"Little girl, what nonsense are you talking about? Why would I take your revenge?" Old Hu grabbed her little hand and said leisurely.

Su Fei looked at his sincere eyes, and felt embarrassed.

"Then we …" Shall we begin? " Su Fei reminded Old Hu. After all, she was feeling extremely terrible.

"Alright, you go lie on the bed first, I'll give you a massage first." When he saw that she was uncomfortable, he immediately picked her up, walked to the bedside and gently put her down.

Their actions were done in one go, and the two of them looked like a couple.

The gentleness of the Old Hu made Su Fei's heart warm. He could not even remember Huang Hailong's figure.

After laying Su Fei down, Old Hu rubbed his palms together, making it heat up, he then placed it on Su Fei's lower abdomen.

"How is it? Isn't it very warm?"

"Yes, it's very warm and comfortable." Su Fei nodded, her face filled with bashfulness.

Although it wasn't the first time they had intimate physical contact, she still couldn't help but blush.

"Alright, then I'll start the massage." Old Hu pressed his palm against her lower abdomen. Through the thin layer of cloth, he could feel his soft skin.

After that, Old Hu massaged Su Fei's body clockwise. He raised his fingers using force in his palm so that he wouldn't hurt her.

A man's palm was naturally prone to getting hot, so after a while, Su Fei no longer felt the pain in her stomach, it was even more effective than a hot water bottle.

"Great sir, you're really amazing. I don't even feel pain in my stomach anymore."

"Hehe, it can be said that you've had a relapse. However, it's different from your previous illness. I'll massage you like this, and you can feel free from it once you're done."

Old Hu laughed, as if he understood the situation very well.

"Is that so …" Su Fei had an "Understood" look on her face, but when she heard Old Hu speak seriously, she did not know that it was all a coincidence.

It was because she was cold that her stomach hurt. After drinking hot water, the cold air wouldn't fuse together in her intestines, so the pain was even worse. Only then did she start to feel afraid.

Actually, a massage would be enough to vent the gas.

Following that, Su Fei burped a few times and felt her body relax a lot more.

"Xiao Fei, your grandpa is very serious with you. Although you are still young, you must take care of your body. The matter of your relapse earlier I told you, you definitely cannot underestimate it."

Old Hu patted her lower abdomen as he spoke. His hands did not stop moving as he continued to move up.

"Uncle, I'll have to trouble you today. Help me treat it again." Su Fei pulled Old Hu's arm, his voice soft like a little sheep's.

"It's no trouble at all. From now on, just listen to my arrangements. I'll help you recuperate a bit more." Old Hu was secretly happy, the chance had finally come!

Su Fei nodded, then Old Hu asked her to turn around and lie on the bed, she did the same.

He pushed the nightgown over her waist, revealing her round and big butt, causing Old Hu to almost drool.

He rode on top of the woman's legs, rested his hands on Su Fei's shoulders and said softly, "Relax."

Then he ran his hands down her body, pressing his palms against her skin and rubbing them back and forth.

"Xiao Fei, this isn't too good of an effect, you should still … Take off your skirt. " Old Hu swallowed his saliva and almost let out a sound.

"Alright." Although Su Fei was very shy, but she felt that the cloth was too troublesome and had to be taken off.

Other than a pink colored rabbit, Su Fei was not wearing anything else. Two big white rabbits were pressed into an oval shape, and Old Hu could see it clearly from behind. It could be seen how big they were.

"Then I'll officially begin." Old Hu immediately touched her skin, causing Su Fei's body to tremble uncontrollably.

"Mm …"

Her voice was trembling. This was not the first time she had come into contact with such a person. Why was she still so sensitive?

Seeing her reaction, Old Hu was a little gloating.

If possible, it would be good to let her indulge in her own touch.

In the next few minutes or so, Old Hu felt around every inch of her skin. Occasionally, Su Fei would meow once or twice because he couldn't take it anymore.

This made Old Hu very satisfied in his heart, but when he arrived at the lower half of Su Fei's body, Old Hu couldn't help but think.

That bastard Huang Hailong, he was also with Su Fei for a while now. I wonder if he had any relations with her?

The more he thought about it, the more uncomfortable Old Hu felt, and he wanted to obtain confirmation from Su Fei.

"Xiao Fei, bow your body. I want to see how it is inside." Old Hu made her raise her bottom obediently, then she dug up the lush grass herself.

"You …" He made a sound of embarrassment.

"What's wrong, Uncle?" Is there something wrong? " Su Fei asked worriedly. Old Hu seemed to be this nervous every time, making her nervous, afraid that his disease was hopeless.

"About that, I want to ask you some private questions. Although I'm a bit embarrassed, you have to answer truthfully." Old Hu sighed.

"Alright, go ahead, uncle."

"Did that ever happen between you and your boyfriend?" Old Hu asked carefully, afraid that Su Fei would push him away out of embarrassment.

"What is it?" Su Fei was actually stunned.

"That's right …" "That kind of thing between a man and a woman, where one takes off all their clothes …" Old Hu added, but was embarrassed to explain it too clearly.

Su Fei became silent. She had taken off all her clothes before, and Old Hu had also taken off her clothes before.

"Did he put his in here?" Old Hu prodded her on a certain private area.

Su Fei immediately understood, "No, no, we've never done that before …"

"Oh …" Old Hu was overjoyed upon hearing his reply.

It looked like that stinking brat had yet to succeed. It was really great! The current Su Fei, was still a budding flower waiting for him to pluck!

"Yeah, he wanted to live in my house before, but I was afraid that someone would see that he was not doing well, so I let him go." Su Fei said softly.

"Right, girls have to protect themselves as well, especially when your body is still in danger. Remember to not be like him." The Old Hu said sincerely. It could protect Su Fei for every second.

Although he really wanted to show Su Fei the video from the bar right now and tell her that Huang Hailong was a complete trash, she couldn't tell how much flowers and flowers there were when she couldn't see them.

But in the end, the Old Hu endured it. Huang Hailong was still in the hospital and it was inevitable that Su Fei would have sympathy for him.