Chapter 639 The Goblin King’s Forces

Name:Biohuman Author:Reiverus
The four members walked for an hour and a half before the tunnel started to widened. Cautiously, Evan pushed ahead first with shield ready. The tunnel wrapped and descended downwards. A strange yellow light emitted from the middle of the room as nothing seemed to utter a noise. Evan backed away from the ledge and when it was safe enough, he turned to look at the others.

"I-I think it goes down. T-there's a long way down." Evan informed the group.

"So we go down?" Ritsuka looked at Liz and Olivia. He readjusted the sleeping Manny on his back. Whatever Keng had done, it had taken most of the weight off of Manny. He felt like he could easily carry Manny for longer.

"Is it the only way now?" Olivia asked.

"Y-yeah…" Evan nodded.

"The path only went straight, right?" Liz asked the others. They all nodded. "Then I guess we have no choice but to go down."

"What about Keng?" Evan asked, nervously. "He's been gone for so long… I… What if there's a horde of ants or the boss is down there?"

"Then we know what we gotta do." Ritsuka answered. "Kill them and find our target."

"Do you really think she's down here?" Olivia asked.

"I honestly forgot we were finding someone." Liz told them. Ritsuka moved forward with Olivia and Liz in tow. Evan nervously stuttered as his friends started to leave him.

"D-don't leave me behind!" Evan quiet shouted. He jogged after them as the group turned left and started their descent.

"Things got so messed up when we got surprised by those ants." Ritsuka commented.

"And now we're going down to an even further." Olivia added.

"Is the acid smell getting worst for you guys?" Liz asked rubbing her nose. "It's burning my nostril hairs."

The four slowly made their way to the bottom as the path wrapped around and around. Every so often, another tunnel would connect with the path, leaving more assumptions that this was, indeed, leading somewhere important.

The last bit of the path connected with a large circular room. The walls went upwards while it rank of pure acid down here. The group coughed, covering their mouths as they looked around.

"What's that?" Evan pointed. Something was lying on the ground to their right. "And there."

"And there." Olivia pointed. The silver lights seemed to respond to their pointing and floated outwards. The faded lights brightened, revealing loads of dead ant bodies.


"Oh my god." Liz covered her mouth. Dead ant bodies were ripped apart and cut down like fodder. The lights spread out until the light one revealed a large ornate door covered in red liquid.

"Is that… Blood?" Evan asked. The door continuously bled, making no noise as the putrid acid made Ritsuka and Olivia turn away.

"What do… We do now?" Ritsuka asked between coughs.

"I think whatever killed all of this is behind that door." Evan pointed.

"Do we go inside?" Olivia asked turning to face the others while looking at the door.

"Manny's unconscious." Liz pointed out.

"And Keng's gone inside." Ritsuka added. "We'd be at a disadvantage if—"

The large doors creaked opened, stopping all of them from talking. The group turned their attention towards the door as the room lit up. The silver lights hovered in place as yellow crystals lit up.

"Well… Well… Well…" A deep voice called out. A large humanoid shape began to step out of the large doors.

"What the hell is that?" Liz whispered. The jangle of armor echoed around them as a large green-skinned humanoid monster stepped into sight. He was at least seven feet tall and was quite large. He wore bloodied pristine armor with a large greataxe strapped to his back. A bloodied crown sat on top of his head as tusks stuck out of his mouth.

"It seems offerings walked straight into my domain." The giant smiled. He crushed the bugs beneath him and stopped twenty or thirty feet in front of the door. Smaller green humanoid creatures rushed out of the door behind him, quickly standing in formation and pointing their spears at their enemies. "You created a lot of noise… But I it just seems its just four humans… No, five."

The crowned giant smiled and pointed his large finger at the group. "Get them." The giant ordered. The spear-wielding hobgoblins shouted as they all rushed forward. Six goblins rose into the air, waving their staffs as Evan moved into position, shield growing larger.

"What now?!?" Evan shouted.

"We have to fight!" Ritsuka shouted, summoning Angerfang.

"I'll handle the range!" Liz shouted stepping backwards. The ball of lightning crackled as Liz threw it at the spearmen. The small ball of energy exploded, instantly killing a large portion of spearmen. Liz lifted into the air as the psionic lightning coursed around her body.

