From her diary, it could be seen that this Ai Liang had been drooling over her for a long time. He even stole her underwear and lifted up her skirt, but the worst part was that after class that night, he pressed her onto the desk and began to pull her clothes.

Although Su Fei often heard about the matters between males and females, she did not know what it was exactly. She only knew that Ah Liang's lower abdomen was very hard, causing her to feel pain on her head.

After returning to the dorm, when her friends heard about it, they all became anxious. They told Su Fei to stay away from Ah Liang, and she did as she said.

When Old Hu finished reading all of this, he was extremely furious. This stinking brat, he even wanted to force himself on his!

Luckily Su Fei was fine back then, otherwise he would have definitely gave this brat a good beating!

There was a period of time after that when she didn't have much to write in her diary. She was busy with her graduation and her work.

After that, he was assigned to be a teacher here. At the beginning, he said that the work environment was very good and that the salary would be pretty good as well.

The reason why Su Fei came to be a teacher was because her salary was stable. She was able to transfer money to her family every month, and her classmates also said that female university teachers could only come because they could not find a boyfriend.

But right now, he hadn't met anyone who could be considered reliable yet.

Afterwards, Su Fei discovered that her chest was hurting. She was in pain for a long time, and her auntie didn't have any reaction to it, so when she touched the lump on her chest, she thought that she had gotten some serious injuries. She went to the hospital to investigate.

"The doctor today is very strange, why is the gynecologist a man? I'm sorry he touched my chest... Furthermore, he's been groping around for so long. This is too embarrassing, and I feel really uncomfortable. I have to properly take a bath later. "

Su Fei wrote in his diary that Old Hu got angry after reading it. What kind of doctors were these? Using the name of a doctor, making a move on a patient!

Old Hu continued to read from the back, because he was about to mention that he was going to treat Su Fei.

Indeed, after Su Fei expressed her fear, the Old Hu appeared.

"What should I do? The surgery fees are still not enough. Where should I go to get the money? "These colleagues of mine aren't easy to get along with. I'm embarrassed too …"

Xiaofang introduced me to a job today. She asked me to be a model in flat underclothes, and even gave me a lot of unadorned lace undergarments. I'm so sorry to put them on …" "How can you stand in front of a photographer?

"I finally promised Xiaofang today. Otherwise, where would I go to collect my medical fees?"

Seeing this, Old Hu suddenly realized that her sexy underwear was coming from here!

"Today's photographer is a girl, it's so good! And she promised not to pat my face. Luckily, Xiaofang made an excuse. Being a model is really too profitable. Three days of my surgery fees are going to be enough! There are so many free underwear to wear, why not? "

After Old Hu finished reading all of these, she was a little doubtful. Since she had already earned some money, then why did she still need to borrow money from him?

Soon, the answer would appear in the diary.

"Mom called today and said that Dad has been sick for many days. He has a high fever and refused to be hospitalized. I have to send all the money back to treat Dad. As for my surgery …" "Just endure for now."

Sigh … Old Hu let out a long sigh. This child, Su Fei, really had a bitter life.

But, filial piety is commendable, is a good child!

"My chest is starting to hurt again. I still need to do some surgery, or else I really will get sick …" What should his parents do? But right now, I can only borrow money, and the school doesn't even pay me anymore. The pressure is really too great! "

"Even the industry of underwear modeling is so popular right now? "As expected of someone with a lot of money, everyone wants to do it!"

"Gatekeeper Hu looks like a nice person, why don't I borrow some money from him?" But what would he say if he asked me? Do I have to tell the truth? If I told him, would he think that I was unclean? "

"Sigh, there's no other way. If I don't go for surgery now, I might really become a cancer. I'll go borrow money tomorrow!"

Su Fei's emotions were very complicated. So it turned out that before she went to look for the Old Hu, she had experienced many twists and turns.

Old Hu watched the scene with relish as he buried himself in the blankets.

"Grandpa Hu is so awesome, he even knows Chinese medicine. It's such a pity that such a talented person came to be a guard here, but then again, isn't this proof that our school is really strong?"

"I was just trying to give it a try. I didn't expect it to really work!" "Thank god I don't have any cancer. I'll listen to what Grandpa Hu says in the future. I'll do whatever he tells me to do, otherwise I won't even know how to repay him."

I feel so embarrassed today. I feel like I'm going to have a fever!" This was too embarrassing, even more embarrassing than being examined by the doctors in the hospital. Perhaps it was because the situation was not right, but it was probably because Grandpa Hu wasn't wearing a white coat, so he didn't feel like a doctor … Pah pah pah! What was he saying! "Grandpa Hu is a Chinese doctor, how could he wear a white coat?

Old Hu laughed. He never thought that Su Fei would be so lively and cute, he could even imagine how foolish and cute he looked when she talked to himself.

"Grandpa Hu actually licked my tongue just to treat me. This is the first time I've seen this kind of treatment. Why does it feel like a male and female kiss?" Am I overthinking it? "

"After my tongue was sucked by Grandpa Hu, I felt extremely relaxed and comfortable. The poison must have been expelled out of my body!"

"When he undid my clothes, he felt as if his heart was about to jump out of his chest! This is the first time a man has looked at me like that. If it wasn't for the treatment, I would really die of shame. His hand moved across my body like an electric current. What is going on in my head? The other party clearly had the kindness to treat me, how can I think about all this nonsense! Grandpa Hu was an elder! Do not let your thoughts run wild! "

"But, Grandpa Hu's technique is really skilled. It feels so good just by rubbing it. Did he learn massaging before?" As expected of a professional! "I'm impressed!"

"Truly regretful. In the end, I wasn't able to persevere through with that breathing exercise, but it really hurts. It's not that I'm not strong enough, it's just that something is tearing me apart … What did he use? It feels so hard, but it's still warm. "

"When that security guard barged in, he probably didn't see anything. I should have already put on my clothes. Yeah, even if I'm upright and am not afraid of slanting, I still can't stand the rumors. I'm really scared …"