"Mm …" "Uncle, it's getting late. Why don't you go back and rest?" It was almost eleven o'clock now, if others were to see them alone in the room, it would definitely not be good.

"There is only one step left to your illness. Are you not going to treat it?" Old Hu did not want to leave. After so much effort, he finally got this opportunity. How could he just let it go like that?

"I'm a bit tired now, and I feel like my strength is insufficient. I think it's best not to waste your energy. Next time, I'll come look for you again." Su Fei gently rejected her, but looking at her, she was indeed exhausted.

"Alright, we'll treat him next time." Old Hu sat up and caressed her hair, "But I still want to continue being long-winded. If you continue to work hard in the future, you will definitely have another chance. Don't give up on yourself just because of this, and don't … It's broken. "

The Old Hu was afraid that she would learn from Chen Bing, and he would use any means available to his for the benefit of the world.

Everyone would be very angry when they heard about this matter. He was no exception, but he was also not a great leader. He could not speak at school nor did he interfere, so he could only bear with it and not speak.

"Sir, don't worry. I definitely won't." Su Fei laughed and sent Old Hu away.

Old Hu reluctantly left. When he returned to his dorm, his mind was filled with Su Fei's image just now.

Also, there was the surging waves in front of him. He couldn't let go of any of them, and he would never forget them.

Lying on the bed, Old Hu thought about Su Fei and did some indescribable things at the same time. It was only after a long time did his lust die down.

He suddenly remembered that Su Fei's diary was still on the phone, so Old Hu quickly opened it to take a look.

This diary must be very old, recording Su Fei's private life, recording the inner world that she didn't want to tell others about.

In the beginning, it was when Su Fei still hadn't gone to university.

Her family was ordinary, and could even be said to be poor. Her parents would often save money just to pay for her tuition.

In her opinion, her parents hadn't bought new clothes in five or six years.

There was a diary written before the college entrance exam. Su Fei's living expenses were limited, and she couldn't eat much good stuff in school, so she fainted from anemia during one of her physical education lessons. Later, the teacher informed her parents and her mother directly brought two boxes of acia gum.

That's not something her family can afford. Sophie thought her mother had sold some of her family's livestock, but at her insistence, her mother told her the truth. It was her father who had gone to town to sell his blood!

Facing such an outcome, how could Su Fei eat those two boxes of acne.

Since then, she studied harder. She slept early in the morning and woke up before dawn. She didn't go home on Saturday, but went to a shopping mall near the school to earn money.

When she thought about her parents, she took out the two boxes of gum and looked at them.

In the end, they could only give up and throw it away.

That was why many boys chased after her. However, in order to not delay their studies, and also because of their inferiority, Su Fei had never agreed.

With great difficulty, Su Fei managed to get into a first-rate university. Su Fei thought that she was finally doing it, and her parents were very happy too, because she was the first university student in the village.

However, trials followed one after another. Her parents were simply unable to pay ten thousand dollars in tuition fees. In the end, the Village Chief issued a call for everyone in the village to contribute in order to collect her first tuition fee.

At that time, Su Fei would already be an adult and would be able to work part-time in some official places, so from the time she entered university, Su Fei's living expenses were earned from working.

After four years of college, she had won countless scholarships and had achieved the best results every year.

She had sent all the money home, paid off the debts of the villagers, and even changed her father's motorcycle so that she could relax while she worked.

In these four years, Su Fei's arrival was even more touching, there were countless suitors. In addition to her excellent English, all of the foreign students in the school liked her.

However, these were all rejected one by one.

She didn't have time to fall in love, and she was afraid of falling in love as well. She was afraid that others would find out about her rural background and despise her, afraid that others would say that she was attached to a large family fortune, afraid that others would tell that she was being taken care of, so in these four years, she lived very carefully, afraid that there would be some sort of scandal.

Back then, it was also very important that she was not interested in those people.

She found that she liked mature men, and it didn't matter if she grew old. As long as she treated her sincerely, she wouldn't care about her skin or her figure.

Seeing this, the Old Hu was overjoyed.

Like old men? Then wouldn't she have a good chance! Furthermore, Su Fei had mentioned in the diary that she didn't care about her looks or body, nor did she care about whether she had money or not. As long as he loved her, he would care about her.

Continuing to read, Old Hu saw something even more private —

"Why did that boy bulge up at the sight of my crotch? Was he hiding some kind of weapon? "I'm a bit afraid. Stay away from him in the future."

"Ah, I hate you. Today, you touched my chest, it's so embarrassing!" Although we're both girls, there's no need for us to be so open, right? And you still say that I'm the biggest in the dorm! "

"Why is everyone looking at me when I go into the bathroom? Is there any difference in the structure of my body? "

"Today Xiaofang showed me an American balloon. She said it was for Americans to sleep. I'm clearly bragging, but why are they all laughing at me? "

Old Hu saw this and felt that Su Fei was too innocent. She didn't even know what a condom was, and she was still bragging about it!

Thinking of that scene, he couldn't help but spurt out a mouthful of blood.

So cherry red little mouth, if the package is slippery...

"Hiss ~ ~ ~"

Old Hu continued to read, and the more he read, the more spirited he became, and he was no longer sleepy at all.

"Today... Xiaofang told me today that where men and women urinate, it would be wonderful to be in contact with each other … She said she was going to die of comfort, and I didn't know what to say because it was so disgusting. How do I get in touch? I'm a little curious and embarrassed. "

"Today in swimming class, my roommate gave me a new set of bikini. It's too embarrassing! Just like underwear! Less than underwear cloth, I can only soak in the water, otherwise those boys always stare at me! And oh, my breasts do seem to be bigger than theirs! "

Old Hu wiped his saliva!

"Today, A-Liang actually stopped me! You still want to kiss me!? Darn hooligan, look at how I kick him to death. Luckily, Xiaofang said that if anyone tries to rob me, I will kick them down! It's really good! "

Su Fei described what happened that day in detail.