There is no banquet in the world. To be honest, for more than a year, the end of the book is really for me. I do n’t want to finish the book, but there is definitely an end.

This should not be regarded as a bad end, just a sudden, this is the ending that Walnut wants to write, no matter where the Yanhuang Alliance goes, no matter where we go in reality, we will eventually go home.

Standing at thirty, Walnut understands the truth. From birth, the problem that cannot be avoided is that years are like songs. Years are not novels, there is no rebirth, no rebirth, only the front and no retreat.

Maybe walnuts can still be written down, you can open another copy, write a universe, and write down more, but this is not what walnuts want, walnuts also want to break through, do not want to stay in place, even knowing that the new book may not have old books Good grades, but Walnut still made this decision. When people have their ends, books have their ends.

This is Walnut's emotion about the finished version. Next, there are some psychological words, not spitting.

To say a conscience, there are fewer black technology updates, but for my part, I am not lazy, just because the economic pressure is too great, and I double-opened it. In November, I opened a new book, which was two consecutive months. Time, the two books add up to fifteen thousand and sixteen thousand updates a day, and the body collapses. Finally, there is no way but to make a choice, because the body does not allow it, and the result of the choice is that the black technology is more and the other book Because of the new book period, at least two changes are required.

One more change of the black technology is also the place where Walnut is most sorry to all the book friends.

Here, I would like to sincerely show my bookmates of black technology to everyone and say "I'm sorry".

While saying sorry, Walnut is also sincere. I want to express my most sincere gratitude to you, thank you for your continuous support, and thank you for your tolerance. Really, you make Walnut feel very happy.

Because it made Walnut feel that many people are still supporting me.

Like not a lamb, a devoted marshal, clearly knowing that he likes him in vain, Murong's DH four lords, as well as many guru, head, helm, deacon and so on who support walnut.

And the dream-breaking dreams that have helped me manage the group of book friends.

Earlier, I discussed the eggs with the plot.

The editor of Coca-Cola has been helping me, and the nonsense of the editor.

Too much, too much, everything has become a sentence, thank you, thank all the book friends who have seen the black technology, feel that all the people who have commented on the black technology, whether it is good or bad, you all feel the existence of walnuts Way of feeling.

Although many of the people I speak to may have abandoned the pit long ago, I am especially grateful for everything.

Walnut doesn't want to be lazy, the new book is released on the same day, title: "My Thief Doesn't Want to Be Reborn".

I hope that those who are still reading, or those who abandoned the pit, will meet in the new book.

As stated in the book, life is not stagnant, either advance or stop, but no matter how you choose, the years are still the pig knife, it will not stop because of the choice.

Now, Walnut has solved all the burdens, ended the double-open, only for light travel, only for a better self, and wholeheartedly give everyone back to support, do not want to disappoint, do not want to let yourself regret.

The new book, looking forward to the arrival of all book friends, only for better stories, better all.

Regardless of wealth, success or failure, the most true feeling is toasting.

New book "My Thief Doesn't Want to Be Reborn"


"Undead is self-willed, and the big deal is to start all over again."

"Whoever puts me in a coffin, I'm in a hurry."

Quan Yan was imprinted in the heavenly spirit by the giant palm, and he lay peacefully in the casket. The small book in his heart had already been written down. After he was reborn, he must seek revenge.

What he has to do now is to wait for the centuries-old opening ceremony, or the arrival of his disciples and grandsons.