"Great sir, what are you thinking about? Come and play games with us!" Xiao Lan cordially wrapped her arms around Old Hu's neck, wanting him to get closer to him.

Old Hu saw that delicate little face, his chest was a sheet of white, and his collarbone was especially enchanting.

He thought, anyway, he did not want to take advantage of Xiao Lan, tonight Xiao Lan is her own man!

"Alright!" He took the opportunity to embrace Xiao Lan's waist, letting her experience her manly strength.

Then they played a chocolate bar game.

The first man had a chocolate bar in his mouth, and then the second man had to hold it in his mouth.

Zhang Jian's face blossomed with happiness. This was a chance for him to take advantage of them, but it seemed like those girls liked to be close to the Old Hu even more and all moved closer to him.

Old Hu stood in the middle of a group of wavy girls and was mesmerized by the perfume. When he used his mouth to grab onto Xiao Lan's chocolate bar, not knowing if he was dizzy or if he was doing it on purpose, Old Hu instantly bit off the chocolate bar and stuck it to Xiao Lan's mouth. At the same time, Xiao Lan was unable to endure his weight and both of them fell onto the sofa.

Old Hu's waist was stuck closely to Xiao Lan, causing the surrounding people to burst into cheers.

"Kiss one, kiss one!" They wanted to watch the live broadcast.

Xiao Lan looked at Old Hu charmingly. There was nothing to see on her old face, it was mainly because of that big guy, Greed.

It was the first time I'd seen anything like this in my years here, and usually the old men were old and ugly and short and small.

The alcohol made Old Hu very excited. He thought of Su Fei when he saw the young Xiao Lan and directly kissed him.

"Good!" "Alright!"

Old Hu's French kiss caused a wave of excitement in the crowd. This man was not young, but he was still so passionate.

Xiao Lan's entire body felt sore from his kiss, she immediately stopped him, "Uncle, I'll bring you to an even more fun place!"

With that, she pulled Old Hu out of the booth, and the people stopped staring at them, because they all knew what the two of them were going to do now.

Xiao Lan brought Old Hu to a balcony and untied his belt in a few strokes. His coquettish actions were extremely tempting.

Old Hu was about to drool when he saw this, he couldn't help but to fight with Xiao Lan for three hundred rounds.

Because the bar was very noisy, no one noticed what was happening here.

Even if they saw it, they would just treat it as a form of entertainment. No one would admit it if they went out.

"Great sir, you are really getting stronger and stronger with age!" After she was done, Xiao Lan poked Old Hu's chest, as if she was not satisfied yet.

"What? You want to try again?" Old Hu took the opportunity to eat a handful of tofu.

Now that he was almost sober, the activity just now had made him mentally and psychologically comfortable.

"Don't. I've eaten enough today. I'll come find you next time!" Xiao Lan giggled as she put on her clothes, turned and ran away, no longer sticking to the Old Hu.

In that moment, Old Hu suddenly felt like he had fallen asleep.

Returning to his seat, those girls had already left, leaving only the drunk Zhang Jian behind. Old Hu carried him on their shoulders and left the bar.

Lying on the bed, the Old Hu was puzzled.

That Huang Hailong was a scumbag, how could Su Fei not know about him? She even said that they were very close and that he would go find the young mistress?

This was too much!

Even though such a straightforward thing had happened with Xiao Lan, Old Hu's mind was still filled with thoughts of Su Fei. He realized that he had already become infatuated with this woman, and was completely unable to extricate himself.

This matter would definitely come to a conclusion, he couldn't just sit by and watch as she was tricked.

Old Hu secretly decided that he had to think of a way to show the video to Su Fei.

After two days, Old Hu was waiting in his office when he received a call for help from Zhang Jian.

There was a car that was about to enter the school, and there was even a dispute with him. Old Hu quickly went to check it out.

Because the school rules forbid the random entry of foreign vehicles, if you must enter, there must be a license.

This Honda Accord didn't have any papers, it just opened up and said that he was Huang Hailong's friend.

"What are you making a fuss for!" When Old Hu arrived, they were still arguing non-stop.

After his stern shout, everyone quieted down and looked at him.

The owner of the Honda was a young man with long hair and a leather jacket. He didn't look like a good person at first glance.

After seeing the Old Hu, his face was filled with disdain.

"Who are you, in charge?" Hurry up and get your men out of the way! Otherwise, if I were to smash him to death later, he won't be compensated! " Honda's words were harsh and stinging.

"Do you have a slip of paper?" The Old Hu did not pay attention to his contemptuous attitude and directly asked.

"Lot approval, you bunch of bumpkins only know this. I'm Huang Hailong's friend, it's illegal for me to come here to find a friend? How many times have I said it just now? I've already driven my car in, and you guys are still not letting me in? "

Honda took off his sunglasses, revealing a pair of sinister little eyes.

"If you drive in, you can still drive out. If you don't have a ticket, you can't go in. Hurry up and leave, don't force me." To deal with this kind of thing, Old Hu liked to be straightforward and straightforward. He even mentioned that he was Huang Hailong's friend.

It was fine if he didn't mention it, but maybe Tong Rong could just let him in. But since he said he was Huang Hailong's friend, he must take good care of him!

"Who do you think you are!?" So what if I force you! " Honda Man walked over, his height nearing Old Hu's.

He was a strong man, standing 1.85m tall, taller than Old Hu by a head.

"What do you want? If you can't break into the school, do you still want to beat me up? " Old Hu placed his hands behind his back and roared again, suppressing Honda guy with his aura.

"Hey you Stinking Old Man! "Why don't you take a piss and see what your virtue is? You even dare to scold me!" Honda Nan raised his hand to hit Old Hu, but he was scared by his gaze.

"Just you wait!" Honda guy walked to the side of the car and called Huang Hailong.

"Brother, I am stuck at the school gate and can't enter anymore. There's a Stinking Old Man guarding the door, no matter what, he won't let me in! Hurry up and come take a look. " He still did not dare face the Old Hu directly and went to look for help.

Old Hu and Zhang Jian just stood there and blocked his way.

Old Hu made up his mind. Even if the Celestial Emperor himself were to come today, he would not let this brat pass.

The two parties remained in a deadlock for a while. Not even five minutes had passed, when they saw Huang Hailong rushing over with an angry look.

"Sea Dragon, you're finally here. It's this Stinking Old Man that's preventing me from entering!" Honda Man pointed at Old Hu and complained.

"Oh, it's the famous Grandpa Hu, you've recovered?" That's why you came here to show off your might to my friends? " Although Huang Hailong had just returned, he had heard some stories about the Old Hu.

I also heard that he and Su Fei are very close, so Huang Hailong is very hostile towards the Old Hu.