Thus, the Old Hu became even bolder. Chen Bing started to randomly search her chest. Her eyes were closed, but she didn't even show the slightest sign of discomfort.

seemed rather serious in the past, Old Hu thought.

"Oh, Bing Bing, let me check your pulse again." Old Hu touched her wrist, pretended to listen for a while, then let out a sigh of relief, "Alright, now it seems that you have pretty much recovered, there's no need to worry!"

"But you have to be careful. Continue to follow the instructions. You can't be negligent." Old Hu added, afraid that she would not believe him.

"Alright, alright, alright. I will definitely continue to work hard." After obtaining the Old Hu's diagnosis, Chen Bing smiled in her heart.

"Right, as long as your relationship is harmonious, having children is not a problem." Old Hu said with a smile, but he actually wanted to test out Chen Bing's reaction.

Sure enough, after Chen Bing finished listening, her expression changed into one of distress.

Looking at her back figure, Old Hu had some plans.

When he went to work the next day, Old Hu made an excuse saying that he wanted to check the most recent recordings. He deleted the video of Chen Bing secretly dating a man, but he kept it in his superior plate as a backup.

In the afternoon, Su Fei actually came to the office to congratulate the Old Hu.

After not being in contact with Old Hu for a few days, there were many differences between her and him, but she was still as shy as before.

"Xiao Fei, how have you been recently?" Old Hu put down the teacup in his hand and pushed the reading glasses on the bridge of his nose.

Because I heard that all the leaders wore glasses.

"Thanks to you, that's great." Su Fei ruffled the hair by her ear, and said somewhat embarrassedly: "Uncle, I want to discuss a matter with you, I'm quite embarrassed about it."

"Just say it, why are you being polite to me?" The Old Hu said passionately.

"I have a distant relative, I have a cousin in the family, he doesn't have any education, but he is physically fit. They said that they wanted to ask if it's possible for her to join our school as a security guard? "

Old Hu was a little disappointed that he did not visit the Three Treasures Palace when he had nothing to do.

He rubbed his chin, deep in thought. "This …"

Su Fei frowned, following his tone. It seemed that Old Hu was in a bit of a difficult situation.

"Great sir, look …" If it doesn't work, then forget it, I'll go and tell them. " Su Fei purposely displayed a very disappointed expression, causing Old Hu's heart to tighten.

Xiao Fei, you have already spoken to me, how can I reject you? "" I … The Old Hu touched her little hand, but Su Fei did not avoid it, allowing him to massage her hand.

Old Hu cleared his throat and laughed sinisterly, "Xiao Fei, I can help you with this matter, but you owe me a favor, you must repay it in the future."

With that, he patted the back of Su Fei's hand.

"Fine, I will let you know if you have anything to say in the future. As long as it can help, I will not refuse!" With this accomplished, Su Fei beamed.

Su Fei left quickly, leaving Old Hu behind to think of a way to eat this Little Girl into her mouth.

When night came, he deliberately did not go back to sleep, and instead strolled around the school on duty, thinking what if he met Su Fei.

When he reached the corridor of the school building, it was pitch black. He took out a flashlight and looked around, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

However, when he reached a corner, he heard a groan coming from an office!

Mm …" Ah … "Ah …

"Use a little strength …"

"Sigh … I can't do it anymore. Slow down …"

The sound of men and women panting rose and fell one after another. Old Hu pricked up his ears and turned off the flashlight.

"Darling, you're amazing!" A man said in a low voice, patting the woman on the buttocks.

"Darling, you're the one who's good, you're so much better than my guy! "I can't stop thinking about you..." A woman's bashful voice floated out. Old Hu felt that he had heard it before, but couldn't recall where.

"Yeah!" As the woman's voice fell, the man was encouraged and continued to fight with his spear. Old Hu felt an itch in his heart and wished he could go in and participate.

"I hate you!" After an unknown amount of time, the office door finally opened. Old Hu shrank back to the stairs and hid.

From his position, he was able to see the man and woman clearly.

It didn't matter if he couldn't endure it, but when he saw the situation, he was shocked.

That slut actually turned out to be Chen Bing! The man was the head of the Chinese department, Zeng Qiang!

How did they end up together?

Old Hu could not understand, with a wave of his hand, the flashlight dropped to the ground.


"Who's there!" Ceng Qiang was more alert and was the first to react as he fiercely stared at the staircase.

At the same time, he patted Chen Bing's butt and let her go first.

Old Hu thought, this is bad.

He wanted to retreat, but it was too late. Zeng Qiang strode forward!

"Who's there! I already saw you, hurry up and come out! "

Old Hu looked around, but there was nowhere to go, so he could only bite the bullet and walk out.

"Oh, Director Ceng, it's you. What a coincidence."

"Old Hu? Why are you here? " Zeng Qiang frowned. His tone was still very strict.

"I'm on duty. When I walked into the office, I heard some movement. I thought we were recruiting for thieves, so I decided to stand guard here and catch him. I didn't think I'd be able to get you to come out." Old Hu made up a lie. He thought that since he had already said that, Zeng Qiang would definitely not pursue the matter any further, so as to avoid making things awkward for each other.

However, he didn't expect that Ceng Qiang would really not let him off!

"Old Hu, are you sure you're here to catch the thief?"

"Of course! This is my job! " Old Hu smiled guiltily.

"Enough, you definitely saw and heard it earlier, there's no need to lie to me." Zeng Qiang had a "I understand" look on his face. The distance from here to the office was less than three meters. They were fighting so passionately in the house, it was impossible for Old Hu to not hear it.

"No, Director Ceng, I really don't know anything." Old Hu knew that he was trying to trick him, so he absolutely could not admit it.

"Hmph, alright then. It's best if you don't know anything." Zeng Qiang sneered, "But let's be rude first. If I hear bad news outside, don't blame me for being rude."

"Look at what you're saying, we can't do that!" Old Hu was terrified, Ceng Qiang had some authority in the school, at that time, if he wanted him to f * ck off, it would just be a matter of minutes.