"Xiao Fei, stick your tongue out, I want to check if there is any virus."

Su Fei acknowledged gently, then stuck out her tongue. Old Hu stared at her alluring tongue for a long time as an evil image appeared in her head.

"Hey, Xiao Fei, I told you, there are a lot of white spots on your tongue. From my experience, the poison is not light."

Hearing that, Su Fei was extremely frightened, his face was pale, and she asked anxiously: "Elder, are you serious? Will it really develop into a breast cancer? "

Old Hu looked at Su Fei's nervous face, his heart feeling weak, but he pretended to be calm: "You have a lot of poison on your tongue, if you don't treat him soon, there is the possibility of getting sick!"

Before Old Hu even finished speaking, Su Fei was already crying from fright, her eyes filled with tears: "What do we do now?"

The Old Hu said, "This poison can only be used in hospitals using professional antidotes imported from the United States. However, it's extremely expensive, and may not be completely eradicated."

"How much is it?"

"At least seventy or eighty thousand …"

After hearing what Old Hu had to say, Su Fei was completely stunned, she pulled his arm and said, "Great sir, you must save me …"

Old Hu patted her shoulders, "Xiao Fei, don't be afraid, I'm by your side now. I'm old and have some savings that I can lend you to the hospital for treatment, but I'm afraid that you'll feel pressured. "Actually, there are other ways to cure it. Chinese medicine is called traditional drug abuse, and by controlling the position of the tongue, the poison can be sucked out. If ordinary people don't understand the position of the tongue, even if they can't absorb the poison, it can still infect them, and there aren't many people who can learn this type of drug."

After Su Fei heard this, she quickly asked: "Then what about you? Will you? "

Old Hu replied: Yes, I can help you suck it out, as long as you don't mind this old man being dirty.

Hearing this, Su Fei's face became even redder, her heartbeat accelerated really fast, and she started to hesitate.

When Old Hu saw Su Fei's expression, he was able to guess what she was thinking, "Xiao Fei, don't make things difficult for me, if you don't want to, I will go to the bank to withdraw the money and treat you at the hospital. You can't wait any longer. "Don't decline, this is all something that I am willing to do for you. The first time I saw you, I felt very close, as if I was looking at my own daughter."

The reason the Old Hu said these words, was just to make Su Fei relax her guard against her and trust him even more.

Su Fei was innocent and kind, she was so moved by Old Hu's words that she was almost about to cry, and took the initiative to pinch his hands, "Uncle, you are really a good person, how can I despise you for being dirty? "Use your mouth to suck it out for me."

With that, she once again raised her charming face and slowly closed her eyes. Opening her mouth, she took the initiative to spit out her tongue.

Immediately, Old Hu had a very strong reaction.

With one hand, he gently lifted Su Fei's chin, and slowly moved her mouth closer to Su Fei.

The moment the corner of his mouth touched it, Su Fei's entire body shivered.

Old Hu would never have thought that such a high quality face would actually appear in front of him, under his control!

His eyes were wide open as he looked at this incredibly beautiful and sexy face. The long-repressed feeling of nostalgia in his heart had finally come true. He couldn't be impatient. Such a delicacy had to be carefully savored.