"Hai, it's because I'm old and muddleheaded, the rest …" Old Hu slapped his forehead and laughed awkwardly, but before he could finish, he was quickly pulled away.

Ah!" Zhao Yali shouted when she saw Old Hu's bulging mouth. Old Hu quickly covered it with his hands.

"Little girl, don't scream. If others were to hear this, they would think that I am bullying you!" Old Hu let go of her after he finished speaking, his old face was a little red.

"Sir, you …" You should get an early rest! " Zhao Yali ran away while covering her face, as if she had seen something that she should not have.

"Yali, I …" Old Hu shouted, but he did not know how to explain, so he could only lie on the bed.

Zhao Yali ran as she let her imagination run wild. How is this Old Hu an age?

Old Hu lied on his bed and tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep. He thought about it a lot, and in the end, he still took a sleeping pill to rest up.

The next day, Old Hu called the Leader. Although his sleep did not hurt anymore, in order to show his seriousness, he still took two days off.

When he was bored, Old Hu secretly ordered a television set so that he could save the little girl the trouble of making fun of him in the future.

He had been lying in his room for the whole morning when many of his colleagues had sent him their greetings along with a lot of things.

Including Chen Bing, she didn't seem to know that Old Hu saw her secretly having an affair. Because the situation wasn't right, Old Hu didn't have the face to ask her.

Old Hu should be happy to watch TV while eating delicious food, and also get a salary. However, when he still could not see Su Fei's figure at dusk, he could not help but be disappointed.

Could it be that the reason he got beaten up was related to Su Fei as well? That's why she didn't come to see him?

Finally, when the sun had fully set, the Old Hu finished her dinner. Su Fei came over with a lot of fruits, but her eyes were red, as if something had happened.

"Elder, I'm truly sorry to have come so late to see you …" Once she entered, Su Fei started to apologize. Old Hu waved her hand and didn't say anything.

In fact, she was already very happy to be able to come to Old Hu.

"Teacher Su is busy, I understand." He did not call her Xiao Fei, which made Su Fei feel very unpleasant in her heart.

"Sorry, sir, it's my fault …" It's all my fault that you became like this! " Su Fei put down the thing and immediately threw herself beside Old Hu's bed and cried.

Because he wanted to ask for a leave of absence, Old Hu made himself look extremely miserable. He had even applied medicine and bandaged the areas that were exposed, making them look extremely serious.

"Xiao Fei, what do you mean by that? "Don't cry anymore, it broke your grandpa's heart." Seeing that, Su Fei quickly stood up by herself, "Uncle, don't move, just stay in bed."

The Old Hu laid down and continued to ask. Su Fei could only wipe her tears and said very quietly, "Lin Song told me everything already, it's all because of me that he found someone to beat you up. He even said that he wanted me to stay away from you in the future."

Su Fei felt that there was no future for him, and started crying again.

"What?" What did he do to you? " Old Hu became excited.

"Uncle …" "I, I feel like I can't stay here any longer!" Su Fei began to cry loudly, and after that she spoke to the Old Hu about what happened this afternoon.

In the afternoon, Su Fei had no classes and was busy revising her homework in her office. Unexpectedly, she received another call from Lin Song, telling her to go look for him at the bar immediately.

Under Su Fei's questioning, Lin Song finally admitted that he had found someone to do the deed. Su Fei was afraid that Yue Yang would do something, hence he went to the pub alone.

Lin Song and his other subordinates had long been waiting for his to drink. If he didn't drink, she would have to take off his clothes, or else he wouldn't be able to leave.

Su Fei did not know how to drink at all, and after drinking very quickly, she became anxious. Not long later, she collapsed on the sofa and could not move anymore.

Su Fei resisted with all her might, but in the end, she broke the wine bottle and cut her own neck, scaring Lin Song to the point that she forced her to run out.

Hearing her finish speaking, Old Hu felt extremely upset. No wonder Su Fei had brought a handkerchief today, he gently untied it and indeed saw a fresh scar.

"This beast! Your father will definitely kill him today! " Old Hu could no longer continue to pretend. Seeing Su Fei being humiliated in such a way, even a man without any guts would not watch him coldly from the sidelines.

"Uncle, don't!" "Don't go and provoke him again, just because of me, don't let anything happen to him. I already feel very guilty!" Su Fei hugged him, not allowing the Old Hu to act rashly.

Even if he rushed over and beat Lin Song up, he would definitely not be able to come back intact.

"But how can I just watch as you get bullied!" Old Hu really hated himself for not working hard in his early years.

"It's nothing, uncle. It's really nothing. At most, I'll just be good to him." Su Fei was choked with sobs. She painfully closed her eyes and tried to stop herself from crying.

"Silly girl!" What nonsense are you spouting? I promise you, as long as I'm alive for a day, I won't let him bully you! "Rest assured!" The Old Hu patted his chest as he guaranteed that he had made up his mind at this moment. He didn't want to get involved in the war of words with Lin Song, so he didn't want to get along with him.

Su Fei was so moved that she didn't know what to say. She could only look at Old Hu with red eyes like a wronged little rabbit.

"Great sir, how can you be so good to me? How can I repay you?!" It was a long time before she spoke.

Old Hu smiled and used both hands to hold her face, "You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I can't watch you get bullied, I would rather sacrifice myself than let you do so!"

The two faces were almost touching, facing such intimate actions, Su Fei actually did not run away. Old Hu wanted to directly kiss her, but after hesitating for a moment, he did not do so, afraid that scaring Su Fei away.

He really wanted to directly sleep with this beauty in the world. Her lips constantly made him miss her, as well as her smooth body … But now was not the right time.

The two talked deep into the night. Originally, Old Hu wanted to take this opportunity to deepen their relationship, but Su Fei was afraid of disturbing his rest and insisted on returning to her dorm.

Old Hu rested for a few days before he finally recovered. On Friday, the school holiday, since there were a lot of people, he personally went to the duty room to watch over the school.