"What is it? Do you know each other? " Chen Liyun raised her brows, feeling like she had gotten hold of some information.

"I don't know him, but I was wrong about him. I knew someone called Cheng Song a long time ago, his name is similar." The Old Hu didn't want to tell Chen Liyun about his flowers.

Chen Liyun looked at him deeply, and did not say anything else.

This time, Old Hu understood that Lin Song had always been holding a grudge about the other time, so he found a chance when no one was at school to beat him up again!

But he was too arrogant. This was still a school!

Just as he was feeling puzzled, Chen Liyun sent a colleague away, "Little Wang, could I trouble you to get a folder for me?

"Ouch." Xiao Wang was a male police officer. When he heard that his beautiful colleague wanted his help, he immediately ran out.

After that, they were the only two left in the room. Chen Liyun lowered her voice and said, "Grandpa Hu, your injuries are only superficial, you should be fine after taking two days, how about this?"

"What!?" Officer Chen, you're not joking with me, right? " The Old Hu asked in surprise.

"I'm telling you seriously, Lin Song's background is not simple, the best way is to avoid provoking him, otherwise, we won't be able to help you!" Chen Liyun's tone became more solemn, this made Old Hu even more dissatisfied, how could a police officer say such words?

But luckily, Chen Liyun had a beautiful face, making him curse unwillingly, if not she would definitely jump up and beat her!

"Heh, just how powerful is someone that even Officer Chen is so afraid of? Why didn't I notice that Lin Song was that strong? " Old Hu scoffed at her words, not putting them in his heart at all.

"You're still saying that you don't know each other?" Chen Liyun ignored his provocation, and instead caught onto his loophole.

Old Hu laughed awkwardly and waved his hand, "Officer Chen, don't be so serious, tell me, how is this Lin Song powerful?"

"He has a blood brother called Lin Ming. He is the deputy director of the city's Public Security Bureau. He can be considered young and capable, and is also my direct superior …" Chen Liyun said in a cold voice. It was hard to see just what sort of feelings she held towards Lin Ming.

"Oh, no wonder he's so arrogant. He even dares to get people to directly enter the school to beat him up." The Old Hu mocked and ridiculed him, causing Chen Liyun's expression to change constantly. However, he was surprised in his heart.

"I know what you're thinking, and I'm sure you're not convinced, but that's the reality. Not to mention you're already old, even if you're young and strong, you won't be able to fight the two of them even if you don't have money or power." Chen Liyun's words were heart-piercing, but they struck the heart of the Old Hu; her mood indeed became a lot calmer.

"Take good care of yourself. In the future, stay far away from them. Just live your own life. This time …" Since I have already said this, I do not wish for you to suffer a big loss. As for the specific choice, it will be up to you. "

Chen Liyun closed her notebook and got up to leave. Just as she was about to walk to the door, she stopped and said, "It's not easy looking at you alone. If you have any difficulties in the future, you can come and find me."

After she left, Old Hu couldn't recover his senses for a long time. While thinking about Chen Liyun's beautiful figure, she also thought about how to deal with Lin Song.

After thinking for a long time, Old Hu still couldn't think of anything.

Zhao Yali saw that Chen Liyun had left, and slowly walked into the house with her mouth pouted.

"Uncle, Officer Chen is so good-looking. Your eyeballs are about to fall out!" Zhao Yali sat down on the side of the bed, her face full of indignation.

"Ah?" Haha, is it that exaggerated? "No matter how pretty Officer Chen is, she can't compare to you. You're so much more in love with her." Old Hu insisted on sitting up and holding Zhao Yali's hand. His mouth was as sweet as smeared honey, but even though he said that, his mind kept thinking about Chen Liyun's appearance.

"Really?" Zhao Yali was just a little girl.

"Of course, you did so well today. No wonder you're so popular with boys." Old Hu praised her secretly. Her hot and spicy dancing was really unlike Zhao Yali's usual style.

"Hehe, of course, I've practiced for a long time for this program. I don't care how others look at me, as long as you think I'm worth it!" She looked at Old Hu deeply, her eyes sparkling.

These words caused the hairs on Old Hu's body to instantly stand on end. Why does this girl's words sound so much like a confession …

"Little girl, how could I have such great face? Quickly, don't praise me like that." Looking at her warm smile, Old Hu felt itchy in his heart, but thinking that he was still a teenage girl, he shouldn't be too guilty.

"Great sir, I have treated you as a relative in this school. Seeing you being beaten up like this truly makes my heart feel extremely uncomfortable." Zhao Yali suddenly hugged him, her tears rolling down her cheeks. This time, she had completely stunned Old Hu.

This Little Girl's emotions have changed too much, Old Hu muttered in his heart, but he still patted her back lightly. This time, Little Girl crawled even deeper into his embrace.

Because he was dressed in tight clothes, Zhao Yali's figure was outlined to be extremely stylish. Old Hu greedily groped her smooth back, then went back to her soft and small waist, feeling extremely excited.

Zhao Yali was still recounting her worries, hoping that the Old Hu would take care of his body in the future, and distance himself from the normal people. However, he suddenly stopped, and pushed the Old Hu away … He curiously looked at the blanket on Yue Yang's waist and reached his hands out to pull it away, but was stopped by Old Hu.

"Yali, what happened? I'm feeling a little cold, stop lifting the blanket." Old Hu's eyes turned red, he tried his best to restrain his impulse.

"Uncle, there seems to be something under your blanket. It almost touched me just now."

"Aiya, I think it's the TV remote." Old Hu pretended to say, then deliberately pulled from under the blanket, "Alright, everything is fine now." He bent his legs. Don't let the physiological reaction get too obvious.

Who knew that Zhao Yali would blink and say something that made him very embarrassed, "Uncle, you don't even have a TV in your room, where did you get the remote control from?"