"What nonsense are you saying, scram and patrol!" Be careful that I don't give you a report! " Hearing that Zhang Jian was being naughty, Old Hu became angry and kicked him away.

Because the Old Hu was very old and experienced, Zhang Jian could not say much, and could only bitterly go back to work.

In a blink of an eye, it was already night. When the students had all left, Old Hu would patrol the school building as usual to ensure that there were no idle people waiting for him.

Although the Old Hu was lustful, but he had never been sloppy at work. There were so many young ladies in the school, if he was hit by any hooligan's evil hands, he would be the first one to disagree!

When he reached a corner on the third floor, he heard a faint whimper.

"Hey!" Who still hasn't left! " He roared, but the light didn't come on. The bulb must have broken again.

The night was dark and there was no one around. In a remote place, he could hear a woman crying. The atmosphere was very strange.

But Old Hu did not believe in ghosts and gods, so he strode into the darkness.

Who didn't go back to their dorm? If you want to be captured by me, then go to hell! "

"No no no, I'm leaving now." In the darkness, a shadow stood up. It was a tall, slender girl.

With that, she walked towards the Old Hu. When she came to the Old Hu and saw her face full of tears, she pulled her.

"Little girl, why are you crying like this? Who bullied you? "Don't be afraid, just tell me, I'll protect you!" The Old Hu spoke with a righteous tone, but his tone was very friendly.

When the little girl heard this, she immediately threw herself into his embrace, crying so much that she couldn't say a single word.

Old Hu's heart skipped a beat. Peering into someone's arms?

At the same time, his heart was also filled with joy. This young girl's fragrance was extremely refreshing.

Different from Su Fei, this little girl was even more tender.

Old Hu patted her back and said as if she was coaxing a child, "Alright, stop crying, stop crying. If you have any grievances, tell me, I will help you vent your anger! The girls in our school can't be bullied! "

His comforting words actually made the girl stop crying.

She raised her head and wiped her tears, "Thank you, uncle. No one is bullying me, I just …" It's just that I'm lovelorn! "

As she spoke, she was choked with sobs. Her face was very pure, but her eyes were red like a rabbit's.

They had a boyfriend in high school. Their relationship had always been very sweet, but because they weren't able to get into the same university together, they had fallen in love.

A while ago, her boyfriend suddenly became neither cold nor hot to her. Under her constant questioning, his boyfriend admitted that he had a new lover.

Because she couldn't stay by his side and give him the care he wanted.

Old Hu looked at the dark surroundings, then said to Zhao Yali, "Ah, you youngsters, it's really hard to imagine! "Child, if you don't mind and follow Uncle to the guard room to sit for a while, if other teachers see you here, then you will lose points."

Hearing that it would reduce her points, Zhao Yali immediately stood up and followed Old Hu. Because sshe was sad, he kept on sobbing, she did not even avoid Old Hu's hand that was grabbing him.

Even though he was almost fifty, Old Hu still liked the little girl's hands. They were soft and exquisite, like grabbing a piece of cotton, and her heart was soft.

Sitting in the brightly lit defending room, he passed Zhao Yali a few tissues.

"Didn't you say that this brat isn't worthy of you crying like this? Look at your beautiful body, even your voice is so nice. I haven't seen someone as outstanding as you in my many years, do you think you won't be able to find a boyfriend?"

Old Hu's mouth was as though it had eaten honey, praising Zhao Yali.

"Uncle, you really know how to joke. There are a lot of girls that are better than me." Zhao Yali's voice still carried a sobbing tone, but her face had already revealed a smile.

"Hehe, you have to be confident. He has no vision when he loses you. There will be a day when he regrets it!"

"Exactly!" Zhao Yali finally stopped crying and agreed.

"Little girl, this grandpa also wants to advise you. In the future, you need to look for a boyfriend." "I've been through it all my life. At this age, that's what those brats are thinking." Old Hu looked at her meaningfully. Zhao Yali understood and lowered her head in embarrassment.

"Being in love is being in love. Don't easily hand yourself in …" Old Hu continued to beat around the bush as he tried to figure out something.

Seeing how pure and cute this little girl was, she should still be a chick, right?