"Kid, you have to keep a low profile as a person. That kick was to teach you to respect the elderly!" Old Hu said calmly.


"Bam!" Just as he finished cursing, he felt a pain in his chest, and he was sent flying Old Hu. He stumbled and fell, gasping for breath on the ground.

"This punch is to teach you to be polite." Old Hu wiped his hands and looked coldly at the boys. They ran away in fear.

"Let's disperse, let's disperse. Stop watching, hurry up and go to class." Old Hu waved to the surrounding students, and started to organize the equipment on the spot.

Only when most of the students had left did he cover his chest and sit down, panting heavily.

He was indeed old. He had no choice but to accept the fact that he was old. If this were the past, he would definitely not even be able to breathe.

Just as he was wiping away his sweat, a voice suddenly came from above his head, "Uncle, you were very impressive just now. How about you drink some water?"

Raising his head, he saw that it was Zhao Yali.

"Yo, Yali, thank you." The Old Hu did not hold back and drank it all.

At this time, Old Hu's heart felt warm, he never thought that there would be someone who would think of him.

She thought that Zhao Yali would leave soon, but she just sat down and started chatting with the Old Hu.

"My lord, the one you just beat is our school's overlord Chu." Zhao Yali whispered in his ear.

"Heh, with such strength, how can he still be a tyrant?" Old Hu smiled and did not take it seriously.

He came from the same age, that's all.

"That's right, his surname is Chu. His father is a big boss, and he has a lot of money and looks. In school, he is often domineering, so his classmates call him the Overlord of Chu." Zhao Yali enthusiastically explained to him.

"Hehe, that's fine. Since Grandpa dares to teach him a lesson, I don't care that much." What Old Hu said was the truth. He was alone anyway and had nothing.

You can't lose face in front of a little girl!

"Uncle, you're a real man!" Zhao Yali gave him a big thumbs up.

"Uncle, why are you in such good health? Even those young lads can't compare to you!" Zhao Yali asked curiously, it looked like Old Hu was in his forties, how could he be so vigorous?

"It's all because of the good training at a young age and my body is tough. But I can't do it now either, I can't compare to when I was young." Old Hu raised his head and looked at the blue sky. In a blink of an eye, more than twenty years had passed.

"Uncle, don't be modest, otherwise, how uncomfortable it would be for those weak chickens to hear it." Zhao Yali's smile was especially brilliant, causing the Old Hu to laugh along.

The two of them chatted for a while. Zhao Yali suddenly said that she wanted to add Old Hu's WeChat to her WeChat.

"Girl, I don't know what you're talking about either." Old Hu scratched the back of his head. Although he had a phone, he did not play the internet much.

"It's alright. I'll help you download it and teach you how to use it. We can chat more often in the future." Zhao Yali was very enthusiastic, the Old Hu could only follow suit.

Very quickly, Zhao Yali downloaded WeChat for Old Hu and helped him register a user.

He even used "Zhou Run Fa" as a profile picture because she felt that the Old Hu's style of doing things was very similar to a hair brother's, cool and domineering!

"You see, if you order this, we can chat."

"Girl, I don't know how to type and I don't know how to use Pinyin." Old Hu felt that it was a little embarrassing to say it out loud.

"No worries, you can just send me a voice message and click on it." Zhao Yali did not dislike him at all.

Although Old Hu was stupid, with the little beauty teaching, he could learn very quickly. Not only could he send messages, he could even send Wechat Moments.

He decided to go back and practice his spelling and typing, so that the little girl would not look down on him.

The two of them continued to chat for a while. It was time for Zhao Yali to go to class.

Because of this, Old Hu became famous in the school. Many students greeted him when they saw him, just because he beat up Chu Ba Wang.

Zhao Yali would often chat with Old Hu, talking about some troublesome or happy things for her. Old Hu felt that she was lively and cute, and it wasn't as boring as she thought.

In the end, the two of them had a good relationship.

Old Hu knew that this Little Girl worshipped him, and it could be seen from her actions and words.

He could not help but sigh. In this world, girls were really easy to deceive. That was why there were so many scum men and bad people.

On this day, Zhao Yali came to talk to Old Hu again and unintentionally talked about his relationship. Although he didn't like his ex-boyfriend anymore, he had done it before, so he still couldn't forget about it in his heart.

Deep in his emotions, the Old Hu began to reminisce.

He said to Zhao Yali, "When I was twenty, I fell in love with a girl from my village. Her long, jet-black hair gave rise to wind when she walked, and her large, dark eyes were especially bright, as if they could suck me in with just one glance. "She has a slim figure and is petite. Many people like her."

"My family is poor, she doesn't like me, but I don't give up, always secretly following her." Old Hu also thought back to the girl and his heart also surged with emotions.

"What happened next?" Did she accept you? " Zhao Yali was completely captivated by the conversation as she drew closer to the Old Hu.

"She is the teacher of the neighboring village. I once followed her home in secret, but she met some criminals on the way home. Not only did she want to rob the wealth, she also wanted to rob the perverts!" Old Hu became excited.

"At that time, I was hesitating, should I save him or not? If I rushed out, she would definitely be able to guess that I was the one following her, but if I don't save … "

"In the end, I still rushed out, beating that criminal until he couldn't even crawl back up. Then I rode her back to the village at lightning speed." Speaking to here, the Old Hu was still a little scared.

"In that fight, my arm was cut by a knife. There's still a scar." Old Hu rolled up his sleeves, showing Zhao Yali, there really was a three centimeter long scar.

"Is she very touched?" The lady continued to question with disbelief in her eyes.

"Yeah, back then she was crying as she thanked me and even excitedly hugged me! It makes me feel bad. " Old Hu laughed, "But on the second day, she was brought away by a car and never came back."

"Ah?" What did she do? "

"Her parents died early, and then the Second Uncle became rich in the city. I heard that something like that happened to her, and she was no longer allowed to stay in the countryside." Old Hu lamented even more, "It was precisely at that time that I chased him to the city and did all sorts of hard labor. I never saw her again. "