Thinking about her, Old Hu became even more presumptuous.

His large hand moved casually around the girl's body. The girl didn't resist and instead, continued to stick close to him.

If it was in the past, Old Hu would definitely not be willing to be with this kind of girls.

Its figure was impressive, and it was even bigger than Su Fei. As for its face, she had turned off the lights and could no longer see anything.

Under the multicolored light, Old Hu was in an extremely good mood. He even called over a few of Little Li's and Xiao Lan's good sisters.

The women inside were very different from the women outside. They were very playful and the scale of the game was very high.

"Brothers, come on. Today, as long as any of you can finish all the wine on my body within ten seconds, I'll accompany any of you tonight!" Xiao Lan was pure and cute, but the stakes were huge.

Usually, the women in the night shop would only offer drinks, but there were also exceptions, unless the price was not low.

She lay on the table, her chest, her thighs, her mouth, her armpits, her calves, and many other hidden places were filled with test tubes filled with wine. There were twenty of them.

Old Hu and Zhang Jian rubbed their fists together, thinking that they had won for sure.

"Little sister, we made a deal in advance. What if both of us win?" Zhang Jian raised Xiao Lan's chin, and spoke shamelessly.

He was obviously teasing her, but Xiao Lan was willing to do so.

"It's alright. If your two brothers win, then I'll accompany you two!" Xiao Lan said boldly, which attracted a lot of applause.

More and more people began to spectate, some even wanting to participate.

Zhang Jian went crazy and was the first to volunteer, "I'll go first!"

After that, he first rolled to Xiao Lan's chest, and when he used his mouth to grab the test tube, he intentionally kissed the other person's chest, causing Xiao Lan to groan out.

However, this foreign wine was very strong. Zhang Jian had only drank 15 of them in 10 seconds and was already dizzy, unable to stand back up.

Old Hu knew that this old fellow just wanted to take advantage of this lady, which was why he delayed him.

"Big brother, you failed. We can only look at this uncle!" Xiao Lan lifted her hair and looked at Old Hu.

"Alright, then I'll give it a try." In fact, Old Hu did not want to participate in it, but seeing that there were so many youths gathered around, he did not want to admit defeat.

"Come on, Uncle!" There were also young ladies in the crowd cheering, increasing the Old Hu's confidence.

"One!" Two! Three! Four! " They were counting together for Old Hu, and in less than five seconds, Old Hu had finished counting.

During this period, Xiao Lan kept on making coquettish gasps, constantly making seductive movements to seduce Old Hu, but he remained indifferent.

He only had one thought in his mind, don't indulge yourself in this girl's beauty. As long as you succeed, you can enjoy yourself at night no matter what.

"Twenty! The challenge is a success! " When Old Hu finished the last one, a guy shouted excitedly.

"Uncle is so powerful!" This girl is yours tonight! " The girls often played this kind of game at nightclubs, enjoying the heartbeats when their mouths hit each other. However, very few people succeeded in playing this game, as this Old Hu was one of the few.

This was because those men had long been lusting after beauty in the process.

"Xiao Lan will play with you tonight to your heart's content." Xiao Lan stood up from the table and wrapped her arms around Old Hu's neck, not disdaining him for his age at all.

"Alright!" Old Hu caressed her little face. He could imagine how comfortable it would be tonight.

However, he was in a rush, he suddenly felt a stomachache, and asked Xiao Lan to accompany Zhang Jian properly to the bathroom.

After staying in the bathroom for a while, Old Hu finally felt comfortable. However, when he stood up and wanted to leave, he heard a sound of movement beside him. It was the sound of a woman panting!

This was the men's restroom, how could there be a woman's voice!

Could someone be doing that here?

Old Hu made a bold guess. He had wanted to leave immediately, since this world was truly full of wonders. However, that voice was too enchanting, causing him to be unable to move a single step.

Just a look would do.

Old Hu discussed with himself in his heart, so he climbed onto the toilet and crouched in front of the crack to look, and indeed, he saw a man and a woman.

The woman was kneeling on the toilet. Her clothes were all stripped clean. Behind her, a man was fiercely dashing forward. The shaking of his body was very attractive.

Her snow-white skin was not one bit inferior to Xiao Lan's.

He did not know if it was the girls here, but he needed to quickly go to Xiao Lan's place to enjoy himself.

The man was not very big, but he worked hard, and his forehead was beaded with sweat.

"En ~ Ah ~" The woman couldn't help but cry out. The man patted her butt, telling her to be quiet and not be heard.

Just then, Old Hu suddenly realised that this was Su Fei's new boyfriend, Huang Hailong!

He was actually doing something to a woman here! This is too much.

The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. He was still not satisfied after snatching Su Fei away, and now he was actually living and drinking outside!

Old Hu took out his phone, turned on the camera and shot a photo at them.

Maybe it was his natural reaction, but when Huang Hailong felt that someone was patting him, he immediately lowered his head and quickly ended the battle.

While they were dressing themselves, Old Hu hurriedly pushed the door open and rushed out, returning back to his seat.

In the booth, Zhang Jian was having fun playing with the girls. They had always been different kinds of people, and now they were pinching Zhang Jian's tongue.

Originally, it was a very painful thing, but as there were so many girls accompanying him, Zhang Jian kept smiling.

"Uncle, you're finally back! I thought you didn't want me anymore!" Seeing that not only did Old Hu not dodge, but even took the initiative to stick close to his, the softness was truly painful.

But now, she was not the only person in Old Hu's heart, Su Fei's heart had popped out again.

If she could see this when she went back, she would definitely break up with Huang Hailong. She might even think about her own benefits and be together with him!

The more Old Hu thought about it, the more excited he became. He had never paid much attention to Xiao Lan's teasing, but his body had an instinctive reaction.

He had been observing the direction of the bathroom in the darkness the whole time, and indeed, after a while, he saw Huang Hailong and a woman walking in together out.

Holding the phone in his pocket, he felt a new backbone.

This was the proof that Huang Hailong ate secretly!

He kept hinting to himself in his heart that this wasn't just for obtaining Su Fei, but to save Su Fei as well. He couldn't let her be tricked by that trash of a man!

And when Xiao Lan saw the big guy bulging inside his crotch, her eyes simply shone, sticking even more closely to him, refusing to let go.