"That's for sure!" When Old Hu heard that she mentioned about him being a soldier, he immediately became spirited.

"To tell you the truth, I was one of the best soldiers in the army back then." The Old Hu held his big brother and praised him generously.

Chen Liyun gave him a lot of face, "I believe that you are quite skilled."

She had been a soldier for many years, and she had seen many techniques to capture people.

But someone like Old Hu, who came from a righteous background and was hard to figure out, was indeed rare.

"Once, when we were out training, we ran three hundred kilometers in a row. Each of us carried nearly fifty kilograms of weight. The roads we walked were filled with thorny bushes."

The Old Hu talked about the things that happened that year in great detail. Chen Liyun was born in a police academy, and was willing to listen.

"When we reached a particularly narrow path, I didn't see clearly that it was empty because there were too many bushes. I stepped on it and rolled down the hill, which is a cliff below. We don't usually see the bottom." Old Hu still had lingering fear when he spoke of him.

"And then?" Chen Liyun was excited to hear it.

"When I fell, there were no comrades nearby, they didn't even notice I was missing. I thought I was definitely going to die this time, but in the end, I got stuck on a branch halfway up the mountain. I didn't die!"

Old Hu grinned, but Chen Liyun could not laugh it off, "Then it must be very serious?"

"Aiya, don't mention it. Back then, it was all thanks to the large amount of clothes and the things on my body that got stuck, but I was fine. That tree must be at least ten meters tall, so I climbed down quickly and picked up those that could still be eaten and drunk, and started my journey alone. "

Old Hu admired himself even as he thought about it. After all, this was a place with mountains and forests, how could others be afraid when they were all in groups?

"At that time, I didn't have a guide on me, so I got lost later on. Plus, the sky was getting dark, so I couldn't tell north, south, east, and west at all! In the evening, the forest was damp and cold, and I was shivering from the cold and my teeth were chattering like snow in the northeast. "

"I've also lost all the water on me and I've pretty much finished my rations, but I'm very, very hungry. So I started to look for game in the mountains. " Old Hu lowered his voice.

"You should know that snakes especially like to move around at night …"

"Uncle, don't tell me you ate a snake!" Chen Liyun's expression was extremely unreadable, and was a little unbelievable.

Although she was a cop, she wasn't that fierce.

"That's right, I just ate a snake, a half-grown python! Seeing the flower's appearance, I know that it is not poisonous. Once it is roasted, the skin will become crisp and crisp. The meat inside is extremely fragrant and tender. "

Old Hu sighed with emotion. Since then, he had not eaten any more snake meat. It was probably because everything tasted good when he was about to starve to death.

"How terrifying …" Chen Liyun felt goosebumps all over her body. Other than regular meat, she had never eaten rabbit meat before.

"On the second day, when the sun rose, I found a path to walk through. Guess what? By the time I arrived, the company commander had already sent people to search for me throughout the night, but he didn't find me."

"They even thought that I wouldn't be able to live any longer, because there are many wild beasts that roam the mountain. However, I was lucky, and didn't run into any of them. Furthermore, I ate a delicious meal." Old Hu rubbed his stomach, as if he saw the scene all those years ago.

"Great sir, you're really amazing too!" Chen Liyun said sincerely.

No matter how courageous a man was, the deep mountains and ancient forests in the dark night were still terrifying.

Old Hu's body was strong, and with Chen Liyun and Zhao Yali's nourishment, he was successfully discharged from the hospital in less than a week.

Even though his arm hadn't recovered yet, at least his bones were fine.

It was Chen Liyun who sent him back to school. Old Hu originally wanted to return to her room to quickly sleep.

But he didn't expect to see such a large crowd of people the moment he reached the door.

The Principal personally came out to welcome him, followed by many school leaders, and one of them was Sun Longbo!

When Old Hu got off the car, he was surrounded by people, who greeted him warmly and dragged him straight to the school's Great Hall. When he opened the door, he found that it was filled with students, almost as if all the freshmen had come.

"Comrade Old Hu, your achievements this time are truly too glorious! Please forgive us for cutting you down first before we start the performance again. Now, we would like to formally invite you to give a speech on the heroic deeds of the freshmen, there is no need for you to be too formal, you can just say it casually! "

The entire auditorium's layout was very formal, and there were still many lights on. The curtains even had the words "Welcome back, comrade Hu Bo!" written on them.

"Principal, isn't this battle too grand? Actually, I didn't do anything, I only …" Old Hu refused to go up.

Ever since he was young, he had never been to a meeting place like this before.

"Hurry up and go, the students are all waiting for you!" The Principal directly pushed him onto the stage. With the light shining down, Old Hu could only open his mouth to speak.

He recounted the events that had happened, and of course did not forget to describe himself as extremely powerful. He also recounted his previous experiences as a soldier, warning the current students to be courageous, and also to exercise their bodies frequently.

In any case, Old Hu had a lot to say, and the more dishonest he was, the more the students below the stage were enchanted.

"This Old Hu really has some skills." The principal praised as he sipped his tea, wondering if he could give him an award or a promotion.

Sun Longbo was very close to the principal, so when he heard this, he was not at ease.

How did that Old Hu become the school's hero? He was just a scammer!

But no matter how much Sun Longbo scoffed, he did not dare say it out in front of everyone.

The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. He had to find a chance to properly punish Old Hu, so that he wouldn't be too complacent!

After the general assembly was over, the Principal discussed with the other directors to see if there were any empty seats in the HR Department, leaving one for the Old Hu.

This caused Sun Longbo to be extremely anxious, he did not have time to think through the plan, and directly said to the Principal: "Principal, I know you love talents that are as thirsty as your thirst, but I have to be careful with this matter, after all, this comrade Old Hu does not have a sufficient education, if the position is too high, he will not be able to accept the masses."

"That's nothing. As long as you're talented, your diploma isn't too short!" The Principal has really taken a fancy to the Old Hu.

Seeing that, Sun Longbo could only say one more sentence: Principal, I have something that I do not know whether or not I should say.

"Just say it, just say it."