Chapter 8: We are all brothers

Favorability +20

Two cigarettes, and the favorability rating surprisingly increased by twenty points!

With a favorability rating of twenty points, the top student ghost had already helped Alexander once. Now that the baseball ghost's favorability rating had soared to 30 points, what benefits would there be?

Alexander couldn't help but feel excited.

"Boss!" The yellow-haired ghost approached the baseball ghost and glared at Alexander fiercely.

His favorability towards Alexander had reached -20 points, and even the purple-haired and red-haired ghosts' favorability ratings had dropped to negative numbers. Trace the roots of this material to n0v★lbin

It was evident that they were upset that Alexander didn't give them cigarettes, but Alexander didn't care. He focused on capturing the leader, not caring about these little minions.

Just then, the yellow-haired ghost said, "Boss, this guy got some good stuff from somewhere. If we take him down, wouldn't that stuff be ours? He's just a little worm!"

The baseball ghost's gaze flickered with struggle, but he shook his head after a moment, "Don't talk nonsense. We gangsters value loyalty the most! We can't disregard loyalty and righteousness just for a pack of cigarettes!"

The baseball ghost spoke with an air of righteousness, but Alexander rolled his eyes internally.

The top student ghost had helped him with just a favorability rating of twenty points, but this guy, with a rating of thirty, was tempted by the yellow-haired ghost's proposal.

He really wasn't a good guy!

Although he thought this way in his heart, Alexander didn't show it on his face. Instead, he said excitedly, "Little bro, you're truly a gangster! You value loyalty and don't covet wealth. You're like Jimmy Conway reincarnated!"

"Who's Jimmy Conway?" The baseball ghost asked, slightly puzzled.

Alexander then realized that there were no gangsters in this world, let alone in this horror world. Even people outside wouldn't know who Jimmy Conway and Tommy DeVito were.

So, Alexander sat on a stone ledge and began to tell the baseball ghost stories about gangsters.

Cheers and applause kept coming, and the ghosts listened with boiling blood.

These stories were tailor-made for these delinquent ghosts. As he told the stories, their favorability ratings increased like crazy.





By the time Alexander finished the gangster stories, the baseball ghost's favorability rating had reached 59 points.

Red-haired ghost: 27 points.


With the last blow on Yellow Hair's forehead, he instantly turned into rolling black smoke, leaving only a pile of bone ash on the ground.

Baseball Ghost was originally planning to stop it, but after hearing Alexander's words, he paused, his mind filled with gangs and godfathers.

It seemed... to make some sense!

"Big brother, I've already dealt with the traitor for you!"

Alexander handed the baseball bat in his hand to Baseball Ghost. The bat was once again stained with blood, with red and yellow liquid slowly dripping down.

"Good! Good! Good!"

Baseball Ghost was extremely excited and didn't care where Yellow Hair had betrayed him. He patted Alexander's shoulder excitedly and said:

"Little brother, well done! I've decided that I'm going to take my brothers and conquer the world. Bloody Moon High School is too small; I want to be the top boss of Bloody Moon Town, even the gang leader of the entire horror world. Little brother, follow me! From now on, I'll be Jimmy Conway, and you'll be Tommy DeVito! This baseball bat is yours!"


The two subordinates, Red Hair and Purple Hair, bowed to the two without hesitation.

"Haha, no need for that, we are all brothers, all brothers!"

Baseball Ghost... no, he should be called Godfather now, laughed heartily, looking like he was ready to be the boss and godfather from today on.

Was this the effect of listening to the story?

Alexander was speechless for a moment, but he certainly couldn't go with them.

He had never heard of anyone leaving a dungeon when it was activated and still managing to get out alive.

Of course, he couldn't say this directly. Who knew if these people had been so captivated by the story that they had forgotten he was a living person from outside? What if saying it outright reminded them?

Immediately, he put the baseball bat into his item bar and then, with a righteous tone, shook his head:

"Jimmy Conway, I can't leave. This is our foundation, and only with me staying behind can we keep a retreat route for our brothers. Jimmy Conway, go ahead and venture out! From now on, this will be our backup base. As long as I am here, there is nothing to fear about having no way back!"

"Isn't that unfair to you?" Jimmy Conway hesitated.

"Not at all. It's my duty to contribute to the big brother. I just hope that when you become successful and famous, don't forget me, Tommy DeVito!" Alexander said, completely immersed in the role.

"Jimmy Conway!"

"Tommy DeVito!"

The two looked at each other with deep affection, their tear-filled eyes filled with emotion.

At the same time, a prompt message emerged in Alexander's mind:

"Affection level reached 60 points. Special effect of the skill 'Unimpeded Charm Syndrome in Social Communication' triggered! Reward obtained..."