"Great lord …" Su Fei was stunned, didn't they say to check?

"Oh, it's fine. You'll only know if there's poison after personally tasting it. You've recovered quite well. You won't be able to tell anything from your tongue."

Old Hu's words were very natural.

After that, he let her take off her jacket and covered it with her hands. After massaging it for a few rounds, he was completely immersed in the pleasure and almost moved his mouth over hers.

Until Su Fei reminded him in a small voice, "Uncle, are you still not done yet?"

Only then did he reluctantly let go.

"Well, this time make sure there are no more bumps in the chest. However, this illness has not been completely eliminated. In the future, you have to come and check with me frequently to prevent a relapse. "And from now on, you must pay attention to your daily routine, especially …"

After Old Hu had finished speaking in a relaxed manner, Su Fei's expression had originally slightly eased up, but he once again lengthened her tone.

"Especially what?"

"Just don't be with men... to do that sort of thing. " Old Hu scratched the back of his head, looking very embarrassed.

"Aiya, grandpa, look at what you're saying, I don't even have a boyfriend …" Su Fei's face flushed red in embarrassment.

Old Hu was very satisfied with her words.

"Hehe, it's good that you remember. I won't say anything else." Old Hu helped her tidy up her clothes and pulled her up. After the two chatted for a while, Su Fei finally returned to the dorm.

Old Hu couldn't bear to wash his hands, he was practically licking his palms and falling asleep.

But when Su Fei returned to her dorm, her heart was beating very quickly. It was obviously just to look for a sickness, why did she have such a strange feeling?

She touched her burning face and fell asleep in wonder.

The next day was another sunny day. When she met Old Hu on the campus, Su Fei did not avoid him but took the initiative to greet him. After all, he was her benefactor.

The Old Hu was also in a good mood. He took care of Su Fei while waiting for a good opportunity to strike.

This piece of fat from his mouth could not be easily let go!

Today, the chance had come!

In the afternoon, Su Fei found the Old Hu right after class. She was extremely anxious, normally she would only come here at night, afraid that others would see and chat.

"Uncle, you have to help me!" Su Fei held onto Old Hu's hand with teary eyes.

"What's wrong, Xiao Fei, don't be anxious, speak slowly." Old Hu quickly greeted her and told her to sit down. He did not remove his hand and instead held her even more tightly.

In the past, other than seeing a doctor, Su Fei had also rejected any intimate contact with the Old Hu. But this time, it was as if she had found a backbone, and didn't try to avoid him.

"It's Lin Song. I ignored him for the past few days, but he kept pestering me, insisting that I go out to play, and even bringing me to the nightclub!" Su Fei's eyes were filled with fear.

"Can't you just ignore him?" Old Hu asked, this kind of thing was usually impossible to deal with.

"Uncle, I didn't find him or pay attention to him. He kept sending me harassment messages and kept calling me. Afterwards, when I ignored him, he started to intimidate me!" As Su Fei spoke, she began to cry.

"Tonight, he said she must go to M2 Night's Shop, or else she will come to the school every day to block me and she will even tell others that I am his girlfriend! Get everyone else away from me! " Su Fei continued, the more she said, the more she cried.

"Sir, please help me. I really have no other choice. I'm really scared of his recklessness!"

"Xiao Fei, don't cry, there's your grandpa here, since you told me that, I can't just sit idly by!" Old Hu slapped his thigh, he had an idea in his mind.

"Xiao Fei, listen to me. Tonight, go to the bar according to the time and place he said!"

"Ah?" Great sir, I can't go! "

"I'll go with you! I have my ways tonight, rest assured! " The Old Hu gave her a calm gaze. He told Su Fei not to panic too much, that he was in charge of everything.

At 9: 30 in the evening, Old Hu drove an Audi A6 and appeared in front of the school gate. He called Su Fei to go with him to the m2 bar.

"Uncle, your car …" You really do hide your true abilities! " On the Audi, Su Fei's eyes revealed a look of surprise.

Old Hu sighed in his heart. Indeed, there are no beauties who do not like luxury cars.

"Right now, this Audi A6 isn't really a treasure, so I'm too embarrassed to often use it to make a fool of myself." Old Hu tidied up his tie a bit, but he pretended to do it with one hand.

This car was rented temporarily in the evening, and it only took him one day to pay half a month's salary! Also, this suit was rented from the wedding company, but at least he had a strong and healthy body, so it fit him quite well.

"Great sir, this is the first time I'm riding in such a good car." Su Fei's mood relaxed a lot, but suddenly thinking about meeting with Lin Song later, she tensed up again.

"Great sir, what should we do in a while?"

"Just say that I'm your boyfriend later. Just hold my arm and pretend to be close. Leave the rest to me!" Old Hu patted his chest and said with confidence.

Although Su Fei was a little hesitant, since she had already reached this step, she could only do it.

Very quickly, they arrived at the entrance of the bar. From afar, they saw Lin Song coming out to "welcome" them.

After getting out of the car, Old Hu gave the car keys to the waiter, who naturally knew to drive the car to the car park.

He didn't say anything more and just became even more imposing.

"Yo, Xiao Fei, who is this?" Lin Song said in a strange tone as he saw Su Fei hugging onto Old Hu's arm tightly.

Today, he wasn't wearing that suit, but was wearing a leather shirt with rivets and boots. It was full of the aura of a hoodlum. A few lackeys followed behind him. Their colourful hair dyed the sky, and they tugged as much as they could.

"I am Xiao Fei's boyfriend!" Old Hu was the first to speak, filled with energy. At the same time, he held onto Su Fei's small hand tightly.