Chapter 246 - Chapter 246: One Sword Making the Sky Darken, Cold Light Over 19 Provinces!

Chapter 246: One Sword Making the Sky Darken, Cold Light Over 19 Provinces!

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Divine Tiger!

Legend had it that during the primordial era, the primordial chaos had just begun.

There were many spirit beasts born in the world.

At the same time, there were also many demonic beasts.

The Divine Tiger was one of them.

However, it was not a natural demonic beast, nor was it a spirit beast.

It was… a ferocious beast!

The Divine Tiger was huge and could fly without wings. Moreover, its entire body was scarlet.

Therefore, it was also called the Red Tiger.

It focused on killing and devouring.

Most importantly, there was only one in the world!

The Jing Clan should be related to the Divine Tiger.

The Thirteenth Emperor Jing could actually summon the Dharma Idol of the Divine Tiger!

The moment this Dharma appeared, it was earth-shattering.


Lin Chen had similar skills before.

Divine Elephant Stomps the Nine Heavens.

However, that was only a forbidden spell.

After the Dharma Idol of the ancient divine elephant appeared, it only did simple actions.

It was incomparable to Zhang Tianwei’s Dao Ancestral Divine Form.

As for the Thirteenth Emperor Jing’s Heavenly God Tiger Dharma Idol, it could walk on its own and even intimidate everything.

As soon as it came out, it made Lin Chen’s soul sea tremble!

Fortunately, Lin Chen had retracted the Sea Conqueror Cauldron previously.

At this moment, the Sea Conqueror Cauldron let out a sound in his soul sea.

Dong dong!

Then, a ripple completely calmed Lin Chen’s soul sea.

At this moment, Lin Chen’s eyes regained clarity.

Seeing this scene, Zhang Tianwei, who originally intended to attack, stopped again. He was even talking to the souls of the three clan patriarchs in his hand.

“Did you see that? Lin Chen! The new Human King of the human race! Previously, many experts might have scoffed at this and thought that his strength was definitely not enough to be respected as a Human King by the human race… However, do you still think so now?”

Zhang Tianwei asked.

He had returned to being the kind and amiable Immortal Spirit State Preceptor and Great Elder from before.

“Hehe, I don’t believe that he can break the Dharma Idol of the Divine Tiger!”

“Zhang Tianwei, if you want to kill us, just do it. What do you mean by capturing us?”

“Just swallow us, Zhang Tianwei!”

The three clan patriarchs only had their souls left.

However, they also knew that with the conflict between the aristocratic families and the Li Dynasty, Zhang Tianwei would not let them go.

As for them, even if they were really released by Zhang Tianwei, they could not lower their heads!

After all, they had a huge secret.

It was as simple as dying!

“I want to ask you some things… However, judging from your attitudes, you probably won’t tell me. In that case, I don’t have to ask… However, my disciple is very outstanding, right? I think the souls of the three of you might be of great benefit to him.” Zhang Tianwei’s tone was calm.

If he hadn’t said that, others would probably think that he was a kind person.

However, Zhang Tianwei kept saying that he wanted the souls of the three ancestors to be eaten by Lin Chen!

It was hard to imagine…

Such words could come from a kind elder!

He really wasn’t human!

Moreover, Zhang Tianwei actually treated the three of them as nutrients for Lin Chen’s advancement!

Destroying their hearts was even worse than just killing them!

Even so, the three forefathers refused to relent.

Because they knew that even if they relented and said what Zhang Tianwei wanted to know, the three of them would not have a chance… Because that person would not give them a chance to speak.

At this moment, Lin Chen’s eyes had recovered.

At the same time, he also knew how powerful the Heavenly Divine Tiger Dharma Power was…

This should be the strongest attack of the Thirteenth Emperor Jing!

“Looks like… the Sword Heart is about to be broken again!”

At this moment, Lin Chen’s heart was crying.

He originally thought that his strongest sword strike should be able to resist the Thirteenth Emperor Jing.

Therefore, Lin Chen deliberately provoked him.

However, he did not expect the strongest attack of the Thirteenth Emperor Jing to be so powerful!

This should not be a forbidden spell.

It was probably a skill on the same level as the Xuan Sect’s dao technique!


Lin Chen turned around and glanced at Sword Silk.

It was just a look.

Seeing this, Sword Silk immediately obediently lay in Ji Wei’s arms.

Ji Wei was wondering what was going on.

Sword Silk said, “I… I’m going to faint soon. Sword Master is going to use my body…”

“What nonsense are you talking about? How is that possible? There are so many people here!”

Ji Wei clearly did not understand the meaning of Sword Silk’s words. She even misunderstood.

What did she mean by Lin Chen wanted to use her body?

Use her body for what?


There were so many people. Wasn’t that… being a pervert?

However, in the next moment, the sword qi on Lin Chen’s body became infinitely stronger.

During this period of time, the Thirteenth Emperor Jing’s Heavenly God Tiger Dharma Idol also continued to condense and become larger and stronger. Both sides were accumulating strength now, and one side was condensing and accumulating strength.

On the other side…

“Primordial Sword Spirit, Primordial Spirit born of a primordial era!”

“As long as the Sword Heart did not die, the Sword Spirit would not die!”


The sword qi on Lin Chen’s body increased again.

It was even to the extent that the sword qi condensed into a huge sword that was already more than a thousand meters tall.

However… this height was still continuing.

At the same time, the Divine Primordial Heaven’s Secret in Lin Chen’s hand disappeared and flew towards the huge sword.


Thunder rumbled.

Black clouds pressed down on the city.

It was as if the entire Immortal Spirit Kingdom was only left with that huge sword that was still emitting light…

This strike was even stronger than the one Lin Chen had displayed when he fought against Demigod Jingxiao at the intermediate stage of the Second Rank!


The current Lin Chen was even stronger than back then!

Then, an illusory image appeared in Lin Chen’s soul sea.

Primordial Sword Spirit!

At this moment, he was like a sword floating above his soul sea.

He was both human and a sword..