"Great sir, I didn't expect you to be this …" Zhao Yali wiped the corner of her eyes. She worshipped Old Hu even more now, she never thought that not only would he be brave, but he would also adore her so much.

"It's nothing, it's all over." Old Hu comforted Zhao Yali.

From that day onwards, Zhao Yali came to the Security Office even more frequently, but no one talked about it. After all, the age gap between them was too large.

A few days later, when Old Hu just went to work, he received a call from the office and rushed over to the HR Department.

"Old Hu, since you successfully handled the fight on the basketball court, the school awarded you with a medal, please keep it." Director Li from the Personnel Department took out an exquisite box and passed it to Old Hu.

"Thank you. Actually, this is what I should do." Old Hu looked at the office. There were still a few other officials, but they had become so serious.

"Hehe, our school needs people like you who actually work at guns!" Dean Li praised him again, then cleared his throat and said, "In view of the excellent performance of comrade Old Hu, we will officially hire you as the person in charge of Security Office."

The moment he said that, the surrounding people started to clap enthusiastically. Everyone had a smile on their face, and only Old Hu had a stupefied expression.

"What?" What's the meaning of this, Leader? "

"You are a Leader now!" Chief Li handed the office key to him. There were also seals and the like. From this moment onwards, Old Hu was promoted.

Being led to the office, Old Hu set up the office, then returned to Security Office to do the handover with his former colleagues. He had always been in a daze.

To be more precise, happiness came too suddenly, it was a bit hard to believe.

Sitting in the spacious office, the Old Hu was filled with emotions.

Who would have thought that he would become a lowly official in his fifties and this official was even the one who called him when he was in a fight! What luck!

As he was rejoicing, Old Hu thought of Su Fei. Now the little girl should have a whole new level of respect for him!

Although he was seated in his office, Old Hu still did not forget his original plan. He often ate and drank with the security guards, calling them brothers.

Today, Zhang Jian was supposed to be on duty, but that brat said that he would go meet some other online friend, so he made the Old Hu do it for him.

Today, Zhao Yali had something to take care of and when she returned home, no one was there to chat with him. Recently, Su Fei had been busy with something else as she could not find anyone.

Old Hu watched the surveillance video in boredom before he suddenly opened his eyes wide.

There were two blurry figures in the corner of the monitor. They appeared to be a man and a woman, and they were embracing each other intimately.

Old Hu originally wanted to see the situation unfold, but just by looking at it, he was able to tell what was going on.

The lady was none other than Chen Bing!

Did he get back on track with his husband so soon? It was developing rapidly.

Old Hu curiously stuck his head out and peeped at the place, only to discover that the one who was having an affair with Chen Bing was a young man! She was wearing a suit and was driving a luxury car.

So it's a pretty boy?

He winced and looked thoughtful.

Previously, Chen Bing had said that she was the victim in the marriage, but now … It didn't seem like it!

That man did not stay for long, and left about 10 minutes later. They must have thought that it was a blind spot for surveillance, but they did not expect that they were all seen by the Old Hu.

Chen Bing walked past the Security Office door and didn't notice Old Hu.

Staring at the round butt of the woman, Old Hu had mixed feelings about it. He even said that he was afraid that her husband would eat it secretly and he would eat it himself first!

But thinking about it, it made sense. It was said that women were like wolves and tigers that could absorb dirt when they sit down, and this Chen Bing was not young either. Her demand was indeed strong, and her husband just couldn't satisfy it so he went to find other men.

Thinking about it this way, Old Hu also understood her.

For a few days in a row, the Old Hu was always paying attention to the surveillance footage. Indeed, they kept seeing Chen Bing being delivered by the young man all the way, sometimes in the morning, and sometimes at night.

Old Hu could not always stay in the duty room, and when he returned back to the office, he did not have much to do. Just as he was worrying about being bored, Chen Bing delivered himself to him!

"Big Brother Hu! "I told you that with your abilities, it's impossible for you to only be a gatekeeper!" When Chen Bing saw Old Hu, he became very friendly, as though the two of them were already very familiar with each other.

She was wearing a long skirt, and her wrapped up figure was exquisite. Her chest was split open, revealing her deep line of work. If one didn't look at her face, who would believe that she was a teacher?

Old Hu swallowed his saliva. That big white rabbit was just too tempting!

"Teacher Chen, those words of yours are embarrassing me to death. Take a seat, take a seat." Pouring Chen Bing a cup of water, the two of them started chatting face to face.

Chen Bing congratulated Old Hu first and even brought a present, then the two talked about her condition.

"To tell you the truth, my menstrual flow this time is a lot more normal! "We did everything according to your method!" Chen Bing's complexion was also redder than before. With a glance, one could tell that she was in a good mood.

"That's fine then. Continue to persevere, and don't relax. You'll look even more beautiful now than before. If you continue persevering, it will definitely be effective!" The Old Hu encouraged her, but secretly thought in his heart, I think that the little man must have nourished you!

The two chatted for a while longer. Old Hu intentionally brought up Chen Bing's family and mentioned her husband. She realised that Chen Bing was not as happy as before.

That night, it really wasn't her husband, he was in her fifties this year, even older than the Old Hu. She was a leader in the city and Chen Bing did not reveal his position.

This time, Old Hu was confident, Chen Bing had a mistress!

With such a weakness in hand, wouldn't he still have to worry about not having a beauty in mind?

"Teacher Chen …"

"Big Brother Hu, I didn't see you at all. Don't call me Teacher Chen, just call me Bing Bing. That's what my family and friends call me." Hearing that, she really relaxed her guard towards the Old Hu.

"Alright, Bing Bing, just in case. Let me check for you again." The reason the Old Hu took the initiative to suggest him was actually because he wanted to take advantage of the situation and eat tofu.

Anyway, she was no longer a woman from a good family, so wasn't this also considered as a violation of morals?

"Sure!" Chen Bing happily agreed, and took the initiative to lie down on the sofa. Originally, Old Hu did not have such an intention, but seeing that, he could only go with the flow.

"Let me first listen to your heart rate." Old Hu said that after Chen Bing agreed, he touched her large chest just like last time.

It was soft and elastic, not at all like a middle-aged woman's breasts.

Because of the split in front of his chest, Old Hu failed to hold her down and slipped into Chen Bing's line of business. He immediately panicked, thinking that Chen Bing would definitely scold him for something.

So he's also a slut, Old Hu thought.