In the morning of the second day, Old Hu woke up. He was no longer feeling refreshed like before, his mind was filled with Su Fei's tempting body, and was about to have Qigong deviation.

He had seen it in the past, but it was still alright. Yesterday, not only did he touch it, he even tasted it. Just a little more and he would have succeeded.

For the next three days, he did not see any trace of Su Fei. Was this Little Girl harboring grudges as she intentionally avoided him?

But on the fourth day, Su Fei actually came looking for him in the day, and even had a lot of mountain goods in her hands.

"Uncle, I came today to thank you. Thank you for your help last time, my lump has disappeared and I don't need surgery anymore!" When Su Fei spoke, her eyes curved with laughter, unable to conceal the joy in her heart.

Old Hu pretended to be calm, and said, "That's good, the Chinese medicine is like this. Although it is slow, the effect is good, it is worth it for me to waste my effort."

"Take these items. They are all local specialties of my family. Although they are not valuable, they are still my kind intentions." Su Fei's attitude was very sincere, causing Old Hu to feel embarrassed.

But when Su Fei saw this, she thought about it more, "Old man, do you not like these things? "Why don't you wait a little longer, I'll pay you my salary and buy you some good cigarettes and wine!"

"You little girl, what do you think of me?" Old Hu scolded as he took the things, "I am just a little touched, I didn't expect you to be so sensible, how many people are willing to bother with an old man like me these days! They all despise me for being powerless! "

He had purposely said that he was very pitiful in order to win Su Fei's sympathy and care.

It could be seen that this Little Girl was very kind and could be used by him.

He didn't think that he would be able to cure her so coincidentally. This kind of thing wasn't the reward that he wanted.

"Great sir, don't say it like that. You are the most powerful old man I've ever seen." Su Fei tried her best to console her, but she didn't know that she was being toyed with by this cunning fox.

"Haha, little girl, you're so likeable. No matter what you say, I'll always like to hear it." Old Hu smiled kindly.

"If you're free, you can come and chat with me often. It can be said that you're relieving this old man's boredom."

"Sigh, alright." Su Fei gently replied, her face slightly red. It was unknown if the room was too hot or if she had other intentions.

The Old Hu chatted with her for a while longer, but Su Fei left when she wanted to go to class. Looking at her beautiful back, the beasts of desire in her heart could not hold themselves back anymore.

He was determined to eat Little Girl into his mouth, but he could not act rashly. He had to wait for the right time!

"Old Hu, that Teacher Su is looking for you again." Zhang Jian came out from nowhere and grabbed a bunch of melon seeds before starting to eat them.

"You're not being serious, scram to the side. Look at your eyes, Teacher Su only sees me as an old man, what's wrong with taking care of me?" Old Hu raised his eyebrows. He spoke as seriously as he could, but his tone was extremely proud.

"Yo yo, you're even taking care of me, why isn't she taking care of me? I'm just a bachelor too!" Zhang Jian curled his lips, "Speaking of which, Teacher Su has a really good figure and a nice face. If I could find a wife like her, I probably wouldn't be able to sleep for the entire night!"