"Open it. I'll open it now." The intern police was instantly terrified, causing Old Hu to feel a sense of desolation.

Was this how the motherland cultivated its own pillars?

Very quickly, the iron fences were opened. Lin Song walked in while shaking his head.

"Old thing, this is my territory. You can only take a beating. As long as you dare to retaliate, you will lose everything!"

After Lin Song finished speaking, he swung his fist at the Old Hu, who smoothly dodged it.

"Aiyo, you still dare to dodge!?" Well done! " Lin Song gave a thumbs up, but immediately followed up with another kick.

Several times in a row, the Old Hu was able to successfully dodge the attacks.

"Old thing, let me warn you, if you don't let me give you a good beating today, just wait for Su Fei to be destroyed by me!" At the critical moment, he actually brought out Su Fei to threaten the Old Hu.

Sure enough, the Old Hu was quiet all of a sudden.

No matter what, he was fine. Su Fei, a girl, must not be bullied.

He was detained and did not know what had happened to the girl.

Although Lin Song was very detestable, Old Hu still believed in him.

"Fine, I will hit you, but don't touch Su Fei, otherwise I will know, I will trade my life with yours!" The Old Hu stood firmly and spoke word by word.

"It's a deal." He thought to himself that he would have to return the humiliation from before today. As for that Su Fei, the Old Hu had nothing to do with him!

"Bang!" Bang! "Bam!" Lin Song punched the Old Hu a few times, but Old Hu did not make a sound.

How could Lin Song feel pleasure at this? He struck him harder, he had to make him shout out loud.

"Call me!" Do you think you are made of iron! It's already a bunch of old bones, what are you trying to show off for! " Lin Song kicked him to the ground, then sat on Old Hu's body and started to beat him up.

"I won't!" Old Hu said unyieldingly through the gap.

"Alright, so what if your bones are tough? I'll break it for you then!" Lin Song ruthlessly punched him down. Old Hu immediately bent over, his face pale white from the pain, perspiring in cold sweat.

That place was the weakest part of his body, and now he was being treated like this, he was in so much pain that he was about to die.

"You're already so old, so it's useless if you want this thing. How about I lighten the burden on you?" Lin Song raised his hand again, aiming at his lower body, just as he was about to attack, Chen Liyun arrived.

"Stop! What nonsense is this! "

Her arrival had undoubtedly saved the Old Hu, and if something were to go wrong there, he wouldn't be able to live on.

"Officer Chen …" "Save me …" Old Hu turned over and groaned. His face was in so much pain that it was deformed.

"Who opened the door for him! Don't you know this is against the rules? " Chen Liyun bellowed, and the intern policeman immediately walked over with his head lowered, and stuttered.

Actually, even without asking, Chen Liyun already knew that it was definitely Lin Song's again.

Thus, she walked straight to Lin Song's side and pulled him away.

"Lin Song, I know you have your brother protecting you, but I can't allow you to do whatever you want in the police station!"

Chen Liyun had been thinking just now, why did she want to be a police officer?

Now that a great disaster was happening, she could only endure it and watch him bully others because she was afraid of her superior.

She didn't want to be someone she hated.

"Why, Officer Chen, you want to discipline me?" Lin Song sloppily said, a lustful light appearing in his eyes. He reached out to touch Chen Liyun's chin, but was slapped down by her.

"Watch out, I'm a cop!" You can be detained at any time on the basis of your misconduct! " Chen Liyun used the aura of a captain to intimidate Lin Song.

He shrugged nonchalantly, then smiled brightly, showing two rows of large yellow teeth. "So what? Didn't you want to listen to my brother? I said you're a woman, and you're so beautiful, so fierce, so unlikeable. "Why don't you follow me? I can guarantee you that you'll have some delicious meals and spicy drinks every day. You don't even need to go to work!"

"I'm warning you again, pay attention to your words!" Chen Liyun's eyes widened as he stood up straight.

"How boring!" "Do you believe that I won't let my brother open you!?" Lin Song was disgraced, and quickly became anxious.

"You can give it a try! But now, don't even think of touching one of his fingers in front of me! " Chen Liyun knew that he was capable of it, but she could not take it anymore.

This tramp, too trashy!

"You … Just you wait! " Seeing that there was nothing Lin Song could do, Lin Song put down his words, "Let me tell you old thing, you are just a country bumpkin watching the door. It is as easy as killing an ant when I pinch you to death! Just you wait! "

Chen Liyun quickly helped Old Hu up and sat on the bed.

"Uncle, I'm sorry." Her voice was soft, but apologetic.

She was sorry that she had failed to protect the people, sorry for her cowardice, sorry for not being able to uphold justice.

"It's fine, Officer Chen. If you really want to help me, do me a favor." The Old Hu panted heavily as he placed his hand on her shoulder.

"Say it, as long as I can help, I will absolutely not shirk my responsibility." Chen Liyun's eyes were moist. Seeing Old Hu being bullied to such a state, he did not feel good in his heart.

But she was a little confused, wasn't Old Hu very good at fighting? Why did he allow Lin Song to bully him?

"Help me find someone. Right now, I'm in a very dangerous situation. Only he can help me." Old Hu's eyes were filled with determination.

Now that he accepted his fate, and knew that it was impossible to take down Lin Song and his brother with just his own strength, he could only ask for external help.

In the past, Old Hu did pretty well in the army, but later on, he didn't want to stay and develop, and after thinking about it for a while, decided to retire from the army.

In the army that year, he had many good brothers. I heard that they all developed quite well.

This time, he was looking for an old comrade-in-arms.

After that, he gave Chen Liyun an address and a phone number to tell her what to do.

After bidding farewell to Old Hu, Chen Liyun went to contact them. In less than an hour, there were already four to five military vehicles parked in front of the police station.

"Military Commander Chen, please get off!" The driver got out first and opened the door for the first passenger.

Very quickly, a man wearing a green military uniform, a large hat and black leather boots walked down the car, striding towards Police Station.