"Sir said he still has to go and check it. Why am I scared? I'm a bit looking forward to it. Have I really gone mad?" But when his hand touched me, it felt really comfortable … I have never experienced such a feeling before! "

When Old Hu saw this, he was so happy that he wanted to jump in joy.

He thought that Su Fei would be very resistant to his method of getting close to him, but he never thought that she would actually like it very much!

Little girl, do you really want to try this grandpa's Jingu Bang? He hid under the blanket and laughed evilly, thinking of Su Fei's beautiful body and vented out her feelings.

Next time, he must make Su Fei pant beneath him!

The latter part of the diary even mentioned Lin Song.

"That Brawler is too troublesome. I don't want to chat anymore in the future. He really has all sorts of people."

"Why does he keep sending me these yellow charts? What are those men and women doing, how can they get so excited from exercising like that?!"

Old Hu was so angry that he almost exploded after reading it. So it turns out that not only did Lin Song pursue Su Fei, he even showed her a lot of small yellow charts and many small yellow sheets!

"Grandpa Hu is too amazing, he saved me time and time again, what can I do to repay him?"

"He drank too much today, making a ruckus like a child. Thinking about the story between him and the Military Commander, I feel that this is a world that I will never be able to touch. Besides admiration and respect, I wonder what other adjectives there are … "

After Old Hu read all of these, his self-confidence exploded. This Su Fei both respected and relied on him, it seems like if he wanted to get ahold of her, it wouldn't take much effort!

After making this decision, the Old Hu slept exceptionally well, and even dreamed of Su Fei. She dressed like a doll and waited for him in the flower field.

On the second day, the Old Hu woke up in high spirits. He also made a decision to find evidence of Chen Bing and her unwritten rules, to threaten them, and to let Chen Bing return the entry to Su Fei!

Old Hu thought, although the results of the selection were already out, but Sun Longbo was a very vulgar person, it was impossible for him to not have dealings with Chen Bing in the future.

An unwritten rule wasn't something that could be stopped by an unspecialized character just because they wanted to.

Since it had happened once, there would definitely be a next time!

It was impossible for Sun Longbo to not be tempted by a beauty like her.

Thinking about it this way, the Old Hu began his own plan. He started to follow Chen Bing when he left work, even if the one he discovered wasn't Sun Longbo but someone else, he could still use it as evidence to make him give up!

After observing for a week, Old Hu still did not find anything abnormal.

The more he thought about it, the more unwilling he became. There were no cats that did not cheat, so he continued to follow. Finally, on the eighth day, he found a clue!

It was already Saturday. More than half of the students were missing from the school. The teachers were almost all gone. They all went out to enjoy the weekend.

However, when he was patrolling, she discovered that Chen Bing did not go home!

He continued to work in the office.

Even if she was an outstanding teacher, there was no need for her to put in so much effort. In the past, she had never put in so much effort.

Su Fei had said it before, but this Chen Bing, he could simply flee as and when she wanted to, and she wouldn't even open her mouth for many meetings. Who knew what she was doing.

It was difficult to change one's nature. She could not suddenly become outstanding.

The Old Hu had been keeping watch outside of her office the entire time. Finally, at five-thirty, Chen Bing wanted to leave the office. Originally, the Old Hu wanted to dodge quickly, but she did not expect to meet a teacher who came back to retrieve documents!

"Old Hu, why are you still patrolling on Saturday?" He lived near the school, so it was more convenient for him to come and go. Because he often went in and out of the school, his relationship with Old Hu was also very good.

"You also have to patrol around work on Saturday. I can't compare to you teachers! Furthermore, the more Sunday comes, the easier it is for the school to let go of their guard. Old Hu also said loudly, not concealing anything.

Although he was looking at Teacher Li, he caught a glimpse of Chen Bing from the corner of his eyes and slipped away.

"Then you must have had a hard time! If our school has more people like you, then that's better than any title! " Little Li looked at Chen Bing as she mocked him with her words.

Who didn't know that this title would belong to Su Fei? Even if it wasn't Su Fei, there were many other old professors, and it was her turn. Even a small leader didn't have the qualifications!

But Chen Bing acted as if she did not hear it, and casually left from a distance of less than five meters.

Little Li felt that it was meaningless, so he took the things and left.

After he left, the Old Hu quickly followed Chen Bing. Fortunately, she was not walking fast, and on the way, she looked around, as if she was afraid of being seen.

"This fool. The more timid he is, the easier it is for others to notice him!" Old Hu scolded in his heart.

Very quickly, Chen Bing arrived at the Government Hall, where Sun Longbo's office was!

But unexpectedly, Chen Bing did not enter Sun Longbo's office, and instead went to the research and teaching room.

Another person? No need for that, isn't this woman too romantic?

Old Hu exclaimed at the speed of her change as he followed her with small steps. The cat was in the stairwell.

When Chen Bing went in, she deliberately looked around to see if there was anyone around, and it was obvious that she was not going to do anything good.

The research and teaching room was different from a normal office. The windows were large, and there were no curtains on the other side of the corridor.

Old Hu thought, they were really bold, were they all so open? Then he might as well go and fight in the field!

However, he was also very happy. This way, he could see everything clearly.

First, he prepared the phone and turned on the camera.

"You! How do you choose this place? What if someone sees it?" Chen Bing pounded Sun Longbo's chest, and leaned on his body.

It looked very funny, because when Chen Bing wore the high heels, she was much taller than Sun Longbo, as if she was carrying a child.

"Look at you, this is fun!" Besides, who's coming over for the weekend! " Sun Longbo couldn't wait to grab her softness and massage as he pleased.

Although Chen Bing said that she was unhappy, but her body was very honest, she took off her jacket and started kissing with Sun Longbo.

Old Hu quickly raised his phone to take a picture. Although it was not very clear, it was enough for him to see who the two were. That was enough!

Sun Longbo, this old pervert, as long as Chen Bing was slightly sloppy, he would not be able to take it anymore. He would kiss her from head to toe, and not even let go of her foot.