Old Hu was very pleased with himself.

That night, there was another knock on the door.

The Old Hu thought that Su Fei had returned to check on him, and happily opened the door, only to discover that there was someone else!

The person who came was Chen Bing, and he had the same office as Su Fei, and was the dean of his department.

When talking about Chen Bing, although she was already in her early forties, she had maintained herself well, and looked like a young wife in her thirties.

Her figure was plump, even more impressive than Su Fei. She was a literary and artistic young man, and her every move exuded the elegance of an intellectual. She had a bit of a low qualification and had a kind personality, but also a bit of elegance.

Towards someone like the Old Hu, she was disdainful to ignore, why did he suddenly come to visit today?

"Teacher Chen, what's the matter?"

The Old Hu asked with a smile. He was very polite, but he was muttering in his heart. After all, it was not early anymore.

"About that, can I go in and talk about it?" Chen Bing looked around, and after confirming that there was no one around, she sighed a breath of relief and carefully asked Old Hu.

"Yes, of course." Old Hu was even more curious now that he had hurriedly invited her in.

After calling Chen Bing to sit down, the Old Hu shut her room door and poured him a cup of hot tea.

This Chen Bing couldn't be compared to the little girl, Su Fei. When he heard that her husband was a big boss, he even more so didn't dare to slight him.

"Big Brother Hu, actually, I have something that I need your help with." Chen Bing took a sip of tea and slowly said.

"I heard Teacher Su say that you know Chinese medicine?" Chen Bing asked tentatively.

"Huh?" Old Hu was startled, it was actually Su Fei who spoke with his big mouth, he actually told everyone about him knowing Chinese medicine, what was going on?

But he quickly reacted, "Hai, this matter, there's nothing I can do to tease her. Don't take it seriously, I'm just a janitor, how would I know anything about Chinese medicine? I don't."

Old Hu waved his hand, what he said sounded like the truth, but Chen Bing's face was filled with disbelief, "Big Brother Hu, don't lie to me, she already told me, wasn't the chest mass treated by you?"

Chen Bing's tone was very serious, making Old Hu dizzy.

At this point, he had no choice but to admit it.

"Teacher Chen, I do know a little, but it's just the surface."

"Big Brother Hu, don't be modest! I really want you to help me! " Chen Bing put down the cup and suddenly grabbed Old Hu's hand.

In the next half an hour, Chen Bing narrated her misfortune while sobbing.

She had been married to her husband for many years and had never conceived a child.

She was fine at first, but now that she was old and middle-aged, she became even more anxious.

Her husband had been indifferent to her for the past few years, and his marriage had not been happy at all. The parents-in-law also always talked about things with her children, saying that she stayed in the chicken coop and didn't lay eggs. Sometimes, her scolding was as bad as it could get.

Having no children left her with no status in the family, and even her marriage was in danger, she was more afraid that her husband would look for Little San outside!

"Then you didn't go investigate?" Now that medical treatment is so advanced, there must be a way. " The Old Hu said.

"Sigh, saying this makes me feel even more hopeless!" Chen Bing sighed, "There are many homes in the big hospitals, big cities like Beijing and Shanghai. We have all been there, but we only have one conclusion, and that is that we are under too much pressure, that we are nervous, that there is nothing wrong with our bodies, and that as long as we allow it, there will be children."

"What kind of conclusion is that?" Old Hu suddenly felt that they were just a bunch of quack doctors.

"That's right! "Therefore, I've come to find you this time. Please let me have a look, I really want a child too much!" Chen Bing's eyes were brimming with tears of passion, causing Old Hu to feel itchy in his heart.

This Chen Bing still had the charm of a woman, and when she cried, it was with tears and tears, and she looked more like a mature woman than Su Fei.

Old Hu passed her a tissue to wipe her tears. She already had a bad idea in her heart, but she was not as easily fooled by it as a little girl like Su Fei.

"This... Teacher Chen, my medical skills are lacking, so I can only give you a try, but I can't guarantee success! " Old Hu was very careful with her words.

"It's fine, it's fine. Big Brother Hu won't lie to you, as long as there's a bit of hope, I will try." Chen Bing was very determined.

"Alright, then I'll have to ask you about some private matters. I hope you can tell me the truth."

"No problem!" Ask away. "

"Do you live in harmony with your husband?" He was just asking blindly to satisfy his curiosity.

"Sigh, this is too embarrassing. It had been more than ten years since their marriage. In the beginning, he had done so many times, but every time … "Time is extremely short." The more Chen Bing spoke, the softer her voice became. After all, it wasn't anything glorious.

"At this point, there are no more attempts and no more quality …" It's all my fault, I'm already too old to attract him. " The more Chen Bing said, the more sad she became.

"No, Teacher Chen. You've taken care of yourself so well, and your figure is also very good. You're one of the top beauties in our school!" Old Hu was speaking the truth, but Chen Bing did not have much of a reaction.

"Don't praise me Big Brother Hu. Sigh, speaking of my husband, in order to delay his growth, he ate a lot of medicine, but it did not have much effect. To be honest, I have never known what climax is in this matter! "

When the Old Hu heard this, he realized that it was actually a woman who was not satisfied with what she had said! His chance had come!

"These are the normal needs of adults. There's nothing to be embarrassed about." Old Hu patted her hand. Her skin was still soft and tender.

"Have you ever considered that your husband's health isn't good, which is why the quality of the seed is not good enough for him to conceive?" Old Hu got to the point.

"There is!" "But I've never dared to bring it up. I'm afraid that he might hurt his pride. After all, no man is willing to admit that they're incapable …" Chen Bing wiped the corner of her eyes. It could be seen that she had not been doing well these past few years.

So what if the husband was rich and powerful? If the husband's life was discordant, it was easy for problems to arise in their relationship.

"That's true. You did it because you loved him, but did he know it?" Old Hu's words came to a point.

"I hope he knows. I don't dare to say it out loud, so I can only find problems with my own body." Chen Bing immediately took off her jacket, causing Old Hu's eyes to light up.

Then, she excitedly said, "Big Brother Hu, I just want you to take a look, can I give birth to another child?"

Old Hu kept silent and looked up and down. This married woman was indeed different. Her breasts had expanded by a few sizes, but they were still full and firm!

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