[Days Until the Decisive Battle]

“—Okay, seniors! I’ll be leaving the reforging of everyone’s weapons to you! Do your best!!!”


Everyone from the ‘Producers Union’, my comrades-in-arms, roared in response to my request!

A day after the World Quest ‘War of Extinction’ was announced.

I immediately began to prep for the war in the new area ‘Demon King Tomb Yuggoth’.

Oh, by the way, Yuggoth had a teleportation function, which allowed it to be moved to the underground of the land belonging to the player who had unlocked it.

So, now, my guild base, ‘Holy City of Helheim’, had 9,999 tamed monsters wandering around freely on the surface and a forbidden factory underneath it.


“Wow~! Look, Teach! There’re so many machines here!”

“Hey, keep it down, will you? We’re in the presence of Yuri-san. Don’t embarrass us!”

All over the new area, there were players in shiny equipment excitedly running about, followed by veteran-looking players who scolded them.

These guys were from the ‘Rookies’ Force’, also my comrade-in-arms, and their successors.

The rookies from that day had now grown into fine warriors, guiding newcomers like they once had been.

“Man, you’re all so reliable. Thanks for rushing over to my aid guys, really…!”

Everyone from the Producers Union and the Rookies’ Force, as well as others who’d decided to join the Demon King’s side, I owed you all a ton!

Of course, I couldn’t forget to mention my guildmate!

“Grimm, thanks for staying around!”

“But of course, Great Demon King. Since that day you picked me up, I’ve been, and will always be your ally!” Grimm puffed out her chest and said. Her words warmed my heart.

Of course, I gave her silky blond hair some pats!


“Ahahaha! Thanks, Grimm, I mean it! I’m also counting on you to handle everyone’s gear!”

“L-leave it to me! …That said, only weapons can be reforged into ‘Demon Steel Armament’. I specialized in armor-crafting, so I can’t help much in that area. The bulk of the work will be shouldered by the four-eyed seniors…” Saying that, Grimm looked enviously at everyone from the Producers Union, who all wore glasses for some reason.

…Oh, now that she mentioned it, both ‘Demon Steel’ and ‘Divine Steel’ were steels imbued with the power of the Demon King and the Goddess, and if you wore a piece of armor made of them, you’d go insane and die, so they could only be made into weapons, wasn’t it?

“I wished I could be more useful to you…!” Grimm groaned.

What a lovable girl. I gave her head another pat. “Come on, quit beating yourself up. In BSO’s system, you can normally only wield one weapon, but there are six slots for armor, including accessories, right? When it comes to workload, yours is more difficult. You’re plenty useful already.”

“Great Demon King… you use so many weapons, so that’s not very reassuring, coming from you…”

Ugh?! This little girl sure knew how to retort…!

Having failed to comfort her, I hung my head, but Grimm then gave me a cheerful smile.

“Heehee… Thank you for trying to comfort me anyway, Great Demon King!”

“Haha, no problem. I just hate to see my precious guildmate in low spirits.”


“…Going forward, there’ll be just you and me in the ‘Guild of Yuri’, after all.”

“……” Grimm lowered her eyes sadly.

I gently tapped her shoulder, then I went to the city on the surface through the teleportation gate in Yuggoth.

I’d be going to send off Seele, who had declared that she would be joining the Goddess’s side just a little while ago.