"I'm serious, I like you. Xiao Fei, I liked you from the beginning." Old Hu grabbed Su Fei's hand tightly, wanting to get closer to her.

But Su Fei immediately shook him off, "Great sir, stop messing around, I have always treated you as my elder, and I even treated you as my father. Your words really make me feel awkward."

She lowered her head, as shy as she had been when they first met.

"Is it because of that boy? Actually, I saw it all. " Old Hu laughed at himself.

He was already old, so naturally, he couldn't compare to the young, fresh meat.

But, how could he love a fresh, small piece of meat as much as him?

If Su Fei had anything, wouldn't it be settled by her own help?!

"Great sir, since you already know, I won't hide it from you anymore, he's my new boyfriend, his name is Huang Hailong, he's very nice to me, I like him a lot, and we are very happy together." Su Fei said very straightforwardly, she was not afraid that the Old Hu would feel sad at all.

"Great sir, I know that you are very good to me and you love me dearly, but I know that this is not the kind of thing that I like. In the future, you are still my most beloved great sir, I hope you can take care of yourself." Su Fei added. She knew that Old Hu would definitely feel awkward, so she wanted to make it up with him.

Old Hu reacted in an instant. He felt like he was about to lose all his face and didn't want to waste anymore time.

"Then I wish you two happiness, and take good care of yourselves in the future." He opened the door and fled, leaving a lonely figure behind.

Su Fei looked at him and sighed.

Never would he have thought that an elder that he respected so much would have such feelings for him.

Old Hu ran all the way back to the dorm, as if there was a wolf chasing him from behind.

He sat on the sofa and slapped his own face.

Hooper!" I'll wake you up this time! "You want to be a toad eating a swan? If you don't have a way, you can just be a bachelor in the future!

He wished to wake himself up from his scolding, but the reality was, the failure of the confession caused his enthusiasm for Su Fei to increase.

Perhaps it was really like that saying, "Those who don't get it will always be in an uproar, while those who are favoured all have nothing to fear."

God is so cruel, it will always make the unfortunate worse.

From that day onwards, Old Hu would always be able to see Su Fei and Huang Hailong on duty together.

He learned that this kid was also a new teacher, but because he was sent out to study, he never showed up at school.

In the past, when they were training, they were very close to Su Fei, but they never developed a relationship.

Now that she had officially come back to teach, Su Fei was in her hands.

Huang Hailong was not only talented, he was also tall and handsome. Many female students liked him.

More importantly, he had a strong background. It was said that the principal was also an old friend of his father. His father was a high official, but no one knew who he was. He was very mysterious.

With such a strong competitor, Old Hu was about to suffocate to death. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't find an outlet to vent his anger.

While he was feeling unresigned, he was also at a loss as to how to get Su Fei back.

Sometimes, he would think about it in a different way. If it was him, he wouldn't choose between the two, right? He had no money and power, so he was old and ugly.

It's just that Su Fei didn't know what use it had.

For many days in a row, Old Hu watched Su Fei and Huang Hailong walking in and out of the campus hand in hand, feeling extremely uncomfortable in his heart.

Today, he finally met Su Fei when sending him the information. Su Fei greeted him politely, obviously feeling a little awkward.

Old Hu had a thick skin and pretended to be magnanimous.

"Xiao Fei, your health has been pretty good recently right? Is there any recurrence or something? She really did not have any other topics to talk about. Since Su Fei valued her own body, she might as well use this as an excuse.

"I'm fine, Uncle. I've been quite busy recently, let's talk when I have time. I'll be leaving first." Su Fei left in a hurry, not even giving Old Hu a chance to reply.

Seeing this, he knew that it was completely cold.

The duck he cooked flew away.

Several nights later, Old Hu was filled with regret. If that day they really cooked rice together, she should completely belong to him.

Soon, it was Saturday. Old Hu and Zhang Jian both didn't go to work, and lay in their dorms bored to death. Zhang Jian suddenly suggested that they bring Old Hu to the same place.

"Come on, it's not like you don't know what you're looking at. You want them to cheat you for some money?"

Thinking about the lesson from last time, Old Hu didn't dare to run around randomly.

Believe me, you're bored anyway. Su Fei's family has a boyfriend, do you have a girl? "" Yeah!

Zhang Jian then brought out Su Fei to explain herself. As long as Su Fei was mentioned, Old Hu would definitely go.

"Let's go!" Indeed, the Old Hu was taken aback by his provocation.

What Zhang Jian said was right, she had already spent too much time together with someone else, why must he die alone?

He had to take advantage of the fact that he could still "take action" to feel refreshed.

Very soon, they took a taxi to a bar called M2, which was newly opened in the city. It was said that the girls inside were all very decent and were very popular.

As soon as he entered, Old Hu's eyes were blinded by the changing lanterns.

He was already an old man, but it was his first time in a place like this.

The music and noise were so loud that it was impossible to hear what the other party was saying.

If Zhang Jian had not pulled him down to sit, Old Hu really wanted to get up and leave quickly.

"Sir, what would you like to drink?" Old Hu and Zhang Jian had just sat in a booth, when a waiter came over to ask them.

Zhang Jian pretended to order a bottle of wine, and Old Hu was unable to call out his name, since he was just going to drink with him.

This place was indeed very youthful, and there were handsome men and beautiful women everywhere. All the girls wore very little clothes, and their low-cut clothing made them wish that it could expose their perfectly round bodies.

They hugged and twisted each other. Their bodies were stuck together as they squeezed in the crowd. It seemed as if something shameful could happen at any time. It was so lively.

Seeing that, Old Hu also wanted to follow along, but was stopped by Zhang Jian.

"At your age, there definitely won't be any girls looking for you to dance. Listen to me. Let's find two girls to keep you company!" It's finally over. I'm so happy! " Zhang Jian smiled evilly, this was his final goal.

"Alright!" This time, Old Hu was exceptionally happy. He could only look but not touch.

Very quickly, they ordered two girls to drink together. One was called Xiao Li, the other was called Xiao Lan.

They were all wearing seductive thick makeup and low-cut short skirts. They had long hair and delicate skin which made them feel very comfortable.