"It's best if it's like this!" Zeng Qiang glared at him again before striding away.

Waiting until his figure could no longer be seen, Old Hu spat fiercely, "What are you so proud of!? Wasn't he just the dean of the department!? And you're still messing around with a relationship between a man and a woman! "

He really didn't expect that at his age, he would still be threatened!

However, for the sake of the immediate benefits, Old Hu really did not dare to do anything to him, and could only secretly remember this debt.

For the next few days, when Old Hu was walking around the campus, he actually managed to bump into Ceng Qiang.

But every time, Zeng Qiang would act very friendly. He was usually dressed in a suit and a pair of black framed glasses. There were always a few books under his arm, giving him the appearance of an intellectual.

But who would have thought that behind his back was such a terrible thing, a beast in human attire!

In the blink of an eye, it was the welcoming party. Zhao Yali had greeted the Old Hu a few days in advance, and that day she would be performing on stage, she definitely had to let the Old Hu watch it.

Coincidentally, Old Hu was also a small leader and should be attending.

The programs at the beginning were all very normal and nothing new, but when they reached Zhao Yali's place, the atmosphere suddenly reached its climax.

She danced jazz with a couple of little girls. Jazz was famous for its sexiness, and they wore very little, exposing their bare skin so that the boys in the audience felt their blood boiling.

Even the Old Hu could not sit still. The coquettish gazes of others were uncontrollable.

She never thought that at such a young age, with such a pure face, Zhao Yali would actually have such a sexy energy hidden deep inside her bones.

A high kick had exposed her black underpants and snow-white thighs. In Old Hu's position, it was very clear that the skin around the mysterious triangle was all pink and tender, it was definitely a young one.

Following that, she shook her chest and picked up her clothes, biting her lips, causing Old Hu to be unable to hold back her lust.

At this party, Zhao Yali had undoubtedly become the focus of the entire audience, and from time to time, her gaze would land on Old Hu.

After watching this program, Old Hu left the stage and returned to the duty room. He laid on his chair and savored the aftertaste.

Old Hu felt that Zhao Yali's every glance was directed at him.

Old Hu touched his crotch and then shamelessly moved on.

Just as he was thinking about it, a clamor came from outside.

"Hu, hurry up and come out!" Do you hear me! "

Old Hu felt as if he had been awakened from a dream. Right now, there were not many people in the duty room or the school campus, all of them had gone to watch the gala.

He wanted to pick up a stick and charge forward, but before he could move, those few people rushed in. They did not give Old Hu any chance to react, instead giving him a gunny sack over his head and started beating him up.

As he fought, he scolded, "How dare you be so arrogant! Let's see if you can continue acting cool in the future! "

"Who the hell are you!? Damn it! "Don't let laozi know, otherwise I'll kill you all!" Old Hu gloomily shouted from the sack. He had been kicked everywhere on his body, and his strength was not weak at all.

His eyes turned black. This feeling was extremely difficult to bear.

"You don't have the f * cking right to know! Remember to keep your tail between your legs! A bunch of old bones, don't go around flirting with little girls! " The last person kicked him in the leg and shouted this sentence. After which, they left in long strides.

When Old Hu struggled to take down the bag, there was already no one left.

He tried to stand up, but his body was swollen and he couldn't move. Fortunately, they didn't hit him in the face, otherwise he wouldn't be able to see.

Just as Old Hu was thinking about who sent these grandchildren, he heard a scream at the door.

"Oh my god!" Great Master, what happened to you?! " After Zhao Yali realized that Old Hu was not in the auditorium, she immediately ran over to ask her to praise him. However, she did not expect to see such a scene.

"Yali …" I'm fine, don't shout. " Old Hu stubbornly wanted to get up, but he failed in the end. In the end, it was all thanks to Zhao Yali who helped him up again and sat on the chair.

"What's going on?" Great sir, who did you offend? " Zhao Yali's voice was trembling. Seeing the many wounds on the Old Hu's body, then looking at the gunny sack on the ground, without even thinking, he knew what had happened.

"I don't know. I didn't even have time to see who it was before they rushed in and covered me with a sack." Old Hu lied on the chair and gasped for breath. Honestly speaking, he was a little tired.

Being beaten up when he was young wasn't easy to bear, not to mention the fact that he was already an age old.

"No, I have to call the police!" Zhao Yali made her decision immediately.

Old Hu stopped her, "Don't, I can settle this myself."

Although Old Hu was already an old man, he still wanted to show off and not lose face in front of this little girl.

"Resolve what!" "Great sir, I've always listened to you before, but this time you have to listen to me!" Zhao Yali ignored everything and rushed to the exit of the duty room, dialed 110, and told everything that had happened to the police.

Even if Old Hu wanted to stop her, he didn't have the strength to do so.

"Uncle, the police said that they will be here soon. I'll take you to the hospital first. You look like you're seriously injured." Zhao Yali said with concern. Her eyes were watery, as if she cared about Old Hu a lot.

Seeing that, Old Hu was moved, but he refused to go to the hospital. He insisted that his body was still strong and healthy, so he didn't want to see a doctor.

Zhao Yali was unable to force him, and could only agree to help him return to his room to rest.

Lying on the bed, Old Hu thought, who would hate him like that?

Could it be Ceng Qiang? Was it because he had broken through the other party's cheating? But he shouldn't have. He already warned her that there was no need to find someone else to beat me up.

Those Little Punk s said not to chat about coquettish girls. The only girls he was familiar with were Su Fei and Zhao Yali.

It had been a long time since she was close to Su Fei, it seemed that Zhao Yali was the only one left!

When he saw Zhao Yali who was busy pouring water, he couldn't help but ask softly, "Yali, have any boys been chasing after you recently?"

The thugs sounded young and about her age.