Zhao Yali was currently single, with a beautiful and seductive appearance, there should be a lot of suitors.

Then that person noticed that she had been getting close to him recently, so he came to warn him?

"There are a few of them, but I don't care about them. Grandpa, why did you suddenly ask about this?"

Zhao Yali answered. From the tone of her voice, she did not pay much attention to the suitors.

"I care about you, I've said that our Yali is so outstanding, there is no way we don't have suitors." Old Hu didn't want to tell her his guess, in case she got angry because of him.

"Hey, I don't like them, so it's all the same to me." Zhao Yali poured water for Old Hu to drink. Her expression was very gentle, as if Old Hu was her true target.

"Did they not pursue you relentlessly and never give up?" The Old Hu raised his eyebrows and asked.

"No, sir, you are gossiping a lot today." Zhao Yali pouted, she was clearly unhappy, but seeing this the Old Hu could only stop.

Not because of Zhao Yali, but because of who else?

Just as Old Hu was thinking, he heard the sound of a siren coming from outside, scaring him so much that his heart skipped a beat.

He had done a lot of stealing before, but luckily he hadn't been caught, so he had no record of it. But he was still scared when he heard the siren.

"Uncle, let me go out and take a look." Zhao Yali was extremely concerned about this matter, and ran out by herself without waiting for Old Hu's permission.

At this point, the Old Hu had no other way. He hoped that the police could find out the truth.

In his mind, the police were always speaking up for the rich, speaking up for the officials. They didn't care much whether the boss' last name was bullied or wronged.

After a while, Zhao Yali brought in a few young policemen. They were all dressed in neat uniforms and had large hats on.

They first sized up Old Hu, then a leading female policeman walked over to the side of Old Hu's bed, "Hello, I am this city's Public Security Bureau's police officer, Chen Liyun. I will be in charge of handling this case of violence. In a while, I will ask you a few questions. Please cooperate with me and answer truthfully. "

Old Hu was silent for a few seconds before nodding his head in agreement.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Chen Liyun was a police officer. She was around 1.7m tall, and the ratio of her upper body to her lower body was also a typical gold ratio.

Looking at her facial features, it was very delicate. Her big eyes were bright and full of spirit. Her eyebrows were also naturally curved like a willow leaf, and her red lips were pouting. She even had her own luster.

In the end, Old Hu's gaze landed on her chest. This police uniform could wrap a whole body, but if one looked at it like that, they would actually have a D cup.

Old Hu took a fancy to this police flower with a single glance.

In the registration investigation that followed, Old Hu was absent-minded. Not only was he staring straight at her, his mind was also wandering towards Chen Liyun.

If such a woman could lie under him, it would be worth it even if she died!

In the eyes of others, the reason why Old Hu was always hesitating was because he suffered a blow to his mental state, so no one bothered about it with him.

But Little Girl saw that something was amiss. She kept coughing and reminding Old Hu not to lose control in front of the police.

Indeed, women understood women and men. When Chen Liyun entered the door, she saw that Old Hu's eyes were fixated on him, and felt displeased.

Was he jealous? No way, although the two were close, but she had always treated Old Hu as her big uncle!

The more she thought about it, the more chaotic it became. Zhao Yali just walked out of the room and went to take a breather.

Very quickly, the interrogation was over. Old Hu did not know anything about the newcomers' reactions, nor did he tell his conjecture to the police.

Because it involved his personal relationship, Chen Liyun didn't provide any useful clues. In the end, Chen Liyun decided to investigate the surveillance footage.

The surveillance footage clearly recorded what happened after those people rushed in.

There were five of them, and their hair was also multicolored. All of them were dressed up to kill Matt.

Old Hu could not help but scold loudly. His heroic name had actually been destroyed by these few scumbags.

Old Hu indicated that he did not know them, but Chen Liyun quickly found out.

After enlarging the video interface infinitely, she recognized the hoodlums, and they often came to the jail for stealing and robbing, which became a common occurrence.

But no matter how much the police taught them, they didn't change their nature, so the local police had a headache.

"Officer Chen, since you know who did it, why don't you just arrest him?" Looking at Chen Liyun's beautiful face, even the pain on her body had lessened by quite a bit.

"This... "Grandpa Hu, before we act, we need to understand a few things." Chen Liyun frowned, making the Old Hu feel that the matter was not that simple.

"How did you offend them? "These are all people from the Seven Stars Sect." Chen Liyun's expression became serious. This Seven Stars Sect was a famous gang. Although the government wanted to clean them up, it had never succeeded, and never found the right time.

"Seven Stars Sect?" I don't know. " Old Hu was stupefied, he could only shake his head. He was old and did not have much contact with the outside world. If he did not even know the name of this gang, how could he have provoked them?

"That's strange, have you really not offended anyone recently? They couldn't have come looking for you for no reason at all, could they? " Chen Liyun spoke very straightforwardly. Old Hu seemed like he had no right to ask for money or money, maybe he was just an old loser, who would cause trouble for him?

"Officer, I really don't know!" Old Hu was really wronged to death, why didn't this police officer try to interrogate the hoodlum, and instead wanted to get back at him.

"Don't get so excited, just lie down. We'll talk slowly." Seeing that Old Hu wanted to sit up from bed, but was unable to because of the pain, Chen Liyun felt a little embarrassed.

Old Hu calmed down, and after a moment of silence he suddenly asked, "In this Seven Stars Gang, who is the boss? Or someone in charge. "

Didn't he say that they were going to capture the thief first and capture the king first? If the police couldn't control the situation, he would take revenge on his own in the future!

At most, he wouldn't be humiliated for nothing.

"This Seven Stars Gang's leader, in other words, the boss, is called Lin Song." Chen Liyun said lightly, but it actually made a few holes in Old Hu's heart.

"What?" Lin Song? " The Old Hu exclaimed.