Su Fei was determined as if she was on a battlefield. Now, she had faith in the Old Hu and she would accept anything he does.

This made Old Hu extremely happy and he quickly took off his pants.

However, at this moment, a broadcast rang outside the window.

"All teachers in school will immediately attend a meeting at the administration office. All teachers in school will immediately attend a meeting at the administration office — —"

Sun Longbo's voice came out from the broadcast.

Su Fei quickly withdrew her body and got off the bed. As she put on her clothes, he said apologetically to Old Hu, "I'm really sorry, Uncle. I need to hurry up and attend the meeting.

Old Hu was still kneeling on the bed. Luckily his clothes were long enough to cover his body's reaction, so it was not too awkward.

"I'm fine, hurry up and go. It's more important to be serious." Old Hu smiled awkwardly and scolded Sun Longbo a thousand times in his heart.

"Sure, I don't think it's a big deal. She should be back soon. Wait for me here. There's food and drinks in the kitchen, do what you need to do." Su Fei donned all of her clothes in a few moments, picked up her briefcase and left.

Old Hu suddenly laid on the bed, not knowing whether to cry or to rejoice.

Although Su Fei left, but she let him stay. Was this not a hint?

Actually, she also wanted it a lot, right? After all, they were all adults, so it was understandable for them to have some normal needs.

Since Old Hu wasn't working hours, and had nothing to do, she started to "commit violence" in her room.

He first rolled a few times on the bed. The fragrance was everywhere, and the girl's breath was thick.

He had wanted to wait for a while, but the TV series were too unlucky. Old Hu could only look around.

There was food prepared by Su Fei in the kitchen, Old Hu could not help but take a sip. His cooking skills were not bad, this girl was truly a treasure, he was practically from top to bottom of the kitchen.

After that, he walked to the wardrobe and looked at Su Fei's clothes one by one.

This little girl was still quite thrifty. Although her clothes weren't much, she could still wear them outside.

But in one corner of the wardrobe were a variety of underwear and underpants. It was a completely different scene.

Old Hu was surprised from the very beginning. Why did she seem so pure, yet like such exposed underwear?

Is it just a hobby?

He didn't quite believe it.

But he only believed in one thing, that Su Fei was also a sexy demoness, and that he could develop them to be more feminine.

Thinking of the fragrance that Su Fei's body was emitting, he suddenly picked up a set of white lace undergarments. It was very comfortable to the touch.

Old Hu brought it to his nose and took a whiff. There was the smell of roses, making people feel desire.

Come back quickly and let me love you dearly!

He was thinking when someone knocked on the door.

"Knock knock, Teacher Su, are you there?" It was Zhao Yali's voice.

Old Hu's heart trembled as he hurriedly put his undergarments back to where he originally stood. He was extremely surprised in his heart, why was the little girl here at this time?

Old Hu was so anxious that he had to walk in circles around the house, going from the living room to the bedroom. No matter where, there was not enough space, so where to hide?

As he was thinking, the door was suddenly pushed open from the outside.

"Teacher Su, are you alright? I saw that the lights in your room were on and no one was knocking on the door, so I came in. " Zhao Yali turned around and closed the door. When she turned around again, she saw Old Hu standing under the light, smiling at him foolishly.

"Yali, why are you here at this time?" Old Hu smiled as if nothing had happened, he did not feel awkward at all.

"Great sir? Why are you here? This is not... Teacher Su's home? " Zhao Yali was stupefied, and felt very uncomfortable in her heart.

It was so late but Old Hu appeared in a single female teacher's dormitory. Could it be that there was some relationship between the two of them?

She quickly rejected that possibility. It shouldn't be.

"Oh, Teacher Su said that this light bulb is sometimes dim, so she told me to come over to take a look. I'm coming over now." He lied casually.

"What about the Teacher Su?" Zhao Yali asked again, looking like she was in a difficult situation to fool.

"She was called to a meeting the moment I arrived. It was broadcast just now. Didn't you hear it?" Old Hu's words were very natural, it didn't seem like she was lying at all.

"Oh really? Then I'll wait for Teacher Su to return with you. It just so happens that I have a question to ask her." Zhao Yali sat down on the sofa. Her innocent look made Old Hu at a loss.

He scratched the back of his head, "This …" Yali, look, we are not the owners of this place. The Teacher Su had already said that he would be unhappy if he came back and saw that I was still here after I fixed the light bulb. "

"En..." Teacher Su is not that kind of person. " Zhao Yali pouted. In her heart, Su Fei was very gentle and magnanimous.

"But this is my private space." Old Hu continued to induce them.

"Alright then. You're right, it's impolite to do this. I'll repair the light bulb with you before leaving." Zhao Yali walked over to Old Hu and pulled his arm.

"This …" Old Hu was even more troubled, thinking, why is this girl so troublesome!

"Ding dong."

Just as she was thinking about how to send her away, Zhao Yali's phone rang. A WeChat message came up.

"Uncle, I have to leave first. I can't accompany you anymore." She shook her cell phone screen apologetically.

"It's fine, it's fine. Hurry up and go. Who knows what might happen?" Old Hu was extremely happy and couldn't wait for her to leave.

"Hm!" "Then I'll be going. You need to be careful." When Zhao Yali left, the Old Hu finally heaved a sigh of relief and returned to his bedroom.

He closed the bedroom door and began to wander again.

Seeing that the bedside table was not properly closed, he reached out to close it, only to find a delicate box inside.

The box was black and looked very mysterious. Old Hu opened it with his cheap hands.

There was a layer of toys on top of it, with all sorts of styles and colors, which made Old Hu dazzled.

When he removed the toy, he found that there was a black leather notebook under the box.

Curiosity drove him to open it. There was a lot of content inside, from the very first page, it was written densely, like Su Fei's diary.