Deep into the night, Old Hu was napping in the duty room. Su Fei's face was pale white, and he knocked on the door absentmindedly.

When Old Hu saw that it was Su Fei, he quickly stood up from his seat and opened the door, "Xiao Fei, what happened to you? What's the matter? "

Su Fei did not utter a word, she lowered her head and stuttered. She wanted to speak, but she did not.

When the Old Hu saw Su Fei's expression, he pulled Su Fei inside the house and closed the door.

"Xiao Fei, if you have anything to say, just say it to me. Trust me, I will definitely be able to help you, definitely!"

As he said that, he very gently took Su Fei's small hand.

After Su Fei heard what the Old Hu said, he struggled for a long time before speaking, "Elder, I was actually anxious to borrow some money from you. I'll pay you back next month. "

Hearing that, Old Hu thought about how she was unfamiliar with the place he was in, and had just graduated from university, going to be a teacher in the school, what urgent matters could he have, so he asked: "Xiao Fei, it's fine to borrow money, but you have to tell me what urgent matters do you have with me, this way I can help you, now that there are so many bad people outside, I'm afraid you'll fall for it."

Su Fei thought for a long time before summoning up her courage and saying, "Actually, I am borrowing money to treat myself. I have been feeling unwell for the past few days, but today, I went to the city hospital to check on me, and the doctor said that I have a disease called pain in my breast, and that I need to undergo surgery, which would cost me roughly one thousand and five hundred dollars. He said that if I am not treated promptly, it might worsen into breast cancer.

When Old Hu heard Su Fei's words, his brain spun. Didn't he keep thinking of her beautiful body? Why not take advantage of such a good opportunity to trick her?

Thinking of this, because he had stayed in the Chinese Medical School and understood some knowledge about medicine, he suddenly came up with a wonderful plan.

He pretended to be eager, and pinched her pink and white hands, "Xiao Fei, can you tell me what exactly the illness is?"

Hearing that, Su Fei stammered: "There's a lump here …" After saying that, he pointed to the top of the circle.

The moment she said that, her face turned as red as an apple.

"The doctors outside are very black-hearted right now. Even if they don't have any disease, they can still treat you. Do you have an examination form now? Let me help you take a look. "

Su Fei nodded her head, and took out the list from her pocket, showing it to Old Hu. Old Hu looked at it seriously, but he did not understand anything at all, but his serious look was comparable to a professor in the medical academy.

"Great sir, do you understand?" Su Fei was a little anxious.

Old Hu said in a decent manner: "What do you think, I was actually an old Chinese medical doctor before."

With that, he opened the drawer and took out a fake certificate of a Chinese doctor and showed it to Su Fei.

He didn't expect that he would be able to obtain the certificate of a bogus physician back in the days when he was travelling in the martial arts world.

Su Fei looked at it, she was suspicious at first, but after that she dispelled it.

"Is there a problem with the doctor's diagnosis?" Su Fei asked timidly.

Old Hu let out a long sigh, "Doctors really don't have any conscience now. You never had a partner before, didn't you live that kind of life?"

Su Fei blushed and shook her head.

Old Hu was ecstatic. He never thought that she would actually be Huang Hua's daughter.

He continued, "If that's the case, then it's even more impossible to get this disease. It's very natural for girls to have a lump in their chest. It'll be fine when they get married and have a lactation. Why do they need to go through so much surgery?"

Su Fei asked: "Does that mean I don't need treatment?"