The girls were naturally happy when they heard this. They didn't need to go into the water to eat fish. But Zhao Yali didn't wait on the shore, and went into the water with the Old Hu.

"Yali, you're not in a good condition, you shouldn't have followed me into the water." The Old Hu was afraid that Zhao Yali would fall to the ground, so she held her hand all the way.

"After all, this is our own mission. It's fine if the people in the city can't calm down, but I can't just watch you work for us for nothing. Besides, it's not easy to get such an opportunity, how could I miss out on such an opportunity? " Zhao Yali looked at Old Hu and smiled very sweetly. Under the sunlight, she looked even more youthful and beautiful.

The Old Hu didn't know what she meant, but in truth, Zhao Yali had a very good impression of the Old Hu. Adding to the fact that he had just cured the constipation that he had been worrying about for a long time, Zhao Yali felt an inexplicable sense of reliance on him.

As long as Old Hu was around, she would want to follow along, no matter what.

"Great sir, look! There's a big grass fish over there!" Not long after she entered the water, Zhao Yali caught sight of a fish with her sharp eyes and quickly made the Old Hu bend down.

"Shh — —" The Old Hu signaled her to be quiet and not to move. Then, he moved towards the side of the rock bit by bit.

The Old Hu used his fastest hand to grab ahold of the fish and threw it into a bucket on the shore.

"Hehe!" "Today, it's truly unfortunate. It's going to become our delicacy!" That fish was so fat that Zhao Yali almost drooled from craving for it.

Back in the village, I would often go into the water with my friends to catch fish and then roast them without any seasonings. Zhao Yali couldn't help but recall.

At that time, their friends were all very simple, unlike the current girls who were hypocritical and had eyes for each other.

"Yes, but have you ever tasted raw fish?" Old Hu raised his eyebrows and asked with a smile on his face.

As expected, Zhao Yali let out an "Ah", it was a little unbelievable, "Great sir, have you eaten it raw?"

She remembered that the Old Hu had told her before that she had eaten snakes while training in the army.

"You guessed it right. Once we were sent out on a mission in the rainforest. You know it was very damp there, and there's no way we could have found a dry match. We couldn't starve to death, so we ate a lot of animals." When Old Hu thought back to it now, he was filled with interest.

Honestly speaking, he regretted his desire for peace all those years ago and had to withdraw from the army. Otherwise, he would be like Chen Lin, a famous general now.

"What's the taste of the sashimi? I heard that the Japanese are eating it raw. It's quite expensive." Zhao Yali asked curiously.

"It depends on what kind of fish they eat. The Japanese are eating salmon, a rare species. What we eat is all some unknown fish. Some of them look weird, but it's just a fishy smell. I can't say for sure. "

The Old Hu smiled. Little Girl was rather simple, it could be said that he had never seen the world before. This made it easier to fool him.

"Really? Then I'll still eat cooked dishes." Zhao Yali stuck out her tongue at him, then began to grab at her heart.

The two of them managed to catch four or five of them within a short period of time.

While the few girls were cleaning up, Zhao Yali and Old Hu started to chat casually.

"Have you been alright?" Old Hu tried it out. The effect of the passionate medicine last time was not bad, he really wanted to try it again.

Now, looking at the Zhao Yali who was dressed in clothes, he couldn't even resist anymore.

This was because this little girl's figure was simply too great. The image of her being unable to stop herself from appearing in front of him for so many days was something that he would never be able to get rid of.

"Thanks to you, I've been fine for the past few days. You're too amazing. You should just go back to your old job as a Chinese doctor!" How would Zhao Yali know the reason why she would kindly advise Old Hu?

"Hehe, I can just let you see the illness, but I can't see the big problem. Being a doctor isn't as easy as it is now. I'm old, so I still prefer these kind of peaceful days." Old Hu laughed heartily.

"True, as long as you are happy!"

"Oh right, you have to do this often, if the conditions permit, you can also go to the pedicure shop to let them pinch you. If there are no conditions, find an acupuncture point on the internet and pinch it often. When you take your leave, it won't hurt so much."

"Yes, yes. I've remembered them all."

"Oh yeah, when you're bathing, you can add some Artemisia selengensis, but don't add it during the break. It's easier to increase your HP." Old Hu added.

"Uncle, I feel that my skin has been a bit dark lately. Do you have any ideas?" Zhao Yali felt that the Old Hu knew everything, so she wanted to ask him.

"Well, you can eat more vitamin C, vitamin B12, and vitamin D. You can go to the drugstore and mix some pearl powder with your girls' Yumijing. Wearing it on your face is better than any cosmetics!" According to his own understanding, Old Hu was just spouting nonsense, it didn't matter whether she was useful or not.

"Remember to use it for a long period of time. If you have any allergic reactions to your face, then don't use it anymore. Besides, you're not black. It's so white that you're glowing; don't tell me you want to blind me?"

Old Hu also praised Zhao Yali a little. Girls were the least praised, as long as someone said they had good points, they would easily drift away.

Indeed, Zhao Yali felt embarrassed.

"Great sir, you truly know how to joke around." She turned to go back, but because she was in too much of a hurry, her feet slipped and her body fell uncontrollably.

Fortunately, Old Hu wasn't too far away from her, and she reacted at the first possible moment by reaching out her hands to grab a very soft spot.

"Oh my god, you scared me to death!" Zhao Yali opened her eyes and realized that she did not fall into the water.

But when she reacted, she found that Old Hu's hands were covering her chest, tightly holding it.

Her face suddenly flushed red, wanting to struggle free from Old Hu's embrace. Unexpectedly, her feet became even more slippery, and she fell down once again.

"Kid, what are you doing!" Old Hu hugged her again in the same way, with her thighs right between her legs. Suddenly, a wave of warmth made Zhao Yali think that she had wet her pants, and her face turned even redder.

This way, she didn't dare to move recklessly, and could only allow Old Hu to carry her to the edge of the water.

The moment they touched land, Zhao Yali immediately escaped from his embrace and hurriedly put on her shoes, afraid that someone would see what happened just now.