Old Hu's heart could not help but beat faster, his hands were trembling from nervousness.

He did not keep a diary himself, and he had never read anyone else's.

Afraid that Su Fei would be caught coming back, he took out her phone and quickly recorded all the information. She planned to go back and enjoy it slowly.

The entire process was extremely tense and exciting, he didn't remember the contents of the notebook at all. He only remembered Su Fei's beautiful handwriting, which could still be considered pleasing to the eyes.

After he finished shooting, he put everything back intact, afraid that Su Fei would see through it when she comes back.

After waiting for a long time, he started playing with his phone.

Zhao Yali was holding a meeting for the Fire-ranked Class, the process was very boring, we kept on looking for him to chat, and the two of them passed the time each other.

Of course, Old Hu would never tell her that he was still at Su Fei's house, he lied and said that he had already gone back to his dorm.

He was afraid that Zhao Yali would come to see him again.

Zhao Yali was indeed a good girl, upon hearing this, she immediately asked about it and even said that she would buy medicine for the Old Hu, causing his heart to feel extremely warm.

With nothing else to do, Old Hu flipped through a few colorful novels, which described the affairs of males and females, causing him to become restless. He waited for Su Fei to return and show off his skills.

After half an hour, Su Fei finally came back, looking dejected and listless.

Old Hu quickly went up to ask, "Xiao Fei, what's wrong? It seems like you're not in a good mood, did you get scolded by the Leader? "

"None... Sigh. Great sir, this is truly a long story. " Su Fei sat on the sofa with an exhausted look, causing Old Hu to feel uncomfortable in his heart. He also didn't know how to turn her onto the bed.

"Speak slowly, I'm listening. Maybe I can help you." Old Hu's eyes were filled with concern, but Su Fei didn't look at him and only lowered her head.

"Recently, the Teacher Evaluation started in school. Did you know that? This time is different from usual, he went to report to the province. Everyone said that if he was able to get the title of 'Elite Teacher' in the competition, he might even be promoted to a higher official. " Su Fei was gloomy.

"Although I have just arrived, I have been working very hard without any discouragement. For this evaluation, I have even worked overtime. I have published many papers and researched many topics. People say I'm very hopeful, but... "I still haven't chosen either!" Su Fei's eyes turned red, she was about to cry.

"Then who chose it?" Old Hu patted her back to comfort her.

"It's our Chen Bing." Su Fei was a little helpless, "I know, she is more qualified than me, and her position is a little higher than mine, but everyone can see for themselves when it comes to work, she is not as hardworking as me! "Why are they still being evaluated?"

Su Fei was a little angry when she said it, and her heart was very unbalanced.

"This... Perhaps the school was looking at her seniority? In your first year, you still have many chances to get ahead. " Old Hu comforted her, but he was muttering in his heart.

He felt that something was very wrong. Could it be that the matter with Chen Bing the other time, was really for the selection?

"There are so many teachers in that academy with deeper qualifications than her, and there are also many more who are more outstanding than her. Why did they choose her just like that?" Su Fei was obviously very confused.

"We only have one spot in the department, the only ones who have the chance to choose are her and me."

"To put it bluntly, I graduated from a double-tier, first-rate university. She only graduated from an ordinary two-tier university, and she also graduated from a specially promoted university. She simply didn't have the qualifications to compete with me, but she still chose in the end. To be honest, I'm not really in the right mood. " Su Fei sighed and looked at Old Hu helplessly.

"Great sir, what do you think is wrong with me? "Why is it …" Su Fei sighed again, "Actually, the reason why I wanted to go up on the evaluation was not to be promoted, but to use some bonuses to support my family, so that my parents would not have to suffer."

Old Hu could not help but sigh, as he understood Su Fei's intentions.

In terms of financial condition, Su Fei was completely unable to compare to Chen Bing, and she also did not know why Chen Bing wanted to take this title as a reward.

"Xiao Fei, you are really outstanding, there might be another reason behind it, you don't have to care too much about it, there will always be a chance in the future, if it's gold, it will shine." Seeing her like this, the Old Hu really wanted to tell her the truth, but she was afraid that it would affect her badly.

"Uncle …" I really tried so hard... "But …" After Su Fei heard this, she suddenly lost control of her emotions and threw herself into Old Hu's embrace and cried.

"Stop crying." Old Hu was busy wiping away her tears as he decided to tell her what he knew.

"Actually, there might be something fishy about this." He spoke softly.

"What?" Great sir, do you know something? " Su Fei quickly sat up and listened carefully.

"That time, when I went to find Sun Longbo to submit my information, I found it in his resting room." Old Hu recounted what he heard that day, but omitted the details of his own peeping.

After Su Fei heard this, she was stunned, "It can't be, she doesn't look like that kind of person, why would she sell herself out for a mere evaluation?"

She had always heard that the workplace was full of trickery, so she had chosen to be a teacher. She thought that things wouldn't be that chaotic, but she hadn't expected that the unwritten rules would still exist.

"Great sir, did you hear it wrong?" Su Fei asked in disbelief.

Her heart was simple, she would rather the leader think that Chen Bing was talented, than to accept this fact.

"I didn't mishear him, because I bumped into him before at the school building." The process of Old Hu telling the truth once again caused Su Fei to be flabbergasted.

"Oh my god, what did I hear!" She covered her face.

"Xiao Fei, this is society. Some things can't be obtained just by working hard. But don't become that kind of person for the sake of fame and fortune, or there will definitely be a day when you regret it. " Old Hu lectured her, afraid that she would suffer a blow to this matter, and then do something that went against her will.

"En, grandpa, I will remember this!" I won't. " She was not that kind of person, or else she could completely accept Lin Song at that time. With the help of his family's influence, he would have definitely made a good living in school.

"Oh right, uncle, you can tell me about this matter, but don't tell anyone else!" Su Fei was a bit cowardly, she knew that Chen Bing's husband was the leader, and was not someone to be trifled with.

"I understand. Just take care of yourself." Old Hu nodded, he had lived in this world for almost fifty years, so he naturally knew about this.