"You really want children that much?" Old Hu raised his eyebrows, rubbing his chin as though he was in a difficult situation.

"That's right!" "Even in my dreams, I would dream of having a child. If I'm fine, then I still have a chance. But if I can't have a baby, then my marriage won't be safe either." Chen Bing sighed.

"Don't be in such a hurry, I'll help you take a look before coming to a conclusion." Old Hu sat at the side and asked her to extend her arms out as she pretended to check her pulse.

Five minutes had passed and Old Hu still had his eyes closed, not saying a word. He frowned slightly, completely scaring Chen Bing.

"Big Brother Hu, is my disease really serious?"

"Don't worry, I still have some things to ask you." Old Hu scratched his earlobes. He had already thought about all the things he had to say in the past five minutes.

"Teacher Chen, have you miscarried before?"

"You can even see that?" Chen Bing was a little surprised, she had forgotten to mention this matter, but Old Hu himself knew about it.

"En, I can feel the cold in your body. The dark energy is concentrated in your uterus, preventing you from getting pregnant." The Old Hu said solemnly.

"Sigh, in the second year after I got married, I was indeed pregnant with a child, but after that, it mysteriously disappeared. Although I took good care of my body, I was never pregnant again." Chen Bing sighed heavily, and suddenly raised her voice again, "Big Brother Hu, is it because of this, that I can't have more?"

"That won't happen. I've checked and found that it's not that serious, but it can't be underestimated either." Old Hu turned her wrist around, and his fingers traced one of the veins upwards.

"Look, this blood vessel is connected to your womb. It is dark green in color, enough to see that the cold energy in your womb is too strong. Even if the egg was fertilized, it would still be difficult to get into bed." The Old Hu spoke in all seriousness.

Actually, the color of a human's blood vessel was all different. It was related to one's physique, but it was completely unrelated to any cold palace.

With this, Chen Bing was completely shocked. The doctors at the big hospitals did not mention anything about it!

"Then what should I do, Big Brother Hu!" Chen Bing held onto Old Hu's hand, looking like he was about to cry.

"If we want to cure it, we have to figure out the cause. Most of the cold in this palace is caused by external cold evils or by the stagnation of the cold in the female's womb due to the deficiency of spleen, kidney and yang, causing damage to the function of the womb. "

"There are also many problems with infertility. Some are tubal obstruction, some have incomplete uterine development, some have endocrine disorders, and some don't have enough sex hormones …" Saying this, the Old Hu deliberately dragged his words.

"How's your menstrual flow?" Just as Chen Bing was deep in thought, he suddenly asked.

"Ah, that … "Not many..." Chen Bing stammered, her small face instantly flushed red.

Although he had met many doctors before, it was embarrassing to discuss such private matters with a doorman.

"Is it shaped like bean paste and bright red next? And each menstrual period before the first week of head pain, followed by breast distension, until the menstrual cycle after some relief? " The string of questions from the Old Hu had completely convinced Chen Bing.

"Big Brother Hu, just tell me how to treat it." Chen Bing looked at Old Hu as if he was his savior.

"You have to expel the cold energy from your body first. You can't eat any seafood or cold-blooded foods. Drink the red dates and medlar to replenish your energy and blood. At night, use ginger water to soak your feet. You must sweat." He had casually made up the recipe, so he didn't know whether it was useful or not. In any case, it didn't matter as long as it wasn't a dead man.

"You can stay here for a month, see if your period has improved, and then come and check with me." Finally, the Old Hu decided.

Chen Bing hurriedly nodded, and remembered everything that he had said just now.

"Big Brother Hu, thank you so much! You're so capable! You're really a waste of your talent to be a guard here! " Unfortunately, as Chen Bing said that, the Old Hu smiled and said, "I like this kind of carefree life, it's pretty good."

"Mm …" Seeing that the Old Hu had said so, Chen Bing could only nod her head and leave happily.

After two consecutive days, when they heard that the school affairs had changed greatly, the Old Hu did not see Su Fei, nor did they see Chen Bing either.

At the same time, he also heard some very bad news!

With Chen Bing's big mouth, she actually told everyone that he knew Chinese medicine, and that he was an expert in medicine!

This led to the teachers and staff to come ask him questions about health care, causing Old Hu to feel extremely regretful.

On this day, when Old Hu was on duty, a student ran over and shouted, "Someone's fighting in the basketball court, they're about to be beaten to death!"

Upon hearing this, the Chief of Security Office hastily sent the guards to take a look, and Old Hu took the lead as he ran to the front.

Arriving at the basketball court, he saw two groups of young men fiercely tearing each other up.

"All of you, stop!" What are you guys doing! "You dare to fight in school, yet you want to be punished?!" Old Hu was an experienced expert of Security Office. Although he was old, his words had more weight.

They were all in their twenties, and they were all in high spirits. Whoever stopped at this moment would lose face, so no one paid any attention to him and continued to fight.

"Are you all deaf!?" Old Hu roared. It was simply deafening.

A lot of students slowly gathered around to watch. When Old Hu heard that it was the Chinese department and sports department's students who were fighting in order to seize the basketball court, it became a fight, and then it became a gang fight.

At the same time, there were also many people who pointed at Old Hu, saying that he was useless and could not control these young lad.

Hearing this, Old Hu became completely furious. He rushed forward and grabbed the two men who were fighting, and effortlessly pulled them away.

Then he stood straight in the middle of them, "What are you guys fighting for, if you want to roll, roll, go home and fight. This is a school, not a place for you to behave atrociously!"

"Stinking Old Man, what business do you have!" He was half a head taller than Old Hu, and his physique was also two times that of Old Hu.

"Stinking brat!" I think you are really lacking in discipline! " Old Hu kicked his leg into the pit of the leg. The student felt his thigh ache, and he fell to his knees.

Instantly, the entire hall roared with laughter, winning the entire hall's glory.

"Great Lord!"

The student felt embarrassed, standing up and grabbing onto Old Hu's collar: "Stinking Old Man, do you know who I am? How dare you hit me!"

"What are you doing!?" "How dare you provoke the teaching staff!" Old Hu's colleagues shouted from behind, but no one dared to step forward, because this brat was too strong.

Old Hu did not blame them, after all it was just a three-legged skill.