Ritsuka and Olivia flew forward to meet the enemy. A spear flew forward in a jab as Ritsuka slashed the spear in half and immediately went in for the kill.

"1000 cuts." Ritsuka whispered. His speed picked up, slashing a wide range of enemies in a single hit, sending them backwards as one of the spearman tossed a spear straight for him. The scythe's red eye pulsed as its master quickly managed to deflect the spear, knocking it away from him.

Olivia dodged right, watching a spear fly past her as she spun and grabbed the deflected spear on the floor. She tossed the spear watching it break into small pieces of sharp wood and metal.

Blades of wind shot out of the Goblin Mages, knocking Ritsuka and Olivia backwards as the hobgoblins and orcs advanced forward. Liz grunted as she threw out both of her hands. A large range of psionic lightning flew outwards hitting the enemies.

Ritsuka sat up, noticing his body was lighter. He turned his head to look for Manny, realizing the runic effect had somehow been destroyed.


"Shit." Ritsuka cursed. Angerfang pulsed as it lifted itself up. A dark energy pulsed beneath Ritsuka's feet.

'Not now.' Ritsuka thought. A spear flew straight for him as five swordsmen rushed at him. 'Gluttonous Wielder.' Angerfang and Ritsuka flashed as Ritsuka lifted his arm to block the spear. The spear and his arm connected, sparking as Ritsuka pushed the spear away. Five swords flew down onto Ritsuka, sparking. The pressure of the swordsmen pushed down on Ritsuka as his body wrapped in.

Ritsuka growled as his arms shook. He had managed to block three out of the five sword. The last two swords connected with his shoulders, loosening as the swordsmen decided to go for his neck. Angerfang flared as Ritsuka shoved the swords away from him.

"1000 cuts!" Ritsuka flashed forward, scythes growing off of his arms like a prey mantis. He swung his arms forward, knocking two of the swordsmen in front away from him. The orcs and hobgoblins severed in half as Ritsuka pulled away.

Olivia and Evan struggled against the enemy forces. Olivia would use whatever she could to fight with her power, but their armor seemed to tough to puncture them. She twirled the spear in her hand as she moved forward to pierce the orc in front of Evan. The spearhead went wide ,missing as a sword flew down on the spear, severing it. Olivia cursed as Evan threw his shield up, blocking the barrage of attacks.

"I can't keep this up!" Evan shouted. "There's too many!"

"And my power isn't denting them." Olivia told him. Evan pushed the shield forwards, releasing a large blast of kinetic energy into the enemy line. Five orcs flew backwards knocking into their teammates. Two orcs met their untimely fate by spearing themselves in the head while more orcs and hobgoblins came at them.

"And those damn mages are making it hard to do anything!" Olivia pointed. A lighnting bolt fired out at the mages, only to be met with three wind blasts to counter it. "I don't think Liz can get them!"

"You." The crowned giant looked down at his right hand man. "Capture them. They'll be nice ornaments with the other humans."

"Yes, sire." The tall Orc nodded. The orc stepped forward in loose garbs and lifted into the air.

"Shit, one of them moved!" Liz shouted. "Brace yourselves!"

"It seems you're competent enough to know who's the most dangerous one here." The orc smiled. "Imprisonment!" Large black circles appeared beneath the group's feet.

"What's this?!?" Ritsuka shouted. He began to turn for Manny when large iron spikes flew out of the ground piercing through Angerfang's armor. A dark force pushed down as the spikes rose into the air, caging the group in an instant.

"W-what is this… Spell?" Liz struggled to ask. A black chain flew out, grabbing her and pulling to the ground. The orc waved his hands together, watching the iron cage shrink.

"All captured, sire. Shall we add them to the collection?" The orc turned to face the giant Goblin King.

"Mmm, do it." The Goblin King nodded. "You lot! Watch them!" The Goblin King turned and walked inside as the Orc Magician turned to follow.

"You heard him!" The Orc Magician shouted. As he flicked his finger, a burst of energy made the Orc Magician turn.

"Argh!" Manny screamed as millions of runes fired from his body.

"The spell!" The Orc shouted.