only companion left was the Old Hu.

"Uncle, have you been guarding here the entire time?"

Su Fei looked at his haggard face and felt her heart ache.

"Why are you awake? Go back to sleep. The doctor said you need to rest more. I'll be watching you from here. Don't worry." Old Hu got up and tucked her in, telling her to quickly sleep.

You can be at ease with the students. I've already informed the teachers to bring them back from school and everything has been arranged. Right now, the most important thing for you is to rest.

Old Hu patted Su Fei's hand and took the chance to help him.

"Alright, Uncle. There are beds over there as well. You can go up and lie down." Su Fei was extremely weak, and fell asleep after a few words of advice. When she woke up again, it was already broad daylight.

Looking around the treatment room, there was no sign of the Old Hu, Su Fei was panicking a little.

But not long after, they saw Old Hu carrying small dishes and porridge in.

"Don't even mention it, the food in this hospital is much better than in the People's Hospital of the city!" Old Hu walked in with a smile, "These are all for free."

He had stayed in the City People's Hospital for a while, but he knew that although the environment there was good, the food was very poor and the fees were very high. The doctors were also very cold, unlike here, everyone was very kind.

After accompanying Su Fei and eating breakfast, he found a doctor to examine it.

"Alright, now it looks like there won't be any big problems. When we go back, we must remember to check at the Municipal People's Hospital. We mustn't be careless." When the doctor informed Old Hu, they thought that he was Su Fei's boyfriend.

"Alright doctor, I will definitely remember this!" Old Hu agreed.

Then, after changing the medicine for Su Fei and using preventive measures, the Old Hu contacted a taxi and brought Su Fei back to school.

Because Su Fei's legs had not recovered yet and walking was inconvenient, the Old Hu carried her after she got off the car. Luckily the students were all in class and no one saw them, otherwise Su Fei would really be embarrassed to death.

Old Hu carried Su Fei all the way to the dorm room, placed her on the bed, and boiled water to cut fruits for her.

After he left, Su Fei looked at the room. The Old Hu's figure was everywhere, the feeling of being taken care of was just too wonderful.

Because Old Hu had requested for a leave of absence in advance, Su Fei avoided going to the Education Bureau to handle the formalities. As long as she laid peacefully on the bed, everything would be fine.

But that old thing, Sun Longbo, used this matter to inform Su Fei of everything. He said that without the school's approval, she had brought his students on an autumn trip on the mountain.

On the account that none of the students were injured, the school did not deal with Su Fei, but instead gave him a warning.

Therefore, Su Fei was also very vexed. She clearly had good intentions, but she didn't expect that she would do such a bad thing. Furthermore, it was all because of her.

The following week, Old Hu was given an honorable opportunity to visit. He would come to visit Su Fei everyday, and he stayed there for almost an entire day.

He would either help her wash the fruits and cut the fruits, or accompany her to eat or even feed Su Fei, or take her to the hospital to treat her wounds, and also change the medicine for inspection.

In short, in this week, their relationship had deepened by a lot.

Today, Su Fei was worried about a stack of hospital receipts when Old Hu knocked on the door and came in. She quickly stuffed the bills under the bed.

These medical fees were not a small amount. Some of them were even given to her by the Old Hu s, but she was too embarrassed to let them pay all the way back, so she spent a lot of money herself.

For Su Fei who was in a special situation, these thousands of yuan were not a small amount.

"What are you hiding? "Still not letting me see it?" Old Hu raised his eyebrows, thinking that she was hiding something private.

"Nothing, nothing, nothing …" Su Fei lowered her head, a little flustered from her lack of confidence.

This piqued Old Hu's curiosity even more, and he started to make insinuations.

"Did some little boy write you a love letter?"

"Did Yali talk nonsense with you?" Su Fei curled her lips helplessly. Everything was fine with Yali, it was just a big mouth. She would tell Old Hu everything about him once she found out.

"Look at you, did I guess it correctly? But what's there to be embarrassed about? It's not like I've never seen a little boy confess to you before. " Old Hu laughed and did not take it seriously.

Previously, when he was studying at night, he saw a freshman holding a bunch of roses and confessing to Su Fei downstairs. However, Su Fei politely rejected him and advised him to study hard.

"Uncle, stop joking with me." Su Fei was so pressured by the bills that she couldn't breath, she didn't have any mind to joke, and the smile on her face slowly disappeared.

"Alright, alright. Oh right, I came today to tell you some good news." Old Hu took out a piece of proof from his pocket.

"You see, today I went to the Finance Department to approve the work injury for you. Those medical schools have all given out the work injury." Old Hu was pleased with himself as he held the documents in his hands.

"Wah!" Really! The school has really agreed to it? " Su Fei felt that this was unbelievable, she had clearly been punished just now.

"Really? With such an outstanding teacher like you, how could they bear to disagree!" Old Hu looked at her with a smile.

In reality, this was something that Old Hu had obtained by threatening Sun Longbo. At first, Sun Longbo had never agreed to it, but after some time, he had no other choice and could only agree to Old Hu's request.

"This is great!" A huge boulder in Su Fei's heart was finally lifted.

Old Hu could tell that she was worried about the medical fees, which was why he made such a move.

Even if he had the ability to back Su Fei up, Su Fei wouldn't be too happy if she knew, so he thought of this method.

After this matter, Su Fei was even more reliant on the Old Hu, she knew clearly that this matter would not go as smoothly as compared to the Old Hu, although she did not know what method she used, she was truly grateful to him from the bottom of her heart.

After a week, Su Fei's vacation ended and her wound was pretty much healed. She returned to her job.

However, after a few days of happy days, she received a call from her mother. She said that her father's old ailment had occurred again, and he needed to pay a medical fee for the operation!

However, she had already sent all her salary back in the past few months, so she didn't have any extra money to give them.

This time, Su Fei was really worried, she even wanted to go and take the loan.

But she didn't have a house or a car, her salary wasn't that high, and the bank might not be able to lend to her.

After thinking for a long time, Su Fei decided to borrow money from her boyfriend Huang Hailong.

The two of them had not contacted each other for almost ten days, even when Su Fei was injured, he had not come to greet them.