"But he can be your father! Are you lacking in fatherly love! " The man roared, shocking Old Hu.

Would Su Fei think the same?

"I have nothing to tell you, you don't understand!"

The actress turned around and left, not wanting to talk anymore. Next, the male actor kneeled down and apologized, tears and snot flowing down his face, but the female lead refused to get angry, saying that she was doing it for that old man. In short, the lines were so unlucky that Old Hu blushed.

"Great sir, if you don't like it, it's fine to watch the news." Su Fei probably could not bear to listen any longer, she turned around and said with her little face flushed red.

Her shy look made Old Hu's heart itch.

"En..." "Sure, sure." Old Hu immediately answered, his eyes staring straight at the screen, he could not help but glance in Su Fei's direction.

She turned around and bent down to pick up another piece of clothing. There was some water that dripped onto the chair. She accidentally slipped and fell to the ground.

Fortunately the Old Hu wasn't far away, and with a stride, he rushed over. When Su Fei was about to hit the ground, she quickly hugged her.

"Little girl, you're too careless." Old Hu rebuked, staring at her little face as he spoke in a serious tone.

It was as if an adult was teaching a child a lesson.

Su Fei was so scared that she didn't even have the time to react before she lay in his embrace, staring at Old Hu's chin in a daze.

"Great sir, quickly put me down." Su Fei came back to reality and said with a red face.

"Ouch!" Old Hu was also a little embarrassed, he instantly let go of him. In the end, Su Fei lost his balance and fell back into Old Hu's embrace.

It's soft body pounced forward and its small hands even pressed on a place that it shouldn't have done so! Instantly, he reacted, catching the Old Hu off guard.

Fortunately Su Fei had quickly moved her hands away, so the two of them were not embarrassed.

"Look at me, I was too careless. Did I scare you?" Su Fei raised her head and asked with concern.

"It's fine, it's fine. You can continue. Just be careful." Old Hu retreated to the side, but he did not move away as he watched Su Fei dry the clothes on his clothes.

"Look at you, I'm not a little girl anymore." Su Fei coquettishly picked up her underwear and hung it up.

"In my heart, you are a little girl, a little child." Old Hu looked at her lovingly, but just as she finished speaking, Su Fei's undergarments had fallen off. Old Hu caught it quickly and passed it to her.

"Look, what did I say?" Old Hu touched the underwear, it was soft and sexy, trying to imagine what Su Fei would look like when he wore it.

Su Fei shyly received it, and did not say anything.

The two of them returned to the living room. The TV show was still going on. It was a very bloody scene, so the two of them didn't have any interest in watching it.

With the lesson earlier, Su Fei changed into a set of conservative pajamas, but it still could not cover up her good figure.

"Oh right, sir, I've been too busy these days and haven't looked for you for a long time. Why don't you take a look for me today?" Su Fei took the initiative to suggest.

This made Old Hu extremely happy! This was a great opportunity!

"That's fine too." But on the surface, Old Hu acted as if nothing had happened.

"Then you can lie down on the bed and we'll start now." Old Hu stood up, then Su Fei stood up as well and brought her to her bedroom.

Su Fei lay very properly, and then she consciously extended out her wrist. Old Hu sat on the bedside and checked her pulse.

Roughly three minutes later, Old Hu's expression suddenly turned serious.

"Xiao Fei, have you been staying up all night recently? Is it hard work? "

"Yes, sir, you can tell too?" Su Fei was a little surprised.

Old Hu nodded his head, "You can't tire yourself out with this disease, and you can't stay up late either. You have to remember to work harder in the future, staying up late will hurt girls too much."

How was it possible for him to find it out? He knew it just by looking at the dark circles under Su Fei's eyes. Furthermore, she was the teacher in charge of the class, so she would definitely have a lot of work to do.

"Is it serious?" Su Fei also became nervous, and was a little regretful that she did not cherish her body.

"It's nothing, but... I need another treatment. " Old Hu scratched his chin and said with a little difficulty.

"As long as it can be treated, it won't matter even if you're treated a few more times. I'll have to trouble you then!" Su Fei held his big hand with a "I will give it all to you" look.

"Alright, I'll try my best, but the process will be more troublesome than before. You have to cooperate with me to the fullest extent." Old Hu was bursting with laughter in his heart!

"Alright." Su Fei laid down carefully and closed her eyes, waiting for Old Hu to heal him.

Old Hu rubbed his hands together and looked at Su Fei as if he was looking at a delicacy.

After waiting for so long, he finally had to wait for an opportunity!

The girl's chest was full to the brim, Old Hu undid her buttons one by one. Her actions were very gentle, but Su Fei was still so nervous that she was shaking.

"Relax, it's okay." Old Hu patted her arm.

With a flick of her sleeve, Su Fei opened her shirt. In between, Su Fei wore a pink bra.

Immediately after, the Old Hu acted the same as last time and the scale was even larger than last time, causing her to gasp for breath repeatedly.

"Great sir, what else do you want?" Su Fei's face was buried under the pillow, her two hands grabbing onto the bed sheets, her waist was a little sore.

"We've already completed the first two steps. I'm sure you know about it as well. But, this last step is not easy." Old Hu said with a troubled tone.


"Do you still remember the last time you were in so much pain?" The reason why the Old Hu was mentioned was mainly to let her break through her psychological defenses and accept the Old Hu from the bottom of her heart.

"I... I'll hold it in this time. " Su Fei's voice was silly and very cute.

"Actually, you really don't need to be afraid. After I help you with this, all the blood vessels in your body will be opened up and they will coordinate with each other and remove the roots." Old Hu was extremely serious as he caressed her smooth skin with his large hands, massaging it.

"Really? If that's the case … Great sir, just do it. I can't take it anymore. "