Her actions just now had expended a lot of effort on Old Hu, and before he could even react, she saw that Zhao Yali was already dressed.

"That old man, thank you for saving me just now. The class is almost gathered, I'll go back first!" After she finished speaking, she did not wait for Old Hu's reply and ran off.

"This girl, what's going on?" Old Hu wiped the sweat off his forehead. Just as he was wondering, he suddenly smelled a whiff of milk on his palm.

No wonder this Little Girl was so embarrassed. So it was …

Hehe …

There was no helping it, it was better for her to develop here. She was in such a rush, so she could only catch what she wanted.

After Zhao Yali left, Old Hu took out his heart and ate two bites. Taking advantage of the situation, he felt extremely comfortable, so he started to hum a little tune to fish again.

At the same time, his mind was still on Zhao Yali's small body, he should find a time to eat her into his stomach to have a taste.

The Old Hu began to silently calculate, as though Zhao Yali was already happy under him.

After half an hour had passed, just as Old Hu was about to pack up and return to school, Zhao Yali came running over again!

This time, her small face was pale and panicked, as if something big had happened.

"Great sir!" It's good that you're still here! " She almost cried when she saw Old Hu, "Quickly follow me up the mountain to take a look, Teacher Su has been bitten by a snake!"

"What?" "Hurry up and go!" When the Old Hu heard that something had happened to Su Fei, he immediately urged Zhao Yali to lead the way.

It took them around ten minutes to go up from the Great Clarity Lake's mountain. Like this, twenty minutes passed by and Old Hu was getting more and more worried about Su Fei's injuries.

There might be poisonous snakes in this mountain, but what could be done?

As he walked, he inquired about what was going on with Zhao Yali.

"Why would the Teacher Su be bitten by a snake? You went into the forest? " Old Hu frowned, his tone becoming more serious.

As soon as it came to Su Fei, he became especially serious.

"Teacher Su said … "They wanted to go to the forest to pick mushrooms, and they didn't go too deep either. There were a few guys following them, but they ended up getting bitten by a snake just like that."

Zhao Yali was also very worried. No one knew the origins of the snake, but it would become serious even if it was bitten by it on TV. It couldn't even take seven steps, so everyone was extremely terrified.

"Don't worry, I'll go take a look. It might not be that serious. As long as it isn't a venomous snake, it's fine." Although Old Hu comforted Zhao Yali like this, he kept mumbling in his heart.

When they finally arrived in the forest, the entire class was surrounding Su Fei. She was sitting on a rock, her calves was already swollen and the blood on her wound was slightly black.

Not good! Old Hu thought.

He quickly walked to Su Fei's side, without saying a word, he pulled up her pants and started to suck in blood. Old Hu inhaled very hard, even Su Fei could feel her calves twitching.




After spitting out three mouthfuls of blood, Su Fei's wounds started to bleed red.

Old Hu heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. This proved that the poison on the surface was almost eliminated.

"We can't stay here any longer, lest the rest of you get bitten by the snake. Let's hurry up and go down the mountain!" Old Hu proposed, and then carried Su Fei on her back, and walked in front.

"Great sir, why are you here?" Su Fei was very surprised when she saw Old Hu just now, but she didn't have the time to speak.

"I was sleeping at school when I was suddenly dreamed by a deity. He said that he wanted me to come and save you if anything happened to you, so I flew over here." The Old Hu was afraid that Su Fei would worry about her wounds, so she started to joke with him, and as expected, her words made Su Fei giggle.

"Great sir, you're still not willing to speak to me properly!" Su Fei tapped his shoulder as she spoke in a coquettish tone.

"Look, how serious I am speaking, and you even misunderstood me. It really makes me sad!" "Say, I didn't fly here. How did I come to drug you so quickly?" The Old Hu asked.

"Then... Maybe you followed me here! " Su Fei was no longer that nervous and started a joke with him.

Zhao Yali followed closely behind them. Seeing that the Old Hu was treating Su Fei so well, she actually felt a sour feeling in her heart, and she couldn't tell why, but she felt that it wasn't very comfortable.

"Zhao Yali, what are you thinking! It must be because she's too worried about the Teacher Su. She's already injured to such a degree and you still have such wild thoughts. Zhao Yali could not help but pat her little head and scold.

They arrived at the foot of the mountain. As the bicycle could not let Su Fei leave, Old Hu decided to go to a nearby village to borrow a car.

His departure lasted for half an hour. Many students began to stir restlessly, wondering if he had abandoned these people and left by himself.

Seeing that the sky was about to turn dark, everyone was a little afraid.

When Old Hu arrived at the village, he went around a few rounds but could not find a single vehicle. In the end, he borrowed a small donkey cart from the Village Chief's house.

And here he was, betting him three hundred yuan!

When Old Hu rode back on a small donkey cart, all the university students in the city scoffed at him.

"I thought he was so powerful!"

"It's just a broken car, when will we be able to send Teacher Su back?!"

"Really, to say the truth, when he is sent to the hospital, I'm afraid even the Teacher Su will not be able to do so."

There was no lack of people who would sneer at him, even in times of crisis.

It was not that Old Hu did not hear him, but he did not refute him, and only carried Su Fei onto the carriage and headed in the opposite direction.

"Hey, look at this old man, what is he doing!?" We're not going back! "

"If you want to go back, go back by yourselves. Don't be unable to help!" It's just that you guys have a mouth! " Zhao Yali found a bicycle and ignored the students as she followed closely behind the donkey.

"Great sir, where are we going?" Su Fei also could not care about those students, because she could clearly feel some pain in her leg, so she guessed that this poison was not light.

"I've asked around, there's a people's hospital 2 nearby, we'll go there now." Old Hu had made proper arrangements and kept urging the donkey to hurry up.

After that, no one spoke, as they all passed through the tense atmosphere.

Ten minutes later, they arrived at People's Second Hospital. It was a remote hospital with many mental patients. Although they could not perform major surgery, treating the snake venom was not a problem.

Old Hu called Su Fei for an emergency treatment, and a doctor quickly came to treat her wounds.

The doctor said that Su Fei had been poisoned by a medium grade snake poison. If not for the large amount of poisonous blood that Old Hu sucked out at the beginning, Su Fei would have been shocked.

However, they also allowed Su Fei not to worry. They had medicine especially for forest snake, bug, and ant, giving Su Fei an injection would be alright.