Who would have thought that after a few days, Lin Song would provoke them again!

The Old Hu saw Lin Song in the surveillance camera. He was wearing a flowery leather jacket and a shirt, with a few hoodlums dressed like Matt who killed and wandered around outside the school gate. When he saw the camera, he spat and rolled his eyes, as if he knew that the Old Hu could see them.

"Stinking Old Man, come out if you have the ability!"

"Don't be terrified, aren't you pretty awesome!"

"Really, if you have the ability, then go head to head with our big brother!"

"One on one your head!" This daddy wants to gang up on him! " Lin Song slapped his little brother. What a joke, if it really was one on one, he wouldn't be able to beat Old Hu. Seeing the few hoodlums swearing at the camera, anger surged from Old Hu's heart.

He really wanted to go out and beat them up again. If it wasn't for their sneak attack last time, he definitely wouldn't have been beaten to such a state.

However, thinking back to what Chen Liyun had said before, that there was a great backer behind this Lin Song, he endured it. After all, she could not afford to offend Lin Ming.

Old Hu was so angry that he could not sit still, and could only walk around the duty room. When it was time to end class, the school would be more crowded and many students would have to go home, so the security wasn't so tight anymore.

At this time, Lin Song brought those hoodlums into the school, and rushed straight to the duty room.

"Stinking Old Man surnamed Hu! Aren't you very capable! Why are you not daring to see us anymore? "

Lin Song had actually taken the lead to provoke them. At this moment, there were a lot of students on the campus, and many of them stopped to watch the show.

Old Hu picked up a stick at his side and was about to go out to fight, but he was stopped by Zhang Jian.

"Old Hu! Did you forget what Officer Chen said the other day? Don't go out, don't bother with the trash! "

Zhang Jian advised him as he took the opportunity to glance outside.

"Zhang Jian! Looking at this scene, do you think I can endure it? You've already gotten them to ride their necks to poop! " Old Hu's anger filled the sky with spittle.

"Why can't I endure it? Can't you just bark like a dog?" Zhang Jian truly cared about him.

"This is none of your business. If you're afraid, then don't come out. I'll settle it myself!" In the end, the Old Hu still rushed out.

"You bunch of bastards, if it wasn't for that sneak attack, would I have let you succeed? He really thought of himself as a lord! Are you looking for a beating? " Old Hu scolded him happily. When he finished, he saw that there were seven or eight people on the other side, which was more than half of the previous number.

"You old bastard, pui! Aren't you just a damn gatekeeper, and you still want to act cool with me!? Brothers, attack! If you want to beat him to death, leave it to me! " More and more people gathered, causing Lin Song to be even more excited.

Lin Song waved his hand, and the few Little Punk s pounced towards him. The latter was already prepared.

At this critical moment, a woman's voice was heard.

"Don't fight! "Don't fight!"

The two parties looked, it was Su Fei.

She was just returning from work when she saw a lot of people gathered at the entrance. After asking around, she found out that Lin Song was here to cause trouble.

Su Fei ran over to Old Hu and blocked his way with her arms.

"Lin Song! This is a school, so don't be too arrogant! "

"Xiao Fei, how is this old thing good? He has no money, no power, and is old and ugly, why is he worthy of you being captivated by him?" Lin Song asked out the words in his heart.

"I don't have the kind of relationship with Grandpa Hu that you think. Do you think everyone is as dirty as you?!" Su Fei berated him.

Amongst the crowd, her students also took out their cell phones to take pictures.

Beautiful teacher and gatekeeper, this is an explosive piece of news!

"Stop, stop, are you going home or not!?" Hurry up and go! If you don't go and close the door now! " Zhang Jian rushed out and chased away all the spectators, then hid in the duty room.

"This is really a beautiful scene of a hero being saved! My eyes are filled with tears! " Lin Song rubbed his eyes and said sinisterly.

"Xiao Fei, if you don't want the face I gave you, then don't blame me for being rude!" Lin Song blinked his eyes, his subordinates forcefully pulled her over, and stood by Lin Song's side with his arms tied.

"Lin Song, you are kidnapping! It's against the law! " Su Fei struggled and clamored, her tears almost flowing out. How could she protect Old Hu now?

"I am the Dharma here!" Lin Song said haughtily, not taking Su Fei's words to heart at all.

If he had violated the law, he would have been punished. He would have probably been shot long ago.

Wasn't it because of the bureau chief's brother, the rich man's father! Having the right to be rich, what was there to be afraid of?

"Brat, don't be too arrogant!" Old Hu was so angry that his veins were taut.

"Lin Song, don't hurt him! I'm begging you, don't hurt him. " He should have seen the reality of the situation a long time ago. Lin Song was not an ordinary hoodlum, they couldn't resist him.

This time, the 'Pear Blossom Rain' became even more enchanting, making Lin Song's heart move. He really wanted to press her down right now.

In particular, with his hands tied behind his back and waves billowing in front of him, it made his hands itch. He wanted to ravage them as soon as possible.

"You're asking me? You can't just say that. " Lin Song raised Su Fei's chin and laughed sinisterly, "Let's hear you call me darling."

"You …" Su Fei clenched her teeth, and squeezed out three words from between her clenched teeth, "Dearest …"

"Ah, beautiful people are so obedient! I love you even more because of you, young master. " Lin Song carried her in his arms and swore his sovereignty to the Old Hu, "Do you see that, you will never win against me!"

Old Hu was anxious, in a few steps he was about to attack, but he did not expect that he would be ambushed by a hoodlum, and from behind, he jumped out straight to his head with a rod.

"Bam!" Old Hu fell to the ground, his vision filled with darkness.

"Great Lord!" Su Fei shouted anxiously, making him extremely dissatisfied.

"Hit me again!" While the Old Hu was still unconscious, the other Little Punk attacked him a few more times.

This time, Old Hu also thought that he did not have enough strength.

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